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The brunette was lying on top of the picnic bench staring at the night sky. The only indication she was there was the amber glow from her cigarette that was currently in her pink painted lips. Her boot clad feet tap to the music that was coming out of her ipod speakers.

Lee came out of the clubhouse to see the girl lying on the bench. She has been distant for a few months and he had no idea why. He tried to get her to talk to him, but she is just as stubborn as her father. He has known her since she came into this world. Watched her grow up to this strong, amazing woman. After her father died he swore to him that he would take care of as if she was his own.

Her mother died right after her father. Gwen just couldn't live without Chico. Not wanting to uproot her and send her back to SAMCRO Lee and his old lady Maggie took her in. Lee thought dealing with gun dealers was hard; clearly he has never raised a teenager.

When she was younger she was the baby; everyone looked out for like she was their niece. In a way she was. As soon as she 16 and started to fill out he thought he was going to gouge out all his members eyes out. She was the princess of the charter and now she was the hot brunette everyone wanted to nail. She would get mad when Lee would threaten the prospects to stay away from her. He even almost got in fights with some brothers from other charters that had no idea who she was.

But all his threats didn't stop one member from catching her interest. He was very hesitant to let this continue but he knew she would just go behind his back and see him anyways. They were together for a year before she broke up with him. After that she hardly came to the clubhouse. After a few moths she came back and just ignored her ex like the plague.

She was a true offspring on SOA; she followed the rules and never complained. She was raised in the world and knew nothing different. After Lee got shot in landed in the hospital she swore she was done with this life. She moved out of Lee's house and got herself an apartment. She came back a month later complaining that her life had become dull. She decided to go to college and get a degree. She got her doctorate and started working nights at the local hospital's E.R.

"Harlow! Phone!" The brunette sat up and her honey brown eyes looked at Lee and held her hand out for the phone.

"Who is it?"

"Kozik, said it was important" Lee shrugged his shoulders.


"Harlow, something happened and I think you should come down"

"What's wrong?" She got up from the bench and walked off into the side of the club so no one would over hear her conversation.

"They all got arrested"

She was moving.

After Kozik told her everything that happened she called Gemma right away and had an even longer conversation telling her even more then Kozik, how Abel got kidnapped, ATF, Zobelle, Ireland and how they got arrested and killed Jimmy.

There wasn't really anything holding her back from moving; well maybe except Lee. Truth was, she missed Charming. Her parents still owned a house in Charming and she planned to fix it up. Till then she was staying at Gemma's.

When she told Lee what happened and that she was going to move so the charter her father help build didn't fall the shambles as majority of its members were locked up for 5 years. Lee had a hard time excepting it but knew he couldn't stop her. He helped her pack everything. The whole time he would look at her and wouldn't see the 26 year old, all he saw the 15 year old who would sit at the bar drinking her root beer and chew her big league gum.

After a month of SAMCRO got arrested her Uhaul was stuffed with her belongings and her car carried the rest that wouldn't fit in the moving van. Kozik came down to escort her safely; even though she gave him shit for it. Lee also was sending the new prospect Ben with them to drive the Uhaul.

It was her last night in Tacoma and they were having a huge going away party. They all drank and goofed around. Maggie brought a cake and they sang Happy Birthday to her; even though it wasn't her birthday. Kozik shoved her face into the cake making the whole club cheer in laughter. She got a piece and shoved it Kozik's face and started drinking with her family. As the night went on several of the members found sweetbutts to keep them company.

She sat on the pool table as she watched one of the prospects try to pickup a sweetbutt. They poor kid had no game, she knew if he didn't toughen up then he would be patched in. She's seen many prospects be patched in and many not be accepted. Some actually cried; a bunch of pussies.

"How you doing kid?" Harlow sighed and leaned her head on Lee's shoulder. "We'll miss you too"

"I don't know, I'm starting to think this isn't a good idea. I'm scared Lee"

"Why are you scared? You've lived in charming until you were 15"

"Exactly! So much has changed. I don't know if I'll fit in"

Lee stood up from the pool table and looked at Harlow in the eyes very sternly. "That's an excuse Harlow, it's because of him isn't it? You knew he was patched over there. Are you ready for this?"

"Yes, dad" she rolled her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her Guardian and held him tight to her breathing in his sent. She was going to miss Lee more then anyone. He has done so much for and treated her like his own daughter. She knew he would do anything for her. "We've been around each other here for 4 years I'm sure I can handle it."

"Well if he does anything to hurt you call me and I'll teach him a lesson in the ring"

"Whatever old man" She smiled as Lee squeezed her.

"Better get to bed, you have a long trip tomorrow"

She arrived in Charming in two days. She was so tired from driving she just went to Gemma's and passed out. The next day she and some of the prospects went to the house her parents owned and started to fix it up. The house was in good condition for being abandoned for so long; it was just really dusty. She needed to paint all the rooms, update the wires and faucets, fix the yard and patch the hole in the roof.

She liked the SAMCRO prospects; they were funny and didn't treat her like a princess. Since majority of the charter was in prison there really wasn't much going on. They enjoyed helping Harlow, and hearing all the embarrassing stories she had about Jax and Opie.

When she wasn't at the house she was running chores for Gemma while she was under house arrest. I also helped her with her adorable grandson Abel. She has always liked Tara and thought she was good for Jax. When she told Harlow she was pregnant she was reminded how her mom gave birth to her while he dad was in jail.

They became good friends and would have lunch together when Tara worked nights. She helped Harlow get a job in the E.R. and was impressed how Harlow went into this mode where she was fast and efficient during the life threatening cases. She had asked Harlow why she chose E.R. Her reply was she loved the rush and knew if the club needed her she would be able to handle it.

She had spent a lot of time at the clubhouse getting to know the rest of the charter better. She liked Chibs, he was sweet, funny and didn't take any bullshit. He told her about his wife and daughter back in Ireland and how it's hard to be away from his family. She would just roll her eyes when she saw a croweater leading him to the back. He was a man, and his wife had also started a relationship with someone; granted Chibs killed him. She grew up around these men and knew their habits.

Not as many croweaters came around but there was plenty of hangarounds. Some tried to hit on her but she turned all of them down. They eventually gave up and left her alone.

Since they were low on mechanics she decided to put on a jump suite and fix some cars. They were hesitant at first but she proved that she had inherited her father's mechanical skills. Her father was a auto genius and could fix anything and everything. She was making her father proud.

She made sure she was always busy. She moved into her house and hated it because she was alone. She would work at TM in the morning and then head to the ER at night. She didn't even sleep in her house; she slept in one of the dorms. When Gemma was no longer under house arrest she put an end to it when she found Harlow asleep under a car she was suppose to be fixing. She decided to switch between the ER and TM every other week. Which helped Gemma take care of Thomas when he was born.

Harlow was so amazed when Tara gave birth. She couldn't believe that this tiny human being was made from a small embryo. She saw Tara with her kids, her family. She missed her parents and Lee; but most of all she missed him. When she was down and out she would drive up to the cabin and visit Piney. It became a routine thing; every Monday she would visit Piney and just talk. Their weekly talks would always raise her spirits.

One day when she went to see Piney she met Lyla Opie's fiancé, she was skeptical when she heard she was a porn star but got over remember that Luanne was a porn star and she was one of the best aunts. Lyla was really sweet and knew she was so in love with Opie. Harlow could see hesitance in Opie's eyes. He wasn't over Dona's death. He wasn't the same Opie she knew before she left. She knew Lyla would get hurt eventually, so she decided to become her friend and help with the wedding hoping to get Opie more excited about the wedding.

Gemma would constantly bug her about who she was going to bring as her date to the wedding. She told her the same thing every time Gemma would bring it up. She was going solo. Gemma would look at her and tell her that she should for about him. It wasn't as easy as Gemma made it seem.

Kozik would constantly pester her about going to the prison to visit or even write a letter. She refused to and told the others not to mention she was in Charming. Of course Kozik with the big mouth let it slip and she was forced to go visit them. Everyone now knew she was now living in Charming; well except one person.

Harlow was babysitting tonight; Tara had called her when she had an emergency heart surgery. She had put the boys to bed and was currently looking for something to eat. She chose to eat some cold left over pizza and beer. When she sat down on the couch her phone went off. Struggled to get the phone out of her pocket as she held the pizza in her mouth. She finally was able to get it before the ringing stopped


"Why didn't you tell me you were in charming?"

"Who told you?" She sighed rubbing her face with her hand.


"Of course, him and his big mouth" she rolled her eyes and knew she had to remember to hurt him. "I moved back 13 months ago"

"What happened to Tacoma?"

"There wasn't anything for me there, and when Kozik called and said you all went to jail I knew I had to come back."

"Why didn't you tell me as soon as you got here!"

She knew he was going to be angry. She had grown immune to his normal pissed voice. "I don't know. I was scared I guess"

"Of what? You knew I would be angry when I got out and saw you in charming right?"


'Fuck Harlow! You should have told me!"

"Yeah, and you should have told me you were planning on getting sent to jail for 14 months!" She got from the couch and went to the backyard not wanting to wake up Abel and Thomas.

"Don't put this shit on me! I've wanted to talk to you but your phone was shut off. I got this number from Jax!"

"I'm sorry okay! I didn't think you would want me here" She as soon as those words came out of her mouth he was going to upset.

"Harlow, we discussed this. You know the deal. Why wouldn't I want you there?" He could hear her breath in, as she stayed silent. "Harlow?"

"We're going to have to tell them"

"We hid for years in Tacoma, I'm sure we can do the same in charming"

"Yeah, but Gemma wasn't in Tacoma" She squeezed her eyes shut as sat down in a patio chair. "I miss you Happy"

"Me too girl, me too"