Grief-stricken Sermon

"So this is what she meant when she said 'I'll need you again later..." Miltrad said as he stands in front of his crystal ball in a summoning chamber.

"She just wanted me to be a guinea pig for this new field of justice, this is called the Howling Abyss isn't it?" He added as he somewhat rant to the champion he had been tasked to help get used to the field.

"Yes. It really is ironic that I'd be back here at the howling abyss just when I decided to forget about the past..." Lissandra said as she was breathing in the Freljordian air she had missed for a few days.

"So this is what you had offered to Aunt Ves in compensation for your 'attempted crime'?"

"Apparently so, though it does not mean much to be anymore. This place is only filled with bad memories..." She said in distress.

"I... I'm sorry." Miltrad said, trying to alleviate the atmosphere.

"Anyway, what is the purpose of this again?" Lissandra asked in curiosity, trying to distract herself and her summoner.

"Aunt Ves just requested that I give this new field of justice a feel and decide on any changes to its overall terrain for its renovation to being an actual map to be used for the institute. So far, it doesn't seem to have any problems, albeit some of the collapsing terrain. It's quite dangerous." Miltrad started getting technical.

"And what is the point of having I to be the champion for this?" Lissandra followed up.

"She also asked me to give you a feel on how it is being under a summoner's control, and make sure to help you adjust in any way. Are you comfortable right now? No feeling of invasion of privacy and whatnot?"

"Miltrad... you invading my privacy is no longer a possibility. You already know most of me." Lissandra replied as she was being directed to go into the middle of the bridge like lane.

"Okay? How about anything pertaining to being psychologically uncomfortable? Sorry about these questions, it's standard protocol." Miltrad explained. She could hear her chuckle mentally.

"Oh Miltrad... You are just too serious. I'm fine, trust me. Just do what you need to be doing for now. I'll just adjust on my own." Lissandra earnestly recommended as she left Miltrad to his thoughts and his inspection of the Howling Abyss.

"It's who I'm worried about that's psychologically uncomfortable though..."

"What do you mean by that?" Miltrad's voice suddenly resonated in her mind.

"You heard me?" She said in surprise.

"Umm... we're mentally connected. How could I not hear you?" Miltrad blatantly replied.

"It looks like this really does need some adjusting to. This will prove to be challenging." She replied in conclusion.

"Don't worry; most champions are like that on their first time. Anyway, what is this about me being 'mentally uncomfortable' and such?" Miltrad started interrogating her.

"Oh... it's nothing." She retracted her statement.

"Liss... please tell me: what do you think is wrong?" Miltrad pleaded to her. She couldn't possibly refuse.

"It's just that... when we parted this morning, I swear I saw you make a very melancholic face. It's been bothering me for the day now." She explained.

"Oh..." was his simple yet reminiscent reply. For moments stacking upon moments, only silence reigned as Miltrad directed her to several locations on the Abyss' bridge; after entering one of the snowy brushes did Miltrad decide to break the silence.

"I was just... surprised, taken very aback if I may say." He mentally told her as she just stand there among the weeds in silence to listen to his explanation.

"I was overwhelmed at how much animosity is held for someone like you. Of course you have done many debauched things, but still..." Miltrad contemplated his concern for her. Lissandra was obviously moved by his concern to the point of him even being anxious for her, but she knew this was her business.

"Miltrad," she said with a sigh.

"I am very grateful for your concern for me, but this is something that I have brought unto myself. You need not concern yourself with my strife." She asked of her as she passed by one of the built structures Miss Kolminye had told her to be, as the summoners called it, offensive "towers", but then she mentally heard a groan.

"It's not a need, it's a want. I want to help you." He told her as she went into one of the other brushes on the other side of the bridge.

"Ok Miltrad, but tell me this: How do you plan on accomplishing that?" She asked him blatantly, obviously wanting him to back off the topic. Miltrad is silenced; he did not speak until she reached the other nexus.

"I... I don't know." Miltrad flatly replied.

"It just feels like... I have to do something. I just don't know what to do."

"Then there, but MIltrad, I am serious: you don't have to do anything." She repeated her sentiment. But Miltrad was obviously not sated with the issue.

"I'll think of something, I promise." Lissandra then picked up something that looked fluffy on the ground.

"Miltrad... do you know what this is?" as she held it a little high, Miltrad looking at its features, it had small horns, fur all over its body, and stumpy eyes and legs.

"It's a poro, and this is like you in this situation." She continues on.

"It's sweet and cute, yet it cannot do anything about what's happening. I'm sorry Miltrad, but there is nothing you can really do about it." Miltrad just stood there to listen, and then he said with the most conviction he ever has.

"I promised to help you, I will. I promised to protect, I will. Inspection's over. Let's get you back." He said as he ported her back, holding her as he guided her off the summoner platform. Not another word afterwards as he instructed her back to her room to freshen up as he left the room.

"Come to my room after you freshen up. I want to braid your hair again." Lissandra heard out of nowhere, but she knew whose voice it was. He was trying to be sweet, helpful even. She would allow him to do at least that much.

The frost archer was very intrigued and confused. Tryndamere had told her that Miltrad wanted to speak to her about something, even so precocious to even pick the time for it. She paced the towards the summoner dorms, still pondering what this would be all about, though she already had an idea, a big one. As she focuses intently on the door to grab its knob, he hand is met with another's. As she look up to see who this would be, she saw a face she couldn't bear to see, and the other's face did likewise. Sejuani and Ashe exchanged threatening looks in front of Miltrad's room.

"I think you've got the wrong room." The wrath starts the squabble.

"No, I think your boar is on the other side of the league, you should probably go get it." Ashe answers.

"Don't you go makin' fun of Bristle now! At least I take things head on, not you like you, only handling things cowardly from a distance!"

"You wanna fight!?" Ashe challenged.

"You got one!" Sejuani Accepts. Just before the brawl, they hear giggling from withing the room they were supposed to visit. Remembering their purpose and being piqued by an unusual curiosity of who would be in the room with Miltrad. They quickly shove the wooden door open.

"You really like doing this enough to request for me to come like this aren't you?" Lissandra said wearing nothing but a night gown.

"If it's with graceful and sublime hair like this, I don't think I'd ever get tired of wanting to braid it." Miltrad replied as he holds Lissandra's hair in three parts. That was when the duo look at the two intruders of the room, the room was filled with a void silence.

"Did you call us here to flaunt out like this?" The wrath asked in annoyance.

"I thought you'd come later, that doesn't matter, please sit down." Miltrad said as he continued to focus on the hair in his hand.

"Please, take some of the bread on the countertop, feel at home." Miltrad suggested still stacking the hair on itself. As the duo did as they were told, they sat in silence while eating. An awkward silence now filled the room as Miltrad continued the process he had started. They couldn't take it.

"Miltrad, why did you call us here." Said ashe.

"I've been wondering that too."Sejuani followed up.

"I thought I told you not to do anything anymore?" Lissandra clarified. Miltrad still looked focus, but they could see his face writhe a little.

"I'm going to be honest here, one: This is the first time I've invited three women in my room, so I'm anxious." Miltrad said in hopes of trying to lighten the very heavy atmosphere. They don't flinch. He then gets straight to the point.

"Two: I had completely no idea what to do."

"What to do about what?" The archer and wrath asked.

"Your grudge towards me. It's been bothering him all day. He couldn't shake it off, even when I told him not to worry." Lissandra stated. This earned a blank air for them, then Lissandra asked.

"Is he always this nosy?"

"He is, very much so." Ashe respectfully replied.

"Anyhow, it isn't really something you should involve yourself in Miltrad, this is just between me, Sejuani, and Lissandra."

"That's what I'm worried about!" Miltrad then shouted as he tie the last knot on the braid he was working on. Everyone jolted.

"It's precisely because it's between you guys that I've been on edge! Who know what the heck you guys will do to each other when my back is turned. It's alright on the fields but I won't let it happen here inside the institute on my watch!" Miltrad expressed something he had been holding in with a stressed face. The three were only speechless.

"Miltrad, are you seriously concerned for her?! She's already tried to trick the councillor once! Are you sure you're going to take her side?!" Sejuani snapped back at him. Miltrad made a ferocious face, as if he had just been challenged.

"Let me ask you this: What city state do I support?" Miltrad asked them. It then occurred to them what he was getting at, and Sejuani answered.

"None, right?"

"Exactly. What make you think I took her side? Or yours? Or anybody's?"


"It does not mean I do not know where I belong or who I like, it just means I'm neutral. I am like this so that, whenever a problem arises, I am not blinded by emotion or sentiments. So that when an issue or problem comes, I'll pursue the truth in its fullness, in black and white. That is what I did with Lissandra, and my belief proved to be useful." Miltrad really let it all out. Then Miltrad turned to the one he was replying ti, who looked to be shuddering, almost quaking even. He felt a surge of remorse after his little fit.

"I-I'm sorry. I was just a little over my head just then. I just want you three to at least do well with each other while not trying to go for each other's necks on the field." He sighed.

"Miltrad... what exactly do you mean by that." Ashe wanted an elaboration. When they noticed Miltrad had cooled off a little, he started to continue.

"I... don't see you guys being happy and like family by doing this. If I forced you to do so, it would just be selfishness on my side and hypocrisy on yours. A true, pure friendship and trust bond between you three probably can't even be forged in your lifetime. But as you are in this institute, as champions of the league, I at least want you three to get along, on a professional level." He explained in tow. The three had no idea he thought that way, yet he was not done expounding.

"I don't know much about deciding who is historically and politically right, I'm not good with those things. But one thing I do know is being morally and socially correct. All I want is that you three act accordingly whenever you are in the league. As I said, it will be a long time until you three get on good terms, but for the sake of the others around you, please act as you should." He requested of him. They all took turns looking at each other. With the stares if uncertainty, Miltrad spoke one last time.

"Do it for me?" The three couldn't go against it, but couldn't take it to heart to completely agree.

"Fine Miltrad, we will try, though we won't be making any promises." Ashe started the deal.

"All I want is that what happened this morning not happen again. It pains me to see things like that happen."

"Ok Miltrad, we'll do what we are expected to do, happy?" Sejuani wanted to seal it. They then, for once, saw a genuine smile on him again for the first time that night.

"Good." He said as he stood up.

"That's all I wanted to resolve tonight. Had I not done this on the first day, it would probably come back to bite me some time in the future." Miltrad exposed his readiness as he opened the door.

"Thank you for giving me the time of night." He gestured them to leave.

"No Miltrad, we're sorry for making you worry so much. You already have a lot on your hands, we're imposing too much." Ashe apologized on their behalf as they stepped out.

"Think nothing of it. If nothing else, this is my job, and I'm happy you guys are happy." Miltrad ended their nightly conversation as he closed the door, leaving the three to practice what they had promised just outside his room.

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