Emma stopped jogging when she saw she was passing the Ravine, why the hell did she come here?

She breathed hard and looked around, it was still 5pm, so wouldn't be so bad.

Curiousity ate at her so she slowly walked over while catching her breath from jogging all the way here.

She saw the burn out stoners, passed out in their lawn chairs and then the benches with beer probably from the night before..then she saw him


Jay heard movement from where he sat on top of a bench, staring down at a green bracelette and quickly looked up, putting the bracelette into his hand before the person saw and down it into his pocket.


He was as shocked as she was, and he looked around as she came over, "What are you doing here?" he has to ask.

She wasn't...meeting anyone was she? Thought she wasn't into this shit anymore.

"Thought you weren't into this anymre." Emma said back to him, as if reading his thoughts and sat up on the bench top with him.

Jay smirked looking down and softly chuckled, she was always good at that.. knowing what he was thinking too.

He shrugged, looking around again, "Just come here through the day to think..still a park you know." he teased.

Emma softly giggled, "You? Think?" she watched him just smirk again and then she went serious, "Alex living with us is torcher."

"Yeah I heard about that." he had to laugh and shake his head, "Worlds coming to an end."

"It's wierd." she breathed, agreeing with him. She then snuck a glance at him, she really missed talking to him. . why is it she always wanted him to talk to about this kind of stuff..not even Manny came to mind with it.

He narrowed his eyes to look at her, hair high up in a long pony tail, wearing black yoga pants and a white tank top.

He looked away before once again, caught, and went on with the conversation, "Alex can be cool if she's cool with you, try to suck it up and well...suck up." he teased.

"You know I can't do that." smirked Emma, guilty.

He grinned looking back at her, "Course not, but that or be swallowed by the beast." he said of Alex.

Emma nodded, understanding. She then felt sad when he got up, he was leaving?

"Come on, I'll drive you home." he looked up at the sky, "It's turning to night and I don't either of us wants to be here for ravine time."

Ugh, Emma missed the color of his eyes.. wait what? Emma snapped out of it and got up quickly, nodding.

As they walked to the car Jay had to playfully add, "Unless you're still into that." he earned a playfull slap in the arm and chuckled, "Still innocent little Greenpeace."

Emma narrowed her eyes at him, opening his door. He still considered her innocent? Even AFTER they've hooked up?

Jesus what did it take to catch this guys attention

But Jay didn't mean it badly, he admired her good nature, her virtue..it made it much more sexier when she played bad girl.. but then again, he hadn't seen that side of her in a year.

When Saturday came, Emma's parents were gone to Joeys' cottage for the weekend and Manny was planning a party.

"Is this really a good idea?" Emma asked Manny, out in back yard.

Manny pulled pool things out of the shed and nodded, "Yes Emma! We need this." she informed.

Emma turned her head to see Alex by the back patio, having a smoke and she huffed, leaning in close to Manny.

"Did she talk you into this?" Emma whispered to her.

Manny giggled putting her hands on Emma's shoulders, "Em, no one needs to talk me into a party. You on the other hand?" she teased.

Emma watched Alex go back inside and Manny started throwing balls and floats into the pool. Guess they were having a pool party?

Emma felt bothered again by that... did everyone think she wasn't fun or anything?

"Do you consider me uptight still?" she had to ask.

Manny giggled, "What?"

"Uptight." Emma said loud and clear, "Judgemental...not fun." she said gloomily.

"You're fun!" Manny insisted then slowly shrugged, "Just maybe not...party fun?"

"Party fun?" Emma asked

Manny nodded but declared, "There is a big difference. You're funny, can tell jokes, and have fun when sober...but when at a party..you don't get party fun. You know, wild."

"Wild is your thing." Emma teased.

Manny smirked, "And don't you know it!" she nudged her hip into Emma's, walking back to the back door to go inside.

"What's considered wild?" Emma asked.

Manny even blushed a bit, "Em.." she grinned mischeiviously, "Drinking lots, hooking up, doing things you wouldn't do sober and get away with it."

Emma opened the door to pause, "I've..hooked up." she said.

Manny raised an eyebrow, impressed Emma was speaking about that time of her life, usually when Jay came up Emma wanted to avoid it

"Really hook up Em, and not just behind closed doors, I don't know, even kiss a girl! Ask Alex how." she laughed at her joke and went inside.

Emma sighed following after her.

By 8pm, their house was crowded and Emma feared it was TOO crowded, Alex had invited her friends too and some of the guys that were in actual gangs were starting to scare her...pool party, not a good idea. Girls everywhere were wearing just bikinis, even Emma, thankfully she wore tight blue jean shorts too though and a white bikini top, her natural long blonde hair swinging as she walked to the kitchen.

"Alright." she told Manny who stood with Darcy, "Get me drunk then."

Manny looked at Emma confused, but entertainingly.

Emma reminded, "You said party fun was getting drunk, get me drunk."

Manny looked to Darcy, not knowing if she should protest this..it wasn't Emma. And Emma trying new things sometimes got her stuck in the gutter with it for a few weeks until she learned it wasn't for her.

"Girl said she wants a shot." came Alex's voice, peering behind Manny and putting her chin on Manny's shoulder, "So give her a shot." she even gave a smirk to Emma and laid down her own shot glass in front of Manny's vodka.

"Okay." laughed Manny, filling it up.

Emma took it slowly and took the shot, and shivered in digust. Alex's smirk turned to an amused grin and even Darcy laughed.

Emma took her second, then third shot a bit roughly and went to stop until Alex now stood infront of her.

"One more." Alex pressed on, raising her perfectly shaped eyebrow, holding Emma's filled up shot glass.

Emma stared back at Alex like a deer in the headlights but took it, Jay's voice in her head taunting her to suck up to Alex to be on her good side.

Emma took the shot and already felt dizzy but everyone around started to cheer and clap.

This was going to be quite the night.