Hey, Hey, Hey! So I have gotten so many reviews and you will be happy to know I will write another chapter to 'Nerdy' but that will be up tomorrow! I have decided to write a multi-chap. story! I hope you like it!

~Kim's POV~

I am moving in with a designer's family! It will the first time I get to do this and it means my super-model career is taking off! The family is much like mine; their father is in the military, they just got a large house, and they have a son my age! Now I am going to tell you a little about myself, I have a big modeling career, my mom is an actress, I am a 3rd degree black belt in karate, I take self-defense and karate lessons, when I am not modeling I have a tom-boyish appearance, I love skate boarding, I have blonde hair with light blue ad purple extensions (I would NEVER die my hair,) I have tan skin, and I am very short for a model but designers love it. I am currently on the plane to Seaford, the place where the Brewer's live, and I am talking to my mom on imessage. The plane just dinged that we were going to descend and that all electronics were to be turned off. I said "Bye" to my mom and turned off my electronic stuff. I can't wait!

~Jack's POV~

Ugh! My mom is taking in another bitchy model! I hate when this happens they are all ways stuck up and snobby. All they think about is themselves and the ones my age tend to cling onto me like I'm their boyfriend!

"Honey, she is different! Trust me, please!" my mom pleaded trying to convince me that she was different then the rest and I caved.

"Fine! But if she isn't then I WILL NOT be nice to her," I said and left to my new room. You see, we moved into the biggest house we could find to make it more 'homey' for the new model. I mean how big is her house cause this one is huge!

"Jack she's here!" my mom yelled and I ran down the stairs and saw one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls I've ever seen!

~Kim's POV~

When I got off the plane and got my stuff, I saw the guy that was holding up my last name I was guessing that he my driver to the Brewer's. It was a silent drive, but when I got there I heard Mrs. Brewer yell to her son that I was here. The house was gorgeous not as big as my house in LA, but I loved it.

"Hi, I'm Kim," I said to Mrs. Brewer and her son. She smiled and elbowed her son whose jaw was dropped and frozen yet he still just stood there.

"Sorry about him, but anyway I am Mrs. Brewer but you can call me Miranda," Mrs. Brewer said. I decided that I would help her with her son. So I closed his jaw and yelled in his ear,

"HEY," and he admittedly unfroze.

"Owwwie," he pouted and it was really cute. "I'm Jack," he said and I decided to tease him a bit.

"As I said before but you were frozen, I'm Kim," I said back while he blushed.

"Well Kim, how do you like the house, is it big enough?" Mrs. Brewer asked me.

"I love it, it's smaller than my house in LA-" I was cut off by Jack saying,

"HOW!" I laughed and shook me head.

"Kim, Jack will show you your room and I put some outfits out and was wondering if you could try them on?" Mrs. Brewer asked. I replied with,

"Yes, of course I would love to!" I looked at Jack and he signaled me to follow him, which I did.

"The runway's on the floor below, we will be waiting the clothes are down there," Jack said sweetly. I kissed him on his cheek to say thank you.

That's all I have time to write! 5 reviews for the next chapter!