chapter 4

H8 opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a steel cage with a solid iron door blocking the way out. Up above there was a steel door which opened up so that the machine could grab ponys from the cage. At night the doors close so that pegasi cant escape while everyone sleeps. Luckily for H8 he knew the facility like the back of his hoof.
He crawled over to one of the air vents on the wall of the cage, he took a screwdriver out of his uniform and started to remove the cover of the vent. "this is fucking classic" H8 said to himself as he removed the cover and slid into the vent. "now to find a weapon. I will need one to get past big Red". Eventually he came across a guard sleeping right below a vent. H8 slid the vent open, jumped down, slit the guard at the throat with his wing, and took his stun rod. H8 jumped back into the vent. 'Now what do i do?' H8 thought. 'if i cant escape... i will take the factory down with me!


"Fuck you!" Lightning yelled as he tried to stomp on the small creature that was currently causing him a world of trouble. "Dammit die! get out of my office!" he threw a chair at the mouse scurrying about his office. "Why-wont-you-die!" He yelled and tried once again to stomp on the mouse. The mouse scurried under a door and into the storage room. "You win... for now" lightning threatened glaring at the door as if trying to fry the creature behind it. "Lightning! what the hell is with all that noise!" Rainbow Dash yelled as she walked into his office. "What the fuck are you..." Rainbow stopped mid sentance when she saw him just glaring at the door. "Um... are you ok?" She asked. "Charels" he said "excuse me?" "that fucking rat wont die" "all this over a rat?" "Not just any rat... this is charels were talking about here". Rainbow face-hoofed. Where is it?" "Hes in the closet" "well.. lets go get him". They moved all the random items out of the room to try and find charels. "Where is that damn rat" lightning said. Dash spotted him at the back of the room. "There he is!" "get him!" lightning yelled. They both flew toward the mouse at high speeds. The mouse quickly scurried away and the two pegasi crashed into eaCH other. Damn you to oblivion charels!" Lightning yelled. Rainbow just got up, shook her head, and walked out of his office. 'He is a handfull sometimes'