No need to tell me, I know I'm out of control. I just find the Predator so...endearing. The same changes apply to this one as with I, Predator. This is not the traditional looking Yautja without his mask-he's more handsome. Anyway, I hope you like this one. It'll be a lot more violent and a lot rougher than I, Predator, because it's non-consensual at first. Listen to:

Narcissistic Cannibal - Korn

Enjoy :)


I remember it.

Most people think I don't, but I remember it.

It was late-three in the morning, maybe-when I was taken. I'd returned from an ass-kicking of a training session, my muscles searing and my bones like noodles. Wanting nothing more than a hot bath to ease the tension, I'd stripped immediately and submerged myself in its warmth.

That's where I'd fallen asleep, the candles surrounding the tub slowly burning out and shrouding me in darkness.

They were watching me the whole time. They told me they'd been watching me all my life.

I remember the sting of the net when it smacked against my skin, spraying water everywhere. I'd screamed so loudly the neighbors must've heard. The creatures appeared so swiftly, I didn't have time to get a good look at them-only to know that they were enormous.

Next second, I was yanked from the tub, dangling helplessly inside the net, and something pulled us up.

They said they'd chosen me because I was powerful.

They said they'd chosen me because I was beautiful.

They said they'd chosen me...

Because I was violent.

But all that was really clear was that the life I had known was over.

My life with him...had just begun.