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Megan knew full well that according to Murphy's Law that on such a nice quiet day something was bound to happen. She spent most of her morning in trepidation, just waiting for the bomb to drop and hoping it wouldn't be a Wheeljack worthy explosion. Eventually she began to relax as the day went by without incident, and later that afternoon felt confident enough to go out onto the firing range to watch Ironhide and Wheeljack test the new blaster they had been working on. Megan stood at safe distance with the Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, where she quietly snickered with Sides' about how long it would take for the new gun to explode.

Sideswipe had gained an appreciation (and a healthy respect) for her devious mind and pranking abilities, putting them somewhere between friends and partners in crime. Sides' had more or less declared that she could be the queen of pranks and he would be the king, which went a long way in repairing his own damaged pride. Of course hanging out with Sideswipe also meant being around Sunstreaker, which wasn't as bad as she had first thought it would be.

While Sunstreaker obviously didn't see Megan as a friend like Sideswipe did and rarely spoke to her in anything other than a growl or a mocking tone, so long as she respected Sunny's paint job he was willing to tolerate her presence. Which was more than the yellow twin would do for most of the cybertronians on base, so Megan counted that as a win-win. Sure he'd occasionally make the odd subtle threat to squish her one day but she took that to mean he kinda sorta liked having her around.

Megan lounged in Sideswipes shadow, finding refuge from the glaring sun while they watched Ironhide gingerly test the safety features of the new cannon. Wheeljacks' techno chatter sounded in the background as Megan and the twins talked quietly to each other.

"I'm telling you Megan, it's not going to last even five minutes. You're forgetting that Wheeljack is the one who built it." Sideswipe chuckled as Ironhide obviously suppressed a flinch while turning off the safety switch on the weapon.

"And you're forgetting that Wheeljack only doesn't take his own safety seriously. Besides even 'Jack wouldn't risk having both Ironhide and Ratchet after his aft if he accidently blew Hide up," Megan reminded.

"That's a good point, what do you think Sunny?" Sides' beamed at his golden twin, who scowled at the nickname.

"Don't call me-"

The sound of an unfamiliar vehicle driving quickly toward the main hangers interrupted Sunstreaker, making all of them look curiously over their shoulders. Megan held a hand over her eyes and squinted at the black, official looking SUV. No one had mentioned having visitors coming to the base, and the bots would have been told to hide themselves if it was someone who hadn't seen Autobots before. In a cloud of dust the vehicle came to a sudden stop, parking in front of the main hanger, and for some reason Megan couldn't shake the sudden sinking feeling in her gut.

"Who's that?" Sideswipe muttered.

Megan started to reply, "I don't kn-" but her voice died as the driver stepped out of the dark vehicle.

It was Galloway.

Megan's face twisted into a scowl and her hands clenched into fists as she recognised the suit and the face behind the dark sunglasses. Galloway paused for a moment, surveying the base like he owned the place, before pausing when he spotted her standing beside the bots. Though Megan couldn't see his eyes from behind his sunglasses she could tell from the sneer on Galloway's face that he was glaring at her. Megan glared right back until Galloway sniffed disdainfully, turned on his heel and marched into the main hanger and out of sight.

"Who was that?" Wheeljack asked curiously.

"That," Ironhide growled as he stepped forward, "Is Galloway. He was sent off base for an undetermined amount of time before you arrived for avoiding the chain of command, and denying Megan medical aid after she arrived."

"That fragger," Sides' swore, "Why is he back now?"

"The better question is why Lennox didn't tell me he was coming back." Megan hissed with clenched fists.

They all looked warily down at the irate human standing at their feet while she glared at the main hanger as if hoping it would burst into flame with Galloway still inside. She turned to look at them, her expression blank but her tone of voice doing nothing to hide the dangerous gleam in her eyes.

"If you bots will excuse me I have to go have a talk, with a certain army Major." Megan emphasized, making it clear that the afore said talk would not go well for Lennox.

Without another word she turned and marched toward the human offices where Lennox could usually be found at that time of day, none of the bots being brave enough to even try to stop her in her current mood. Sideswipe met the other bots optics with a half-smile.

"Well Ironhide? Aren't you going to protect your charge?" Sideswipe teased.

Ironhide snorted and turned away, "Pit no, I like my paint the way it is thank you very much," the older weapons specialist grouched.

"Not to mention earth femmes can be really fragging scary when their angry," Sideswipe muttered, to which Wheeljack and Sunstreaker only nodded.

Elsewhere, Megan forced herself to pause in the hallway and take a moment to breathe and try to calm down. She knew all too well what happened when she allowed her temper to get the best of her, and it wouldn't do to chew Lennox's ear off before he could explain. Megan had no doubt that Will was likely just as unpleasantly surprised by Galloway's sudden arrival as she was, if not more so. It didn't help that everything about Galloway set her teeth on edge and it was certainly not a hidden fact on base that the feeling was mutual.

Once she had reined her emotions into a semblance of calm she continued her search for Lennox, marching quickly along the halls at a fast pace. Unfortunately for her she was going fast enough that she didn't see the personification of her loathing until she rounded a corner and walked straight into him. Megan had an apology half way to her lips before it died quite suddenly when she saw who she had bumped into. Galloway quickly recovered from stumbling and sneered down his nose at her while smoothing the front of his expensive suit. From the way he was glaring one would have thought she had just dared to throw dirt at him and Megan eyes just narrowed further.

"Director Galloway, my apologies I didn't see you." Megan said dishonestly, since she wasn't sorry at all, and didn't bother to sound like it either. At least she was attempting to be civil, maybe Mirage was rubbing off on her, something the bot would be pleased to know. Then again it was Galloway so she could be wrong.

"Watch where you're going next time, civilian." Galloway scorned.

Megan's hands itched slightly as he pointed out her out-of-place status on base, and the mere idea of politeness around Galloway was quickly tossed out the proverbial window. She was sorely tempted to hit the man but she held herself in check and wondered how Prime dealt with the man for any length of time without actually stepping on him. Maybe that's why Galloway's superiors sent him here; secretly hoping he would have an 'accident'.

"You should be more careful Director, if you always walk with your nose in the air like that you may break it one of these days." Megan simpered sweetly and sarcastically making Galloway's sneer even deeper and he narrowed his eyes at her before a smug, superior look crawled onto his face.

"And you should be more cautious about how you speak to me. Otherwise your little friends may accidently discover some of your unfortunate medical information, and we wouldn't want that now would we?"

Megan's temper flared at the low blow and threat he was using against her. Though she knew she should tell Mirage about her 'condition', currently the only ones who knew about it was Ratchet and unfortunately Galloway. Now of course the man before her was using that secret against her, and finding out about it from Galloway was not how Megan wanted her Guardian to hear that information.

Her angry thoughts slipped from her mouth, not that she really wanted to stop them anyway. "What is your problem with me? You need go and see your doctor, because I think you might be an undiagnosed bipolar."

At this comment Galloway seemed to snap and leaned in to loom over Megan's shorter frame and glare down at her. "My problem with you is that you and those other three teenagers don't belong here. The only reason any of you are here is because you're a favorite pet of those damn aliens that we should have blown up when they first landed. This place was created to be a top secret secure location for soldiers and government officials, and you are neither of those things."

Loathing pooled like hot acid in Megan's stomach at his hateful words against her friends and the borderline death threats to the Autobots. If there was one thing she hated more than Felix or a Decepticon it was any kind of threat to those she cared for. Galloway was quickly climbing on her list of 'people-I-would-cheerfully-ask-Mirage-to-step-on'. How this man got to be a liaison she would never know. Megan might have been slightly intimidated by Galloway's threatening stance in her personal space but she was too angry to simply back down.

"I am just as capable as you or any of those steroid enhanced, brainless, useless, gorillas you insist on bringing on this base."

"Prove it," Galloway hissed challengingly with narrowed eyes, and before Megan could stop herself so she could think things out logically she found herself replying.

"Fine, I will. Why don't we have a three way contest between me and your best goon, but if I win you can't even hint to anyone about anything in my file. Understand?" She challenged right back.

Galloway paused, seemingly surprised and considering before speaking, "And if I win?" He asked cautiously.

Megan quickly wracked her brain for something that Galloway would want and unwisely blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

"I'll leave base, permanently."

Galloway's smirk turned vicious and to Megan's now dwindling temper and dawning dismay he nodded. "Deal," he exclaimed, "be at the outdoor training grounds at ten tomorrow morning. And be sure to pack your things, since you won't ever be returning after you lose."

And with that Galloway turned on his heel and marched off without a backwards glance. Megan could only stare after him at the empty hallway with a dry mouth as what had just happened sank in.

"Oh Primus, what have I done?" she whispered to herself.

The next morning Megan woke feeling more than a little sick, cursing just how far she had put her own foot into her mouth this time. The young girl held no illusions over her chances of beating a fully trained soldier in a competition and winning the bet. Galloway was sure to pick the biggest muscle man in his arsenal and triumphantly flaunt her files for all, and especially Mirage, to see. Megan couldn't let that happen, however she also couldn't back down or Galloway would do it anyway, so she was caught no matter what happened. Somewhere in the back of her mind a small voice whispered that she could always tell Mirage herself, but it was stifled under Megan's subconscious need to pretend that she wasn't sick.

It turns out denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

So it was with great anxiety Megan managed to ditch her friends and make her way to the outdoor training grounds a few minutes before ten the next day. To her increasing nervousness most of the soldiers on base were just starting to wrap up their daily training and it suddenly became apparent that Galloway had planned for this. The man wanted there to be a crowd and wanted everyone to see her get trounced, and her dislike for the man only grew.

"I must admit I didn't think you would show up," a familiar and highly detested voice said behind her.

Megan turned to glare at Galloway, the man smugly looking down his nose at her as if he had already won. He looked very out of place in his crisp suit among all the soldiers in workout gear, but so too did Megan in her bright blue workout shorts and skin-tight black and white tank top.

"Are we going to stand here and talk all day or are we going to started?" Megan said nonchalantly, hiding her nervousness under an act of false bravado.

"You're quite right, for once, let's get this over with quickly so you have time to pack and get off my base," Galloway snarled as he swept past her.

Many of the soldiers were obviously confused by Galloway's presence amongst them but most ignored him as he approached. It was a well-known fact on base that the soldiers had a bit of a rift in the ranks. Most of the soldiers were accepting of the Autobots and did their best to interact and cooperate with them so they could all be better prepared for Decepticon attacks. However the other half was under the same impressions as Galloway seemed to be, that all Cybertronians were no good and couldn't be trusted. Lennox did his best to weed out the latter before they even stepped foot on base but there were always a few that slipped between the cracks.

Megan paled as Galloway stepped up to a giant of a soldier and caught his attention by clapping the man on the back. The guy was huge, at least six foot nine with broad shoulders, dark hair in a standard military cut and dim, but not unintelligent, eyes. Megan recognised the man's face as one of the group of soldiers that greatly disliked Cybertronians, but only vaguely remembering someone once calling him 'Derek'.

Galloway extracted the soldier from his group of friends and the pair walked over to where Megan stood. The soldier loomed over Megan's short frame and looked her over with an obviously condescending gaze. Megan only glared defiantly back, her hazel eyes sparking in simmering irritation despite her nerves.

"This is who you want me to spar with Director Galloway? Seems like a waste of time to me," Derek chuckled arrogantly while his gaze lingered for a moment too long on her chest.

With a displeased frown on her face Megan reached up and snapped her fingers in front of Derek's arrogant face, "Hey assbutt, my eyes are up here and if you don't keep 'em up you might find yourself singing soprano for the rest of your life. Got it?" She said with a glare.

It had the effect she wanted since the soldier was now looking at her in shock and Galloway seemed angry that she didn't seem more intimidated and scared. Galloway ignored Megan's presence and looked the soldier in the eye.

"I promise I will make it worth your time Derek, now why don't we get started? This will be a three way competition and since we're here why don't we make the first challenge a bout of hand-to-hand combat? Loser is the one to first hit the mat." Galloway declaied and walked away before Megan could so much as open her mouth to protest.

Dread filled her as she realized the second intent behind Galloway meeting her here, but before Megan could do anything Derek and his buddies started announcing the match. Within moments soldiers were making a large circle and taking bets, many not even realizing Megan was the other fighter.

"Megan? What are you doing here?"

The pixy haired girl turned to find a surprised Lennox and Epps standing behind her. Since her mouth was suddenly very dry again Megan stuttered awkwardly.

"Oh, um, hey guys. Well- you see that is a very loaded question, one that I'm not sure how to answer."

Lennox looked at her, confused by her non-answer, "Are you here to watch the match then? It's not all that uncommon for one to spring up every week or so but no one's challenged Derek before."

"Yes, well actually no, you see, Galloway made me mad- and then I said some stuff but…" Megan took a deep breath and blurted out her problem.

"I'm in the fight."

The pair just stared at her in surprise before Epps recovered first and burst into a worried exclamation.

"What!? You're the one who's fighting Derek? You do realize the guy has at least a hundred and fifty pounds on you and has a regional belt in boxing, right? You're going to get yourself killed if you fight him!"

"Thank you for the pep talk Epps," Megan said dryly with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

"Whoa, wait a minute here. What does this have to do with Galloway? Does Mirage even know you're doing this?" Lennox asked, obviously heavily worried for her.

"Of course not but its fine I have it all under con-"

However before she could finish that sentence Galloway appeared with his haughty attitude and a smug look.

"We seem to be ready, unless of course you've changed you mind and want to get started on packing that is."

Megan glared, "Not on your life Director, I'm coming now."

The pixy haired girl shot Lennox and Epps a look that said clearly, 'don't interfere,' before making her way to the center of the gathered soldiers. Once her back was turned the pair of soldiers shared a look before Epps shot off deeper into the base while Lennox pushed his way to the front of the crowd.

Megan worried her lip between her teeth before catching herself and molding her expression into one of confidence and borderline indifference, when in reality in her head she was freaking out. Despite living on a base of soldiers for the past few weeks Megan only knew a little self-taught kick boxing, basic self-defence and how to properly dodge and throw a punch. While she could likely hold her own against someone untrained and unarmed in a scuffle she was wholly unprepared to fight a boxing champ turned soldier one-on-one. Only Galloway wouldn't feel even the slightest amount of remorse about having a sick teenager fight a guy almost three times her weight. Of course, that didn't mean she was about to back down there was too much at stake for that.

With keen hazel eyes Megan looked over Derek, trying and failing to see a weakness or think of something she could use to even the odds. It wasn't looking good. Derek was built like a wall but only twice as thick and was obviously quick on his feet since he was a boxer. Even a glancing blow from him would hurt a lot and likely knock her off her feet as well. Megan also figured she wouldn't be able to outlast him either since she found she tired easily these days. Derek had every advantage of height, weight, reach, training and experience on his side. The only way she could possibly have a chance was to outmaneuver him, to try and be faster and try to hit natural weak spots like joints and tendons and hope for a lucky break. A different soldier stepped forward while Derek stretched and warmed his muscles and explained the rules of the match.

"Alright so this is an untimed, no rules sparring match, loser is first one to hit the mat and stay there. Are you ready? GO!" The announcing soldier declared without even nodding to the combatants to see if they were truly ready or not.

Derek came forward with a small cheer from the watching and betting crowd, stopping at the halfway line on the mat. Surprised and shocked murmurs followed Megan onto the mat, but she paid them no attention since she was focused on Derek. She had thought that Derek would charge out swinging, so she was surprised when he held a fist out placidly for her to tap with her own in a show of sportsmanship. Megan reached forward to tap their knuckles together, but was suddenly forced to dodge Derek's other fist as it came toward her face. She only just managed to duck under Derek's swing and quickly dance out of his range as the crowd both cheered and hissed at the cheap trick.

Without even hesitating Derek crowded forward with both hands swinging. Fortunately he seemed unused to fighting someone as small as Megan, and she was able to again duck under his swings and tucked into a roll that took her across the mat and put some distance between them. Megan's mind whirled as she bounced back to her feet, braced to dodge once more as Derek turned to face her. The pixy haired brunette knew that she couldn't win just by ducking and dodging. She wouldn't be able to keep it up for long and Megan knew that very soon she would start to feel that dreaded exhaustion and tightness in her chest. If she was going to have any chance of winning she had to fight back.

This time as Derek stepped forward to come at her, Megan surprised him by charging toward him with seeming reckless abandon leaving her left side wide open. Unable to resist the obvious shot to her open side Derek threw a hook shot with his right but at the last moment Megan leaned her torso back, dodging the blow and swinging a kick from her hip into his unprotected side. The surrounding crowd hooted in excitement at her small success as Derek stumbled slightly before finding his balance and turning with a furious expression on his face.

Megan was only able to get a glimpse of Lennox's approving face and Galloway's angered one over Derek's shoulder before having to dodge and side step a flurry of punches. She ducked and tried to get out of Derek's reach but he followed closely behind, forcing her to retreat and give more ground. Megan threw one wild punch of her own only to have it expertly blocked and narrowly manage to avoid the responding swing. Quickly deciding that her fists wouldn't be of much use she quickly dropped low and snapped a quick but powerful kick at Derek's knees. The kick was strong enough to make Derek grunt in pain and stumble again, favoring his left leg for a moment giving Megan enough time to roll away.

Unfortunately Derek seemed to reach the end of his patience, and though he was panting he seemed to find a second wind in his anger. Any kind of fighting plan or technique that Derek had planned was tossed out the proverbial window as he tossed haymakers left and right. Megan was hard pressed to avoid each swing as they came one after the other, leaving her with no time to retaliate. Her world quickly narrowed to the dodging of fists and the growing tightness in her lungs. So she was quite unprepared for the sudden loud shout broke through her focus like a knife.


Megan, surprised by the sudden noise, looked instinctively toward the source of the shout along with more than half the crowd. She only had enough time to see an enraged looking Mirage storming toward the fight along with Hound and the terror twins, and think 'oh no' before Derek took advantage of her distraction. With one poorly aimed but powerful snap kick Derek struck her in the chest, sending her off her feet and rolling the entire distance across the mat.

Despite suddenly not being able to breathe properly and her disorientation, Megan instinctively continued the roll so she landed on her feet, her gymnastics training being the only thing saving her from falling flat on her face. Hunching over with one arm wrapped protectively around her now throbbing chest Megan knew she couldn't keep this fight up much longer. Exhaustion was setting in now and the hit to her chest only heightened the sensation that she couldn't breathe. If Megan was going to win she had to hit hard and fast and do it now. An idea shimmered like a fragile bubble in her mind, but it was risky and the chances of it working were slim at best. However it was also highly unexpected and probably her best shot at any chance of beating Derek without winding up looking like a massive bruise.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Hound holding Mirage back from the fight, muttering something to the crimson spy that Megan couldn't hear. The twins seemed unsure, but were watching attentively and seemed disinclined to interfere. However Megan's attention was focused on judging the distance between her and Derek. Megan straightened her posture despite the lingering pain in her torso and suddenly broke into a short quick sprint before throwing her body into a flip. Turning head over heels Megan tumbled over the mat, picking up momentum and devouring the space between her and toward Derek. The soldier seemed stunned and had no idea how to react until Megan had tumbled into arms reach.

Derek's fists flew out in the standard one-two punches, however Megan ducked under them by coiling like a spring before launching high into the air. In an unexpected move Megan sprang and twisted and turned as if in slow motion over Derek's head, landing in a crouch behind him. As Derek turned to face her, Megan still dizzy from the tumbling down the mat, pivoted around and launched a high hook kick at his jaw. It took a minute for Megan to fully understand what happened next, partly because her head was spinning, partly because of the shouting crowd, and partly because of the wrenching pain in her right arm.

She had missed.

Megan had been so focused on trying to use her only advantage, her speed and gymnastics training, to its full benefit that she hadn't considered the fact that she could move too fast. Her kick hadn't been properly aimed since she was disoriented from her flips, and that made her kick only just miss Derek's head. Derek then instinctively fired a wild shot which connected with her shoulder at just the wrong angle and sending her finally off her feet and landing hard on the mats. She lay there for a moment to collect her momentarily scattered thoughts, which snapped back into place when Derek's face appeared in her vision and a large booted foot connected with her side, making her gasp in pain. Derek was suddenly wrenched away and Megan could hear Lennox using his Major voice.

"Stand down soldier! Just what do you think you're doing?!"

Derek replied with a sneer on his face, "Just making sure the lesson got across sir, gotta make sure the little bi-"

"If you value not being a human pancake, do not finish that sentence." Epps interrupted as he appeared and laid a heavy hand on Derek's shoulder.

Mirage just then managed to throw off Hound's restraining servo and almost fretfully moved towards his charge. The surrounding crowd suddenly and quickly scattered as Mirage and the other Autobots approached, forcing some of the soldiers to dodge giant metal feet in their rush. Mirage kneeled and used one massive servo to gently help Megan sit up. The pixy haired brunette hissed in pain and cradled her arm, which to her disturbance didn't seem to be in the right place anymore. Mirage himself seemed torn between panic, calling for Ratchet and squishing Derek like a bug.

Lennox left Derek to Epps' less-than-tender mercies and kneeled by the young girl assessing the damage, "Megan are you alright?" He asked.

She tried to say 'fine' but it came out sounding like more of a pained grunt that made her shoulder twinge uncomfortably. Lennox saw her arm and clicked his tongue in sympathy.

"Looks like it's dislocated, I can put it back if you want but it's going to hurt a bit, alright?"

Megan nodded and tried her best to not make a sound as Lennox grasped her arm and without even one word of warning yanked and twisted. Even so a sharp yelp managed to make its way past her clenched teeth as her shoulder settled back into place with a muffled pop, and Mirage's servos seemed to twitch reflexively in sympathy.

"OW! Lennox! Give me a bit of bloody warning next time, count to three or something." Megan complained loudly but she had a tired grin on her face, even if it was strained at best.

Lennox grinned back, "Well at least we know your attitude is still intact, but you really should go get that shoulder and your ribs checked out by someone."

"I'll take her to Ratchet now." Mirage said, and before Megan could protest he swept her up into his servos and was marching toward Ratchet's medical hanger.

"Woah there, Mirage it's just my shoulder I can still walk you know." She said but any further comments she was forced to swallow as she saw the look on Mirage's face.

Mirage looked down at her with a blank expression that she had come to recognise as the one he used when he was very angry and trying hard not to show it. Megan quickly decided her best course action was to remain quiet for the moment and settled awkwardly on her Guardian's servo. As they walked past the training grounds Megan caught a glimpse of Galloway's smirking face. One round down, two to go, and things were not looking good for Megan's chances.

"It's no good Ratchet," Megan exclaimed dramatically as she leaned back on the gigantic metal berth, closed her eyes and gingerly held her injured arm away from her body. "You'll have to cut it off!"

Mirage, not knowing anything about human biology, stiffened in shock while Ratchet just rolled his optics at his overdramatic patient.

"Don't tempt me." Ratchet huffed and continued to poke at Megan's tender shoulder unrelentingly.

"Ow, hey I'm wounded here." Megan quipped as she playfully slapped away Ratchet's probing finger.

"Wounded my aft, your ribs are fine even if they are more than a little bruised, and your shoulder will be sore but serviceable with ice and rest. So go easy on it, got it? Now remind me again why you picked a fight with that piece of slag? What's his name again, Dorek or something? Do I need to look the other way and let Sideswipe and Sunstreaker have their fun with the little fragger?" Ratchet growled with narrowed optics while Megan simply pouted and curled in on herself slightly, not really wanting to answer.

Mirage's armor flared as his temper grew, but his voice remained even as he asked, "Why would you fight that soldier? He was at least twice your size and could have seriously hurt you. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you would have stopped me." Megan muttered quietly, but of course they both heard her.

Mirage sighed and closed his optics for a moment before opening them and focusing once more on his charge. "Why did you fight that soldier? When Epps came and got me he said Galloway had something to do with it."

Megan worried her lip between her teeth for a moment before deciding. She slumped slightly and twisted her fingers together to avoid looking at the bots.

"I may have lost my temper at Galloway the other day and implied that he deserved a broken nose and was bipolar."

"Well, she's not wrong," Sideswipe snickered as the door to the med bay swept open and he and his twin swaggered in.

"Shut your trap Sideswipe, we're not encouraging this," Ratchet groused while Mirage just glared.

"What?" Sideswipe shrugged sheepishly, "I'm not encouraging her taking fraggers twice her size, what I'm saying is that she did pretty good for someone who's had no formal training."

"That last move would have been impressive and very effective, had it not missed." Sunstreaker deigned to comment in what almost sounded like a complement tone.

"If there's one thing Sunny and I know it's how to fight. After all we both used to be some of the best pit fighters that Kanon had ever seen. Trust us, ya didn't do half bad." Sides' said with a smile and a impassive nod from Sunstreaker.

"We're getting off topic," Mirage snapped dismissively and turned back to Megan where she was sitting on the berth. "You were saying?"

"Right, so I said some less than nice things to Galloway and he said some things back that made my temper snap." Megan said, slight irritation leaking into her voice at the remembered conversation.

"What did he say?" Sideswipe interrupted again to ask, earning him glares from both ratchet and Mirage.

Megan gritted her teeth and her hands clenched into fists as she remembered what Galloway had said, "I'd rather not say."

The bots shared a look, all of them knowing that whatever Galloway had said had really managed to get under Megan's skin. "What happened next then?" Ratchet asked this time.

Megan took a deep breath and continued, "Well we both got angry, then Galloway tried to threaten me and I ended up making a bet with him."

"Uh oh," Sideswipe muttered while Mirage asked seriously, "What kind of bet?"

"Basically it's a three way competition. I have to beat the soldier of his choice in at least two of three challenges. The winner is the one who wins at least two out of the three."

"And that Derek soldier is his choice." Mirage sighed angrily, "Why did you choose hand-to-hand combat as the first task?" He demanded.

"I didn't," Megan said hotly, "Galloway tricked me and had me meet him at the training ground, and when I got there he chose hand-to-hand before I could even say a word."

"Well that makes sense you couldn't back out without losing the bet and Galloway winning. What happens if you win?" Sideswipe asked eagerly, likely imagining Galloway parading around base covered in pink paint like he had to when he last lost a bet to Megan.

Megan tensed and opened her mouth to reply, but was unsure of what exactly she was going to say to that. They couldn't know that Galloway had threatened to expose her medical information and that was what he was going to shut up about, if she won.

To her great relief Mirage interrupted before she had to reply, and then she heard his question and wished the ground would do her a favor and swallow her whole.

"The better question would be what happens if she loses?" Mirage asked with a worried look to Megan.

Megan looked away and worried her lip between her teeth before answering in a quiet voice, "I said that if I lost that I'll leave the base, permanently."

"What!?" Mirage shouted as his engine roared angrily. "How could you bet on something like that Megan? Why would you do that?"

"It's not that I want to leave! I was just angry at Galloway and… and it just came out." She muttered quietly, feeling overwhelming guilt for causing this mess.

There was a moment of tense silence before Ratchet sighed grumpily. "Well it's too late to change to go back and change anything now. Are you sure there's no way you can just bow out of this bet?" The CMO asked her.

Megan vehemently shook her head, "No, I can't do that. I wouldn't be able to stand giving Galloway that kind of satisfaction, not to mention I want to see him eat his words and choke on them," she also had to keep her medical information secret but she wasn't going to mention that.

"Now there's a winning attitude!" Sideswipe exclaimed and clapped his brother on the shoulder, who of course complained about the scuff to his paint. "Now there's just one question, how are you going to win? You're already one in the hole and you have to win both of the next few challenges or Galloway wins." The red twin said.

"Since Galloway chose the first challenge then by rights the next task is going to be one of your choice. If you're going to win then you have to play to your strengths and your opponents weaknesses." Sunstreaker drawled in a board tone of voice.

"Play to my strengths uh?" Megan muttered mostly to herself, and she seemed to fall deep into thought for a moment or two before a large, and slightly feral, smile grew on her face.

"You have an idea Megan?" Mirage asked curiously.

Megan chuckled, "Oh yes, somebody better go and tell Galloway and Derek to meet me at the obstacle course tomorrow at noon."

"Really, the obstacle course? Are you sure?" Mirage asked uncertainly.

"Positive," Megan grinned, "and make sure to invite anyone who can come. It's Galloway's turn to learn just who he's messing with."

:To be continued:

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