Clint Barton's P.O.V

"So you're saying, you didn't bring the pizza?" Asked Tony as he looked at me across the table, we were sitting in one of his board meeting rooms and were waiting for Nat and Steve so we could start.

I replied quickly. "Stark I'm many things but delivery boy isn't in my job description."

"Jarvis please order two extra-large cheese pizzas from the best pizzeria in Manhattan since the good for nothing Barton wants to starve us all." Said Tony as he looked around the table curiously.

"Yes sir the order has been placed and will be delivered in twenty minutes or less." Announced the Al in his British accent.

Tony stroked his chin before asking. "Good. Now where's the Capsickle and the other half to the dynamic duo?"

For the first time since I got here Bruce looked up from whatever he was paying attention to and spoke. "He said he was going to go get her."

Natasha Romanoff's P.O.V

"You were right. Nothing." I muttered staring at my laptop screen. I thought I might've had access to some files that Tony didn't know about but so far we found zipo. "As far as the world knows Fire Star doesn't exist which is odd because Fury doesnt just make up names out of the blue. I even tried finding the article on the plane crash that he mentioned... Nothing.

"Did you check the paper?" He asked curiously as he sat down next to me.

I looked up at him as I replied. "Why would that be put in the paper, but not online?"

His face feel slightly. "Your right.. Where else could we find this?"

"It must've been recent and we've already checked all of my resources.. So I guess looking at the paper couldn't hurt Steve."

He nodded, his face lightening up instantly. "Now your speaking my language Miss Romanoff."

Clint Barton's P.O.V

Steve and Nat walked in together about an hour later. I raised an eyebrow at her as she entered, she tilted her head down a bit, saying that she would explain later. I nodded an ok.

Stark coughed before beginning. "And if you look to your right folks you can see the two assassins trying to figure out which of their places their going to after this meeting. So lets not make them have to wait any longer, and begin."

Clint seemed annoyed. More then normal actually when Tony was being a pain in the ass. I was curious as to why but kept quiet.

The meeting surprisingly went well. Steve and Tony weren't bickering. Infact the opposite.. They didnt say a word to each other but each time there eyes met, they'd look away awkwardly. This was quite entertaining to watch. Thor was mostly quiet which happened almost never. Banner was...Banner. And finally Clint. He still looked slightly upset. Maybe I'm using the wrong word. Not so much upset as tense. His whole expression just seemed... confused.

"Nat, can you do it or not?" Asked Tony.

"I looked up and met his gaze. He raised an eyebrow at me. "Um..." I had completely missed what he had said.

Steve cut in. "Stark.. Do you really think sending her alone to Rome is a good idea? Miss. Romanoff is not even supposed to be here. What if Fur-"

Tony looked over to Steve. "Fury nothing. You can tell that our resident Russian is just dying for a little action. Plus as captain of this team I sa-"

"Who made you captain? Your a wee man made from metal?" Thor chuckled loudly.

Glaring a bit I looked at the two. "Look. It doesn't matter who team captain is right now. Arguing will get us no where. Have you been paying attention the last few meetings we've had?"

Bruce snickered as he readjusted his glasses. "She has a point."

Nodding to Bruce l then looked to Steve. "I'm fine Steve. And we do need to figure.. This out. You know as well as I do something's wrong here. So ill go to Rome."

Steve bit his bottom lip a moment thinking before continuing. "...Am I really the only one who's noticed that Miss. Romanoff seems paler? I mean I'm no doctor but come on!" Steve burst out suddenly. He looked dead at me. I felt four other eyes burning into my flesh as well. I stayed silent.

"No... I have as well. The lady does seem to have a sickly coloring..." Thor muttered under his breath.

"It all makes sense now..." Tony ran a hand through his hair as he looked to myself then Clint, a small smirk painted his lips. "Why didnt I think of this before!" He paused for dramatic affect. "Our little Natasha's Got a egg in the nest..."