A very quick story I wrote once in the bus while going to college. I decided to post it to prove I am alive, though it's been three weeks since I last wrote and read something, so it might take some more time before I post another chapters and stories. Maybe, I'll finally write an Adventure Time fanfic as practice.

Recently, I played and finished the game Assassin's Creed II and I loved every moment of it - it was what inspired this story. This isn't complete, not yet. Once I have more ideas, I'll be adding them here - slowly, but they will be posted. As usual, Link and Zelda are from Twilight Princess, so you could say that it is kind of an alternative universe - or not, what suits you better!

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Link thought the mission would be easier. Sure, getting rid of the archers placed around the castle's perimeter was an easy task, and so was killing the guards as he made his way through the well adorned hallways, heading to the King's chamber.

But as he glanced now from the shadows at the young woman dressed in crimson standing before the oak double doors, he was starting to have second thoughts.

Knowing that she already knew he was there (she was intently looking in his direction) standing partially behind the marble pillar, the blonde sidestepped it and took a few steps forward, slowly letting the dim light of the candles engulf him.

The young woman's eyebrows rose slightly, probably impressed that he stepped out in the open so easily. Link knew she would foresee his attack, he also knew she would try to stop it, and hiding wouldn't change the fact that he had underestimated her.

"Your Highness." He said after a long minute of silence and intense staring at each other.

She tilted her chin up and folded her hands neatly before her. "Assassin," she answered, eyes searching in the shadows of his hood for his eyes.

Testing the waters, Link took a step forward and felt both impressed and frustrated that she didn't move - her pose didn't even falter. "Princess, I wish no harm to you." The woman tilted her head to the side, her long and loose chestnut locks swaying with the movement. "Would you please step aside?"

"Why would I?" The princess retorted as her eyebrows drew down in an angry scowl. "So you can kill my father?"

"An eye for an eye, Your Highness." He let his muscles relax a bit, seeing as she wouldn't try to do anything against him - yet. "It is only fair."

Her expression didn't change much, yet she seemed to be enraged by his choice of words judging by the unnatural glint in her eyes. She took a tentative step forward, but didn't move much farther than that. "So it is all about revenge." The princess stated, her expression slowly shifting to a neutral one.

Link nodded his head once. "Precisely. It is also about doing the right thing. Your Highness, you know that the King, your father, isn't as good as he seems."

Retreating one step back and letting her hands fall to her sides, the Princess turned her head away. "I know what my father is and isn't."

"And you also know that killing him will bring peace to the kingdom." Their eyes met again and she still didn't know the color that glanced back at her whenever they looked at each other, she could never really tell when their gazes locked in the first place. "Why deny his death?"

"People should not be killed, Assassin." Her bare hands met before her stomach, "They should live until their rightful time comes."

He scoffed aloud, though he didn't mean to. The Princess heard it loud and clear, for the angry scowl returned to her features. Link decided to speak before her lips parted and another round of moral lessons started. "You should return some years in the past, then, Your Highness, and tell that to your father, so he would not order my family's death."

She pressed her palms together in a pitiful effort to calm down her nerves. "My father did not wish your family any harm."

"Then why were they killed?" He countered, chin raised as if defying her to answer.

"Should I know?" Her voice pitched, eyebrows shooting up as his accusation was quickly processed. "I was just a child, just like you, back then."

Link flexed his fingers and rocked back and forth on his heels, trying to ease the tension on his muscles. "It doesn't matter now, Princess. Your father killed people. He must pay."

She smiled then, albeit wickedly, and shifted her weight to her right leg as her arms crossed under her breasts. "Says the man who killed half of the councilmen and also father's ally, Ganondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudo." One eyebrow arched higher than the other and she stated stoically, "You should pay, too."

'Damn', the assassin cursed mentally; she got him again. "Your Highness-"

"For someone who wishes for my father's death, you surely hold me high and treat me with respect."

Link closed his lips and frowned. "I hold no ill will towards you. And I respect you, more than anything."

"That is why you should do what I say." She stated, "Why kill a man who is terribly ill and bedridden?"

Tapping his fingers on his thigh, his lips curled upwards in a smirk when he realized he could counter that statement, just like she did many times before. "And why let him suffer when we can easily let him rest in peace?"

This time, she smiled, recognizing defeat. "You were never one to talk much."

Link nodded towards the door. "Then let's end it."

"Yes," she agreed and Link was left speechless at the sight of the rapier that suddenly materialized in her delicate hands, "let us end it."

The assassin instantly pulled his own sword out to block her attack. He had never battled the Princess before, and he didn't expect her to be so fast and so skilled. He jumped back when she thrusted her blade forward and tried to knock it out of her hands. The woman whirled around, the tip of her weapon cutting through the fabric of his garb, but the metal didn't even graze his skin.

Their battle progressed and it took him longer than expected to knock her rapier across the room, leaving her defenseless. Link pressed the tip of his sword lightly on her stomach, eyes carefully locked on hers.

"What?" She asked, teeth showing as she bared them in anger. "Will you not kill me?"

His face tuned severe, lips pressing in a thin line, and he made no move to lower his sword. "Why would I kill you?"

The Princess outstretched her hand and grabbed his wrist. "You always kill your opponents."

"But I will not kill you, Your Highness. You are not my enemy; you do not deserve to die." She made to pull his hand, and consequently his sword, towards her body, but Link grabbed her wrist with his other hand and prevented her from doing so. "Someone must live to bring light and peace back to this kingdom. And this person is you."

Her fingers slowly loosened around his wrist and he let her drop her hand to her side. "Why let me survive?" She asked, voice in a whisper and unbearably sweet. "Why let me survive... When I can do this!"

Link wasn't prepared for her next move. Before he knew it, she lunged forward, his blade piercing through her stomach, and her right hand tightly gripped his shoulder. It hurt more than he expected and when he felt an oddly warm sensation sliding down his arm he understood.

She pulled back, his blade sliding out of her stomach as her own slid out of his left shoulder. Link saw metallic glint on her wrist and he grunted as he gripped his shoulder. "A hidden blade."

"An eye for an eye." She gasped out, hands tightly pressed on the bleeding wound. "It is only fair."

He made to move to help her, but the Princess raised a bloody hand, silently demanding him to stop. "Go." Link stepped back, hand stretched in her direction as he hesitated. "Go do what you came here for."

"But Your Highness-"

"Just go, Assassin!" She snapped as she backed away to lean on a wall. "Just go."

He regarded her in silence, debating in his head if he should follow her orders or not. Link glanced at the door; the guards would never be coming and the King could barely feed himself, let alone escape from an assassin, from him.

Turning back to the wounded woman, Link gently picked her up and found his way through the castle until he was in the infirmary. The nurses inside the room panicked and gathered in a corner, but later obediently followed his instructions to heal the Princess, afraid that he would kill them if they denied obeying him. They were soon ushered out of the room by the Assassin himself before he sat down on the edge of the only occupied bed.

"You are leaving, are you not?" She whispered, eyes searching in the shadows for his.

"I am." He replied simply.

"You are also going to kill him before you go."

It wasn't a question, clearly, and Link heaved out a soft sigh. "I am."

The Princess closed her eyes briefly, "Very well," and she slowly raised her hand to his face. He visibly tensed and she quietly laughed at that. "Do not worry. No hidden blades this time."

She pushed his hood back, revealing his unruly dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. "I have always wanted to see your face." Tracing his jaw and caressing his cheeks with her fingertips, she added in another whisper, "The face of the most skilled man in this kingdom."

Her hand fell down and landed lightly on her wounded stomach. "Zelda," he said and for once she knew when their eyes met, "Take good care of this kingdom," then he jumped out the window and was gone.