The famous one

Chatter filled the Institute's dining hall as people were gathered at one particular table. Even if it could only accommodate six people at a time, there were more than eight there, around this particular purple robed individual.

"That was an impressive match as usual Miltrad!" said the blue hooded woman, Ashe the frost archer. She said this as she laid on the lap of her political (but not limited) husband Tryndamere the barbarian king.

"I have to agree, thank you for keeping my wife safe all this time." replied the man as he pat the summoner on the back, almost throwing up his food.

Then a legionnaire with a spear and shield and a helmet spoke out "Hah! You never really cease to amaze Miltrad, Not only did you keep your record clean, you even got a fair number of kills on your tally too, you know a lot about battle." As Pantheon punched him on the arm

"And you didn't have to put Ashe in much of harm's way either" added the solari warrior Leona who looked proud of the summoner.

Then, finally the man of the hour started to speak "Really, it's nothing guys, I'm just… doing my job a summoner, that's all." He said with a very bright smile that made everyone appreciate him even more.

"How can you say it's nothing? You don't even have a single death on your record!" retorted Jayce, the defender of tomorrow in an as-a-matter-of-fact kind of tone.

"And you've got hell of a kill score to boot." hissed Katarina the sinister blade as she sent a smirk the summoner's way.

"No, that was just me doing what I can to help, I'm not really anything special" The summoner replied with a light smile.

"Don't be so modest, the way you were trying to retreat while at the same time attack was very tactical indeed. It looked very skilful in a way that your champion is both effective and benign. Your coordination is somewhat unmatched and your use of spells is, in my opinion, very systematic and correct." Said by the master tactician general Swain, which actually meant a lot.

Though at the moment, Miltrad, the summoner in question, only wanted to focus on finishing his meal and getting back to his quarters. It wasn't that he disliked the attention; he was somewhat even enjoying it. He just wanted to leave before someone uncomfortable showed up.

"Very impressive match Miltrad." said a low voice behind him. He could recognize the voice even without looking, and he dreaded that Garen the might of Demacia was behind him, but not because of him, but because if he was near, he knew she was within the vicinity too. As everyone around him talked stories of his matches that were famed to be deathless, a blonde suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him, like a flash of light.

"Well good evening there Miltrad, you were very skilful again today, as usual." she said as she gave her usual brilliant and bright smile. No one could see under the hood, but he gritted his teeth above his throat.

"I should get going now." he said as he stood up, not even finishing his meal. He shuffled past the others and went into the institute's halls towards his own room.

"Hmmm… he always becomes weirdly reserved whenever you pass by Luxanna." said a sultry voice behind Lux as she whipped her long red hair. Sarah Fortune was one of her good female friends.

"Maybe he has a crush on you?" she whipped as everyone turned to look at her.

"Him? Have a crush on Lux?" said Garen who wore eyes of disbelief.

"What? You never know right? Even someone as skilled as him has to have his eyes on a chick now right?" spoke Jayce.

"Then why don't we help them then?" proposed Ashe still sitting on Trynd's lap

"Ahhh; young love is really cute." Then Shyvanna, the half dragon who was standing next to Price jarvan IV, giving him this sly look, to which he turned the other way, earning the crowd's giggles.

"I'm right here you know! And no, I don't think he likes me. He's actually been avoiding me if you haven't noticed!" she retorted as her cheeks turned bright red.

"That's the point! Maybe he's avoiding you so he won't show you his bad side; well, if he has one." spoke the sinister blade, somehow finding she was blushing as well, for reasons unknown as she gazed upon one of the demacians.

She then saw some sense in what the Noxian had said and pondered; maybe he was hiding something, especially from her. Even if summoner's don't usually interact with the champions, there was really no rule saying it wasn't allowed. Lux's thirst for information needed to be quenched.

Miltrad entered the confines of his room and dropped his tired body unto the bed. He stared at the dark ceiling. He felt sorry for lux because he trudged out of the cafeteria like that, but he knew he just couldn't stand it. He had though he had buried it in the confines of his mind and start anew, but it seemed that whenever that girl was around, it would find a route up to surface. He could only faintly remember as he held onto the necklace on his neck. His quiet contemplation was however broken by three knocks on his door. He approached and opened, only to be greeted by no one.

"What do you want Kat." he asked as he felt her body weight lean against his back.

"Is it that bad to make a request?" she hissed back as he turned back to sit on his bed.

"Anything for a champion, what would you like." He calmly asked

"I would like you to use me in your next match." She firmly bade

He was quite puzzled "And why whatever for?"

"I need a good fight so I can tell you something afterwards; can you do this for me?" She said with this smirk on her face that said Miltrad couldn't say otherwise.

"Fine Katarina, I'll use you for the next match." then he could have sworn he heard her say a successful yes to herself.

Even though she was an assassin, she still could not ignore what is happening between him and Lux, though she has little knowledge about this, she opted to help him before he helps her the next day. "About you and Lux, Miltrad… is there…I mean… Anything going on?" she asked albeit hesitantly.

She suddenly felt the atmosphere become heavy, heavier that when she was about to stab a man to end his life, which was in itself very heavy. She could barely withstand it as the man sitting on the bed raised his head towards her.

"No, there's no problem, it's just a little something about my selfishness, that's all, Why do you ask?" he said in his usual elegant smile. She was stunned that a man who had heaved the atmosphere like him could show off such a welcoming smile.

She decided to back off "It's nothing… I just thought maybe you needed some help with anything."

"Rest assured Kat, you don't need to worry about anything and I'll use you in the match tomorrow, so get some rest." He prompted her, to which she obliged.

With this unknown heaviness in her, she left the room, going to her own, still wondering what just happened.

"She finally left." he sighed to himself as he once again lay on his bed.

"I've to do my best for Katarina's sake tomorrow." he thought to himself.

"… and for her sake as well…" he concluded as his mind drifted into oblivion.

Little did he realize tomorrow was going to be a start of very different things for him, a great change for Miltrad was coming."