Who Are You? Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Ichigo was wandering around Tokyo- with one difference. WHY did I have to turn into a kitten again? she wondered grouchily. I don't even know where I am now. Great….

Due to her lack of concentration, she bumped into something, and looked down. She was in an alleyway, and the 'something' was Kisshu, who was unconscious. What happened to him? she wondered. There weren't any attacks today; does that mean he got kicked out?

Ichigo put a paw on Kisshu's forehead, but he didn't seem to have a fever. Maybe he can help me if I wake him up, Ichigo thought. At the very least, maybe he'll take me in as a pet or something if he doesn't realize it's me. I'd better wake him up; it's getting cold out here.

Not wanting to bite or claw Kisshu, Ichigo settled for licking his cheek with her sandpaper-y tongue.

A few minutes later, Kisshu stirred a bit, and Ichigo mewed. Kisshu's eyes shot open and he sat up quickly, then clutched his head. "I've got the worst headache…" he muttered. "What am I doing here?"

Ichigo mewed again, and Kisshu looked down, startled. To Ichigo's surprise, he backed up a bit, and asked, "What are you?"

"I'm a cat," Ichigo said. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Does that mean I'm on Earth? Because we don't have cats on my planet," Kisshu said.

Though she was startled Kisshu could understand her, Ichigo said, "You've been on Earth for about six months. You're the guy who's been attacking this city."

"Last time I checked, I was home training for that mission," Kisshu said. "How could it have started?"

"Considering the fact that you have a headache, I think you lost your memory," Ichigo said. "Or at least, you don't remember anything from the past six months."

"Where's Pai?" Kisshu asked.

"Wherever you live, I imagine," Ichigo said. "You don't know how to find him?"

Kisshu closed his eyes, looking like he was concentrating, then said, "I think he's in a spaceship. Maybe he'll know why I lost my memory."

"Do I get to come? It's cold out here," Ichigo said.

"It would be nice to have a pet," Kisshu said. "Do you have a name?"

"Ichi," Ichigo said, deciding to make sure Pai didn't find out who she was.

"K, you can come," Kisshu said. He picked her up, and teleported.

They landed in what looked like some kind of scientist's lab, and Kisshu looked around. "I guess Pai's not here," he said. "I think we're on the ship, I guess we just have to look around. He headed for the door- just as it opened.

Pai came in, and looked shocked. "Kisshu, how'd you get back?" he asked warily.

"What do you mean? I just teleported to where I sensed you," Kisshu said. "And why do you sound wary?"

"I put a teleport canceler on this ship, after Deep Blue decided to kick you out," Pai said.

"Deep Blue kicked me out?" Kisshu asked, puzzled. "Why?"

Pai's eyes widened. "Do you have amnesia?" he asked.

"This cat told me I've been attacking her city for six months, but I thought I was home until I saw her," Kisshu said. "And I've got a really bad headache."

"So in other words, you don't remember the last six months?" Pai asked.

"No," Kisshu said. "So why did Deep Blue kick me out?"

"You told him we should form a truce, and he told me to kick you out," Pai said.

"And I suppose you knocked me out first?" Kisshu asked. "And that's why I've got amnesia, because you overdid it again."

"I don't know how you do that," Pai grumbled. "But you're right. What was that about a cat?"

"I got woken up by this cat," Kisshu said, setting Ichigo down gently. "She's cute, can I keep her?"

"Does she like you?" Pai asked.

"I think so," Kisshu said. He looked down as Ichigo rubbed against his leg, purring. "Looks like it, why?" Kisshu asked.

"Just making sure," Pai said. "You don't want to get clawed, right?"

"Right," Kisshu said. "So can I keep her?"

"Fine…" Pai said. "What's her name?"

"Ichi," Kisshu said.

"Can you understand her?" Pai asked.

"Yeah, is that weird?" Kisshu asked.

"Neither Taruto nor I can understand animals," Pai said.

"What is Taruto doing here?" Kisshu asked.

"He snuck onto the ship," Pai said. "I didn't find out till it was too late, and he's good enough to fight, so I let him stay."

"You're going to be in SO much trouble when we get back," Kisshu said. "Why did I want to form a truce with the humans?"

"The battle isn't really going anywhere, and you're in love with the leader of Tokyo Mew Mew," Pai said. "Deep Blue didn't want to hear that, though, and insisted I kick you out."

"Maybe he doesn't want to help our people?" Kisshu suggested. "The air on Earth didn't smell good. Is it polluted?"

"Very," Pai said. "I do agree, it would be hard for our race to live here."

Ichigo listened as she explored the lab. Suddenly she came to a small bookcase, and looked at it. She was pretty amused to see that every book on the shelves was about Finless Porpoises. Looks like I was right; Pai has it BAD for Lettuce, Ichigo thought. Suddenly she noticed a small book with no title, and, curious, pawed at it until it fell off the shelf. The front cover said, 'Diary'. Ichigo snickered quietly, thinking, Pai has a diary? That's pretty funny.

She was about to leave it when she heard, "Hey Pai, Ichi found your diary."

Ichigo looked up as Pai came over, and picked up the diary. "Great, now I have to find a new place to hide it," he said grouchily.

"Why do you have to hide it?" Kisshu asked.

"Because you go through it to find blackmail material," Pai sighed. "Now take your new pet to your room."

"I don't know which room is mine," Kisshu said.

"I'll show you," Pai said. "Come on, and bring the kitten."

Kisshu picked Ichigo up and followed Pai to a green room with a large bulletin board on the wall. Every inch was covered in pictures of Ichigo, but Kisshu asked, "Pai, who's that?"

"That's Mew Ichigo," Pai said. "You're in love with her."

"She's pretty," Kisshu said a bit dreamily. "I'm tired…."

"Go to bed," Pai said. "There's a bathroom at the back of your room if you need it."

"K, thanks," Kisshu said. Pai nodded and teleported out as Kisshu put Ichigo down and closed the door. Then he stripped off his shirt, throwing it on a chair. He took off his boots, and climbed onto the bed. As he was lying down, Ichigo jumped up on the bed, and curled up next to him. She was asleep less than a minute later, and Kisshu went to sleep as well.

The next morning, Ichigo woke up as Kisshu got up and stretched. She blushed, watching him without his shirt on. I could almost forget what happened yesterday; he's so hot, Ichigo thought. But the memory of yesterday isn't going to go away easily.

Flashback: "I thought you cared about the Earth, Aoyama!" Ichigo cried.

"I do," Aoyuck replied. "But you're a freak. No one should be only half human; it's against the laws of Nature. You're just as bad as the aliens attacking!"

Ichigo's eyes filled with tears, and she slapped Aoyuck across the face before running off in tears. A while later, she realized that everything looked bigger, and looked down at herself to find that she had turned into her kitten form again. Great… she thought. She kept wandering around, and that was how she bumped into Kisshu.

~End Flashback~

While Ichigo had been thinking, Kisshu had been gathering up clothes. She looked at him, and he said, "Stay there, I'll find some food when I've taken a shower, k?"

"Okay," Ichigo said. Kisshu patted her on the head, and went to a door in the back of the room. He went into the bathroom behind it, and closed the door behind him.

A while after Ichigo heard running water, the bedroom door opened, and Pai came in. "Where's Kisshu?" he asked Ichigo. Ichigo pointed to the bathroom, and Pai nodded, then came over to her, making her nervous. She got even more so when Pai said, "I know that you're really Mew Ichigo."

Ichigo backed up a bit, and Pai said, "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. What are you doing here?"

"Can you understand me too?" Ichigo asked. She guessed not when Pai hit himself in the forehead. Suddenly she had an idea, and poked Pai. When he looked at her, she mimed typing with one paw.

"Good idea," Pai said. He snapped his fingers, and a small laptop appeared in his hands. Opening it up, he typed something in, and then put it down on the bed. Ichigo came over, then looked at the keyboard. Then she started typing.

When she was done, she poked Pai, who read what she had written, and asked, "Your boyfriend broke up with you for being half-human, and your emotions turned you into a cat?"

Ichigo nodded. "So why are you with Kisshu?" Pai asked.

Ichigo typed in, I found him unconscious, and I woke him up. But it was cold, so I asked to go home with him. It's warm here.

"Do you love Kisshu?" Pai asked.

I'm not sure yet, I think I need more time, Ichigo typed. Without meaning to, she then typed, He's really hot without his shirt on….

Pai snorted as Kisshu came out of the bathroom. "Pai, are you trying to laugh?" he asked. "You're creeping me out."

Pai ignored that and said, "Your kitten is actually Mew Ichigo. And she thinks you're really hot without your shirt on."

Ichigo clawed Pai's arm, then looked up at Kisshu. "You think I'm hot?" he asked her. "And why did you claw Pai?"

"He wasn't supposed to tell you that," Ichigo said. "But yes, I do think you're hot."

"Why don't you look like the pictures?" Kisshu asked.

"I'm stuck in kitten form until someone kisses me," Ichigo said.

"So I have to kiss you?" Kisshu asked.

"I don't know if it'll work, since you're not human, but we can try," Ichigo said.

Kisshu picked Ichigo up, and kissed her on the nose.

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