###BACKGROUND: Beach. Bathing suits. Sea-side cave. go.

Kagome pulled the tie of her bikini top, unravelling the strap and letting it fall away, exposing her full breasts, each peaked with araolae and a hardening nipple. She had a small, kind, warm smile as she silently closed the gap between them. Her deep brown eyes locked with his as she wordlessly pressed him lightly, causing him to sit back on a rock behind him.

She lowered herself with him so that he found their eyes still locked together, Kagome kneeling slightly between his knees. She still looked into his eyes with that sweet smile, and while he couldn't bring himself to break her mesmerizing gaze, he could sense her perfect breasts at the edge of his vision.

His cock swelled and quickly grew, tenting his pants. Without breaking her gaze, Kagome deftly freed his shaft. Inuyasha's shoulders had sagged in his trance, his spine arching back, causing his shaft to stand up between them at an impressive length. Her small hands smoothly drifted up to me the base together. She grasped it lightly, gliding her hands slowly up the hot, throbbing shaft. Her hands felt warm and soft, teasing his skin, dragging it across the sensitive head, all the while maintaining her gaze. Dark amber stared into deep brown; deep brown stared back.

Kagome eased his foreskin back and slid her hands up the shaft to the head, wrapping them around the bulbous head, the exposed nerve endings now directly touching the soft palms of her hands. The hot skin of his head now stuck slightly to her hands as she gripped it slighlty harder and slowly slid her hands down the length together, the hot friction on his sensitive head causing Inuyasha to take a sharp breath and for his cock to throb with a twitch. Her hands continued down to his balls, lighlty engulfing them in her grasp and gently massaging them. She didn't linger, and instead continued and gripped the swimming trunks he had been wearing.

She slipped them down to the floor and off Inuyasha's feet, leaving him naked. He continued to stare at her with a mixture of shock, love and curiosity, as she pulled the remaining strap on her bikini, allowing her final article to slip down to meet inuyasha's, joining him in his nudity. Their eyes were locked in silence once more as she slowly moved towards him, his hot cock pressed against her stomach, the tip settling in the bottom of her cleavage, lightly touched on each side by her breasts.

They closed their eyes in unison as their lips met. Not a rough kiss, but a light one. A kiss of caution. The kiss of two new lovers testing the waters, taking the first few steps into a new, unknown world. Slowly, the kiss deepened. Neither would remember who opened their mouth first, but soon their tongues met to dance. It was measured and cautious still, as the entire meeting was, hearts pounding, but not a word uttered, the silence speaking volumes between them. The kiss deepened and sparked with a fiery life. They couldn't seem to open their eyes or bare to break the union between them, and so they fumbled slightly as they proceded. Each seemed to know what to do next, as Inuyasha lifted Kagome onto his lap, her back arching back as his had, to accomodate the lower position of his mouth from this new angle. Her breasts now hung infront of her, the head of Inuyasha's cock now fully engulfed by soft, warm skin.

Kagome's hands slid up Inuyasha's arms to wrap around his neck, deepening their kiss, as his hands found their way to the pearly mounds of her behind. He took hold of it and pulled her hips closer to his, rounding her posture so that her heated core now pressed fully onto the base of his shaft where his ball sack joined, her clit pressed against the hard vein-like underside of his cock. Kagome's nipples were now harder than she had ever felt them before, and her arousal was only heightened as Inuyasha began to slowly rock his hips, her clit pressed against the now-moving shaft.

Inuyasha felt a silent moan, little more than a puff of breath through the kiss, yet it spoke of the pleasure Kagome was trying to contain. A part of her mind urgently telling her that even the smallest noise would break the trance between them. Her brow knit, and she found the only way to vent her pleasure was to deepen her kiss with inuyasha. Inuyasha's rocking slowly increased in pace, but it wasn't enough for Kagome. Taking her arms from around her neck, she grasped his shaft around the middle and began stroking up and down. It was Inuyasha's turn now to let out a silent moan, as the pleasure washed down his shaft and spread out from his groin. The skin moving over his shaft further heightened Kagome's pleasure, and she increased her pace, her hips now moving with Inuyasha's and the friction from her stroking culminating in an approaching orgasm.

Her teeth gnashed against his, scraping together, she fervently stroked his shaft and pressed her hips against his as hard as she could, as she felt the built up tension in her core come undone, waves of pleasure washing over her as she hit her orgasm. The base of Inuyasha's cock was now soaked with her wetness. It was at the crest of one of the first and strongest waves of pleasure that Kagome felt Inuyasha's cock throb and pulse in her hand. She felt his balls tighten to his body and her sensitive clit clearly felt a surging up his urethra, which was pressed against it. She had only begun to register what was happening through her daze when a hot, creamy liquid erupted in the valley of her cleavage. Possibly wanting to pleasure Inuyasha, perhaps the sensation of pumping against her clit or maybe the feeling of experiencing the apex of pleasure with another person, HER person, her Inuyasha made Kagome feel absolutely complete at that moment, but whatever it was, she felt more content then than she ever had before.

They held eachother like that as they decended from their climaxes. At some point they must have fallen asleep, if not into a semi-aware daze, holding eachother as the sun slipped beneath the horizon and they were enveloped by the darkness.