It was so dark. But I could feel him trying again, trying to pump fake oxygen into my lungs. Oh god... "Liebling. Oh Liebling no. Can someone please call an ambulance already! She's not breathing anymore." I could hear him choking on his words now. He was crying and I couldn't make him stop.

" .." I tried to force the words out of my mouth but no sound came. Just stillness. Time felt like it stood still until a few minutes later when I felt myself being lifted up. Did the ambulance come yet? Did everyone make it out alive. I could only hear things barley now, like I was underwater. I could almost feel myself being pulled under.

"Their going to fix you up Clair. You're going to be just fine ok. They're saying you just got banged up badly. Nothing they can't fix, nothing too serious.." But from the strain in his voice I knew I looked awful. I couldn't feel any pain but I couldn't feel anything else either, if it weren't for his voice I would have assumed I was already dead. Hell, maybe I wa-

"Clair. Wake up." My head shot up from it's slumped down position. I yawned softly. "If you're too tired to even watch me why don't you go back to sleep?"

I was fully awake at this point and smoothed back the fly aways that escaped my pony tail. It was seven am and I was watching Clint practice. He was in the standardized grey and black shield suit. I forgot until this moment but so was I.

It's been almost a year since i've been in an actual shield facility. My job involved data collection, which wasn't the easiest to gather behind a desk so the normalise of official shield uniform has escaped me. "No. I'm fine." I replied simply while stretching.

Clint wiped the sweat from his forehead and examined the room. Assumingly taking in the closterfobic titanium walls. There wasn't much in the room besides the overhead lights and a glowing monitor near the room entrance which controlled the simulations. "Want to know something funny? I actually don't believe you."

I glared abit. Who was he not to believe what I was saying. "I'm fine."

His joking expression went slack and his eyes became blank for a semi second. "I believe you."

I nodded the anger leaving almost instantaneously from my body."Cool."

Before he could say anything else someone opened the door. I sent a curious glance in their direction then turned my attention back to Clint. "Come on. Breakfast is literally calling my name now."

I heard a hushed whisper coming from the cracked door, someone was only holding it open slightly. "I don't think you shoul-" The voice was unfamiliar but they sounded serious.

"Why not? What's hiding behind door number three? They said it's just Barton so why can't I take a peek inside?" With that the door opened fully and in the doorway stood Tony Stark himself, with what who I've come to know as Captain freaking America.

Barton turned his attention to the doorway to see what the noise was and muttered something under his breath I couldn't hear.

"See, just Barton." Muttered The captain. As expected he had lost the costume and wore a simple grey V-neck with blue jeans, similar to what he was wearing at the tower a week ago.

"Well I guess so... Wait. Whos that?" Asked Tony as he walked deeper into the room, stopping only a few feet away from us.

I began to slowly shrink into my seat as I felt his gaze on me. He stared for a moment went back and forth between myself and Clint. Clint's face was currently made of stone. His expression calm and poised.

"You..." Tony turned to The Captain then pointed back at me. "I told you they were hiding her!" And then he looked back at Barton. "And you obviously knew that too!" Tony had gone red in the face, hell this is the maddest I've seen him... Almost ever.

My eyes remained on Tony as another set of footsteps entered the room. They sounded coordinated but rushed. In seconds The director was standing next to Tony and he turned his attention to him. "What kind of joke is this Fury? And don't just lie because we both know I'll find out with or without your help."

Fury considered this while looking about the room. He acknowledged everyone and everything it felt like then sighed, seeming to discard Tony's out rage as a childs outburst. It made me want to laugh, almost. But if I began to laugh I probably wouldn't get to know what was going on. "Stark, you're over exaggerating and stepping out of line. And you could've just asked to come in. You didn't have to hack your way in."

Tony shrugged. "I like the challenge, even if it isn't much of one. But don't change subjects Patchy. I know damn well this isn't a coincidence that this woman happens to look and share the exact dna as my sister. You know, the one that's been dead for over two years? The one that's body happen to have been stolen from the morgue. Bet you thought I didn't know that did you. Well guess what? I do."

I couldn't really think of anything to say and neither could anyone else, besides Fury. "Don't be irrational about this Stark and shout facts you don't even know are true." His cool expression has now changed to frantic. He doesn't want me to know this. And apparently I wasn't the only one who figured this out.

Although I didn't expect him to figure this out. "She doesn't know anything, does she?" Said the handsome blonde male who now stood closer, getting a better look at the unfortunate person of interest. I could feel his curious blue eyes piercing into me. He was just as confused as I was and I was glad I wasn't the only one left out.

Fury sighed, seeing as he wasn't getting anywhere. "Stark you're bein-"

"Irrational, got it. Jarvis, start up the search for Clairessa Stark. See what they got on her." He said this simply and Fury was once again at attention. Within seconds through his dark shades words could be seen and he was inhaling them. Probably faster than Fury could wish to stop the process. And that was when Tony went pale.

He lowered his shades then looked at me once more. The room had gotten silent with in minutes. "You know what Fury? For once, I actually didn't see that coming. Congratulations, Shield has finally rendered Tony Stark speechless." And with that he turned and stormed out of the room. Everyone besides myself following suite.

In that moment I was afraid the nightmares I've been having for the last week weren't actually nightmares at all.