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Warning: The story is about forced magical slavery. The main focus is on the humiliation that goes along with Snape's new life, and how Potter and his friends support him. It is a story about friendship, and has nothing to do with sex. There are scenes that briefly include non-graphical cp. You receive enough information to know what is going on, but it is not a play-by-play.

Story Perspective: Severus Snape

The Enslavement

The Dark Lord chose tonight to summon his followers, because he wished to test a new potion. Why had I not heard of it? I watched curiously, as he called on each death eater, and he or she drank while Voldemort gazed into their minds. Would that affect me? I was about to find out, as he called my name and I hastily fell to my knees before him. Hesitation meant death, and there was no time to study the proffered potion before I quaffed it. With a deep and clear voice I heard him say, "Look into my eyes." My gaze met his, and I felt him use Legilimency. This concerned me not, until I felt my occlumency shields failing. They melted easily to him, and the Dark Lord invaded my mind.

Voldemort raised the elder wand above his head, and glared down at me in anger. "Severus Snape, my most trusted potions master, and a loyal member of my inner circle is nothing but a spy." Death eaters glared angrily at me as they drew their wands. I felt the leering gaze of Lucius Malfoy, and I knew death was about to take me. The Dark Lord's voice softened into an eerily cold tone as he commanded, "All is not lost, as you hold much information about Harry Potter."

He stopped for a moment and addressed his death eaters, "Nobody will harm him." I assumed they understood his command, and he continued to explain. "Yes, I can see many reasons for keeping you with me, but you have lost my trust." He grinned wickedly at me, and glanced at the other death eaters as he instructed, "That is of no concern." He does not seek my death. This surprised me, and so I attempted to look into his mind. His shields kept me out, but I did notice 'The Boy Who Lived.' That is the last person I wanted to witness this! Enjoy yourself Potter, as you watch your hated potions professor suffer.

I glared at Voldemort, and worried about what he had planned for me. He threw his head back, and cackled manically as he boasted, "The ancient texts Slytherin left in the Chamber of Secrets will come in handy! I planned to release this spell soon at the ministry, but tonight I will test it. Snape, you can consider it an honor to become the first of my bonded slaves." I knew of no spells, which would bind someone into slavery, and I stared up at him to learn more. He glared down at me, and raised the elder wand above his head as he shouted angrily for all to hear, "The magic of the Elder Wand has the strength to cast this spell which will bind you to me for all eternity! There is nothing that can break it, and soon you will become the trusted servant you always pretended." I fell to my hands before him, and heard as he cast "Sclavus sempiternus mortem obire"

A powerful magic welled within my chest, and threw me to the ground in an even more submissive posture than I now held. My forehead touched the hard soil, and my legs flew backwards so that I lay flat on my stomach before the man. Dirt obscured my vision, but my ears detected the sound of his triumphant laughter. His spell had worked. The magic forced me to stay on the ground, and my body writhed from the experience. A warm fluid like sensation spread down my legs, and across my arms. At first, my thoughts filled with dread, until I realized this warmth originated from my chest and eventually covered my entire body. The magic filled me, and took control of my very being.

Many eyes bore into me, as the transformation took place. Suddenly I felt an electric jolt that started in my toes, and shot to my head. My eyes opened wide, and I noticed the illumination that radiated from my body. Then it stopped. Darkness prevailed among the Death Eaters, and I heard the voice of the Dark Lord say, "It is done. Severus, I order you to tell me what the boy has planned." I stared dumbly at Voldemort, but oddly, I did not feel anymore compelled to tell him than I did before he cast the spell.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Potter demanded angrily. My head whipped around in his direction, and I noticed that he did not come alone. Those of the order arrived with him, and they immediately started attacking the death eaters. Potter rose against the Dark Lord, and cast a few protective spells on himself.

Voldemort cackled with his head thrown back, as he glared at Potter. He strode towards 'The Boy who Lived,' and passed me while I fought with the last remnants of magic and attempted to rise. I could not. My body permitted me to pivot so that I faced the two opponents, but it compelled me to stay in this submissive position on the ground. The Dark Lord bid me to rise, and to help him in this fight. I was unable to move, as the magic would not let me. Had he screwed up? What did he do to me?

Potter noticed me, and in a hurried voice he shouted, "Snape, get out-of-the-way!" What, how dare that impudent boy tell me what to do? That arrogant little prick is no better than his father was! How dare he order me around like some child! Who does he think he is? A painful sensation filled my head, and I assumed it was coming from the Dark Lord's powerful magical energy. I rose quickly, and moved back as Potter advised. The painful sensation vanished almost immediately.

Voldemort wasted no time in casting 'Avada Kedavra.' Potter ducked at the last possible second, and the green streak of lightning zipped past his left ear. The Dark Lord growled in frustration, and attempted to bind potter. The boy jumped off to the right and tucked into a roll as he easily avoided the hex thrown at him.

Voldemort stopped playing around, and rapidly fired off 'Avada Kedavra' curses. Harry attempted to duck the many green lights thrown at him, and one pierced his muggle jacket. It left a large hole in the garment, and it briefly distracted Potter as he worriedly glanced down. Relief showed easily on his face, as he realized the curse had missed him. Potter cast a spell I never heard, and a shimmering light appeared before him in the shape of a disc.

The youth charged the Dark Lord who continued to fire off spells at him. Potter held something in his hand, and one of the spells bounced off it and reflected to hit Nagini. The large snake squealed in a loud hiss, and thrashed around wildly. After a few seconds, the beast landed with a heavy thump against the ground, and it moved no more. Voldemort leered at Potter as he said, "You may have killed my pet, but you will need much more to damage me. Come child, attack me if you dare."

I stared in wonder, but Harry had no time to stop as Voldemort continued his assault. Potter cast another spell, and again I saw nothing happen. Was it possible for him to shimmer even more? Potter cried out angrily, "Voldemort, tonight you will die for the crimes you committed!" Harry wiped the sweat from his forehead, as he surged forward to battle The Dark Lord.

Voldemort easily avoided the minor hex thrown at him, and laughed at Potter as he said, "Foolish boy, you need much more practice if you wish to best me." The magical bond told me that I had to protect my master, but I could not go any nearer to the fight. That was something I would have to think of later. Instinctively I withdrew my wand and cast the binding curse, 'Petrificus Totalus.'

Everything happened in slow motion. Voldemort sent a green bolt of light at Potter, who thrust his arms upwards and managed to reflect it with his shimmering energy disc. My hex caused the Dark Lord to become petrified, and he was unable to avoid the bolt that rebounded from Potter's shield. I watched as the green energy slammed into a wide-eyed Voldemort. His mouth opened angrily as he screamed, "Snape!" The Dark Lord died with my name upon his lips.

Voldemort's death ended all fighting, as the remaining death eaters fled into the night. All that remained were those loyal to 'The Order of the Phoenix.' We stood in silence, and nobody moved while we stared at the chaos before us. Potter glared in my direction, and charged me angrily with his wand held out. That silly boy was too impetuous, and I easily fired off a 'Petrificus Totalus' in his direction. He avoided it, but before anything else could happen, a sudden and intense pain racked my body. It was much worse than a Cruciatus Curse, as I found myself completely paralyzed and unable to move. I writhed upon the ground, and I felt liquid pour from my nose. My head felt ready to explode. What did Potter cast on me? I heard him by the Dark Lord, and he wrestled something away from the corpse. I assumed it was the Elder wand, as Potter had little need for more pocket-money.

Weasley and Granger firmly grabbed me as Harry instructed, "Take him to the Burrow, I want to personally question that traitorous git!" No, I wanted to scream, but I was unable to speak. I could not see, as my eyes remained firmly squeezed due to the intense pain. It racked my body, and I realized Molly and Arthur Weasley held us firmly while they used apparition to get us to the burrow. I could barely distinguish the many sounds around me, as pain filled my head. What was the curse that Potter cast? My shields were useless against it.

Arthur was the first to speak as he mentioned, "He has blood pouring from his mouth and nose." That did not surprise me, because of the intense pressure in my head. Something cold pressed against my nose, and they dabbed a cloth on my face. Despite their tender administrations, the simple touch felt like molten lava against my skin. Why won't this pain go away? I no longer believed it was something Potter could manage, and I began to wonder if this was due to Voldemort's spell.

Suddenly I heard the pop of another as they apparited here, and someone gruffly clasped my head in the palm of their hands. I heard the hissing of Potter as he ordered, "Snape, open your damned eyes and let me see your traitorous thoughts!" The pain vanished at Potter's touch, and I opened my eyes wide as I stared at him in shock. I looked into his, and felt a sudden magical sensation that passed from me into him. The earlier illumination from my body now surrounded the both of us, and I felt our lives entwining in a way I never suspected. Everyone stared at us, as I became magically bound to him.

My eyes widened fearfully as I realized Potter was my master. My mental shields were firmly in place, but it felt wrong to keep them. Potter used Legilimency on me, and I immediately removed my occlumency. I sensed his surprise, but it was nothing compared to my own. I felt another surge of pain as I attempted to throw the shields back up, and writhed as my head felt an intense pressure. I released them immediately, and the ache went away. He poked around my mind for a lengthy period, as he watched my thoughts curiously. His hands released me, and he seemed gentler as he lowered me back to the floor. "We need a pensieve," Potter informed the others. He never mentioned the magical bindings between us, and I wondered if the ignoramus even noticed.

Arthur was the first to speak as he mentioned one at the ministry. He left quickly, and I detected the angered glares directed at me from nearly everyone else in the room. With little effort, I managed to pull myself to my full height, and I sneered at those who came near. I felt a strong urge to bow to Potter, and knew it was that infernal bond. The pain in my head started with a dull ache, but I ignored it. In a silkily cold voice I sneered to the arrogant git, "I suppose this means you intend to send me to Azkaban?"

The flats of my hands pressed firmly against my temples, because my brain suddenly felt close to exploding. I fell to my knees from the intense pain, but I now recognized it as the bond between us. I refused to bow to my master, and then I disrespectfully challenged him. The pain refused to leave, until Harry placed a hand upon the flat of my head. The sensation vanished, but I dared not look at him while I gazed at the floor. "Potter." I began to say as a dull ache returned to my head, and caused me to wince. I knew what the bond wished of me, but I would rather die than to submit myself to that pretentious git. I realized my life was truly over, and I gasped quietly in defeat, "I did not betray you."

Potter inhaled deeply, but I could not see what he did as I gazed at the floor. "Professor Snape," he said, and I winced as a sharp pain thundered inside my head. It vanished quickly, but I felt his hands gently stroke my hair as he too noticed my reaction to his form of address. He then called me, "Sir," and once more, I shuddered in pain. His voice softened as he commanded, "Look at me." I turned my gaze to him, and he used Legilimency against me. Potter forced me to endure further suffering as he addressed me as, "Professor." He attempted a few more terms of respect, and each one caused a painful shock to me. Potter sensed this, and then he attempted other words such as, slave, Severus, and Snape. Each of those passed without pain.

Potter turned to the kitchen table, and moved one of the chairs to the center of the room. He motioned to it with his hand and commanded, "Snape, sit down, and be quiet." He deserved a snappy retort for that cocky attitude, but that was not what my body did. Slowly I rose from the ground, and bowed to him before I found myself obediently walking to the chair and sitting on it as instructed. What was I doing?

Granger gasped loudly as she watched my actions, and she turned to Potter asking, "How did he become your slave? I thought you said Voldemort cast it on himself?" My eyes closed of their own volition, as shame reddened my cheeks. The magic grew more powerful, and I knew Granger's question was the answer to my current situation. I dared not look up, as I found myself unable to face those who now gazed at me.

The room sat in stunned silence while everyone stared at the traitorous death eater before them, who now suddenly became Harry Potter's slave. I felt his or her anger, but nobody said a thing until Arthur Weasley returned many minutes later. At least I was no longer in any pain. I glanced up and noticed his pensive. Potter was nuts if he thought I would willingly share my memories. He placed the silver bowl on the table, and handed my wand to me as he commanded, "Place your memories into the pensive. I want to know why you killed Dumbledore!"

I shuddered at the fury in his voice, and glared angrily at him from my seated position. The arrogant git once again wished to view my memories without consent. I folded my arms as I attempted to ignore his command, but that bloody bond urged me to comply. I sneered at Potter, and then felt the pain return and rapidly intensify within my head. I could not ignore his command.

I desperately wanted them to know the truth, but I hated others viewing my memories. They invaded my inner most thoughts, but I had no choice. I did not wish to call him Master, so I kept my mouth closed and nodded my head instead. My fingers closed around the proffered wand, and I held it to my head while I gathered the memories of my conversation with Dumbledore. I stared shamefully at the floor, as everyone gazed into the pensive and invaded my privacy. Others from the order popped into the room, including Minerva McGonagall. Angrily I bit back my tears, as the mortification grew.

The Order of the Phoenix learned of Dumbledore's impending death through the curse, and that he wished for me to take his life instead of Draco. They heard of his plan to keep the youth innocent, and realized he did not intend to fight as his death was near. This was his last sacrifice. My tongue and inner cheek bled, as I chewed them raw in trying to hold back my tears. With a sharp intake of breath, I furiously glared at the floor.

Potter's voice softened, and he no longer spoke to me in anger as he said, "Severus, look at me." I did not wish to, and I held my gaze to the floor when the pain in my head began to increase. Slowly I turned my attention to him, and gazed into his eyes. The pain vanished, and I began pondering what type of potion I would need to nullify the bond's effects. Was that a smile on his face? I bet he enjoyed seeing the downfall of his most hated professor! He spoke in a gentle voice as he mentioned, "Snape, you are a war hero. Your body bind on Voldemort did not make sense, but now I understand. You were always on our side, and I could not have taken him without you." He paused for a few moments before asking, "Why did you become my slave, instead of Voldemort's?"

Their stupidity did not faze me, as they turned to Potter with shocked looks. Granger had already told them, but they failed to comprehend the situation. It was not surprising that he understood what happened, as he too felt the binding magic between us. The magical tether wished me to answer him, but I had no idea what to say. "I do not know," I attempted, and felt the pain growing in my mind. It ended when I attached the word, "Master." My life is ruined! I glanced around the room to see many watery eyes, and noticed tears streaming down the cheeks of Molly and Granger. McGonagall too had them dripping off her chin, and then suddenly many bodies pressed against me with arms wrapping around.

The atmosphere picked up dramatically, and people attempted to comfort me with loving hugs. It shocked me the most when Ron Weasley and Molly embraced me, as I felt they would hate me after Fred's death. Instead, they welcomed me to the family. Despite the slavery, I found myself able to smile as I had their forgiveness. Loud popping noises erupted, as five Aurors entered the room along with Kingsley Shacklebolt. Potter stood before me, and my family surrounded the chair as the aurors advanced. Shacklebolt commanded, "Move away from the Death Eater, as he is under arrest."

I glared venomously at the man as I spitefully questioned, "Do you even care for the truth, or is that something to concern yourself with after I'm dead." Potter glared at me, and I found myself shamefully averting my gaze to the floor. The aurors attempted to appear intimidating as they continued their slow approach. I heard their quiet footfalls, and wondered if slavery was worse than Azkaban.

It was Arthur who spoke in an authoritative voice, "Shacklebolt, there is much more to the story than what I heard from the ministry. Severus Snape is a war hero, and he remained a loyal spy to the 'Order.' I glanced up at his words, and saw the doubt on the faces of the Aurors, but Shacklebolt being a member of the 'Order' seemed more open to listening. Arthur directed him to the pensive, and I now had him and five complete strangers invading my private memories. I could kill potter! Pain shot through my head, and I realized such thoughts were not acceptable. Fortunately, it appeared only as a warning, as it vanished nearly immediately. My thoughts will slay me.

The tall African minister gave me a warmth-filled smile, and then he slowly began to applaud. Within seconds, everyone in the room joined him, because of my contributions to the death of Voldemort. He spoke in a calm velvety voice as he mentioned, "The world will know of your heroism, Professor Snape. It is my intention to clean up the ministry, and you will never again fear the crimes of your past. Wizards and Witches will praise yours and Harry's name, as the two who took down Lord Voldemort." The Aurors who accompanied him agreed. He turned to me before they disapparated, and said, "We will tell the press."

They were gone before anyone could react, and all eyes turned back to me. Potter glanced at McGonagall and enquired, "What do you know of binding spells, or slavery curses?" Minerva seemed somewhat at a loss, as they were well before her time. Everyone turned to Granger curiously, and watched as she flustered under our gaze. Apparently, she had no clue either.

Without looking at Potter, I turned my gaze on McGonagall and explained, "Lord Voldemort found the spell from an ancient text left for him in the Chamber of Secrets. I assume he intended to use it on many, but I was the first." I held my breath as a dull ache began in my head, but I would not acknowledge it. I will have to live with it, because I refuse to call him Master! The ache increased, and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

My eyes turned to look at the one who owned it, and I noticed it was Potter. Quietly he mentioned, "Severus, I do not feel the pain, but I know the intensity. The bond between us allows me to see what you are feeling." I felt utterly vulnerable, and wondered if this could get any worse. My gaze returned to the ground as his hand gently rested on my head, and the pain went away.

That night I discovered another mutation which horrified me more than the slavery itself, and that was my loss of magical ability. I waved my wand over the bed, and nothing happened. It swished over my clothes, and they remained in place. The wand refused to light. Did I lose my magic?