I walked into the skyscraper of a building and looked around. My breath was ragged as I was nervios. You'd think the beautiful decor of the room or even the sunlight shining through the glass doors would calm me down just a little, but no it just kept reminding me that so many things have happened since I've been gone. I haven't even seen let alone talked to Tony directly since about ten years ago, and my parents since Xavier found me. I was about thirteen when he knocked on my door. I had first learned about my "powers" so to say when I was eleven, and I kept it pretty well under wraps until then. I didn't tell anyone, as I was afraid. What if they disowned me, or worst I'd become dads next experiment. Even before I found out I was the freak of the family. and I didn't need anymore reason to stick out. My mom used to swear to god that I was born into the wrong family, of course she was joking but now that I think about it, maybe she was serious. Geniuses each one of them, my mother Maria would run around her lab trying to find a cure for cancer as my father would work on the super soldier serum wherever he was at the time. And Tony, he worked on a system that's now known as jarvis. This was a regular saturday morning routine for the Stark household.

I scaned what was meant to be the receptionist desk, "hmm empty?" I shrugged and walked towards a glass elevator and stepped in. I jumped as I heard a robotic voice.

"Sorry to startle you, miss but what may your business be here, as gave everyone the day off."

"I came to pay a visit to my dearest brother Tony." The Al said nothing before the elevator speed to the tenth floor.

As I stepped out it spoke again. "Should I inform Mr. Stark of your arrival Miss Clarissa?"

I was surprised Tony programmed it to recognize my name.

"No thanks. I'd like to surprise him.

I looked around a bit lost. I'd never been here before and had no idea where to look for Tony. I heard voices and crept down the hall following the noise. One of the voices sounded familiar. Clint. But the others were a bit quieter. I hid inside a janitor's closet as I heard footsteps drawing closer.

"Come on Nat. You're an assassin and you've never had a drink before? It'll do you some good."Said the voice I recognized as Tony. "You know what they say. A martini a day keeps the doctors away." I rolled my eyes at this but kept still other wise they were only a few feet from the closet and I didn't plan on giving myself away.

"Tony, the metaphor is apple a day. And quite frankly your drinking habit is really bad for your health." Replied Banner in his usual calm voice.

What I was assuming was Tony walked on as his voiced seemed to get quieter with each step. "All i'm saying is you should live a little. And my state of health is just fine Banner. You on the other hand are looking a little green."

I face palmed. Tony obviously wanted to get his ass handed to him by a twelve foot Hulk. After a few more murrers the other footsteps went as well. I let out a loud sigh.

"Hello?" I quickly put my hand over my mouth. Had someone found me? I stranger walked to the door and spoke. "I know someone's in there and I know, um karate."

I laughed at this. "You probably won't have to use it on me." I walked out of the storage closet a bit hesitantly but at the very least she couldn't hurt me.

She had light red hair and looked stressed. she had dark circles under her eyes, which I guessed was from working for Tony. I looked her over again and recognized her."Who are you? Are you paparazzi? I can't deal with paparazzi today. Mr. Stark is a very busy man and how did you get in hear anyway? The security system-."

I cut her off and spoke softly trying not to attract anyone else. I suppose thinking a plan through about what I was going to do after getting in would've been smart... "I'm not a paparazzi. I actually came to talk to Barton it's quite um.. urgent and this is where I was told I could find him." It was a bit of a lie but not too far from the truth.

"Sorry, it's been a stressful day and do you need me too show you where they are?" I nodded as she spoke. Maybe I didn't need a plan after all.

"Thanks and you asked my name earlier. It's Clare." She started walking down the hall with me to what I thought was a conference room.

"Stay here for a second I'll get him out." She smiled a little before disappearing into the room. After five minutes she came back out with Clint in tow.

He smiled spotting me and pulled me in for a quick hug. "Clarissa Stark. Where have you been! I haven't seen you in what? A year?"

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