I think I heard somewhere once that denial was a defense tactic, and once it was broken humans then need to find a new way to cope. Who ever said that was probably very smart, or at the least right. Because if they were wrong I probably wouldnt have been searched by Tony for a scar that I had apparently gotten at age four on my chin, or a weird birthmark on my shoulder.

But Alas they were not there because well, I was not quite a carbon copy. So I Wouldn't have any Of Clairissa's acquired marks. But never the less I was actually one of the first successful cloning experiments that Shield's ever done. So to be realized into the world I had to look pretty damn close.

We were in Fury's office. A plan beige walled timid little thing that almost screamed low budget principal. But yet it was still intimidating. I frowned slightly realizing that I probably haven't even really been to highschool so maybe I shouldn't make that reference. I looked up from the fingers that technically were never even mine and spoke softly.

"How old am I, actually..?"

The question came out a lot sadder sounder then I wanted but what ever. They shouldn't really be allowed to judge me right now anyway.

The director rubbed his stubble for a second then responded. "About six years old, give or take maybe a year."

My frowned deepened. But instead of letting my mind swim like before I had one more question to ask. "Why did you do this to me- I, I mean her?" I would have to get used to the idea of the sepret entity known as Clarissa Stark.

Before The Director could answer Tony cut in, I now noticed he was no longer sitting besides me, but pacing behind me. "Its because of the X Gene right?"

The bald man nodded. "Yes. Yes it was."

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