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Chapter 20 - Epilogue

2 Years Later

"Sam, look out!" Dean yelled, swinging a machete around as he did so to take out the vampire that was trying to take advantage of the younger Winchester's turned back.

Sam whirled around just in time to see the vampire's head hit the ground, and he jumped back in surprise. "Woah!" He exclaimed, before glancing up to meet Dean's eyes. "Thanks, dude."

"Don't mention it," Dean said wryly. "Is that it for this floor?"

"I think so," Sam confirmed. "There were supposed to be ten of them, right?"

Before Dean could reply, a whoop of victory came from upstairs. "I guess the top floor's done," Dean commented.

As if to punctuate the statement, Gabriel and Castiel appeared in the room, each angel next to their respective hunter. "Did you finish?" Castiel asked Dean.

"Sure did," Dean confirmed, holding up his blood stained machete as evidence. "The last one tried to take Sam's head off."

"It was not that bad," Sam protested in annoyance.

Gabriel poked his shoulder like he was checking to make sure Sam wouldn't fall over. "You seem fine to me," he confirmed with a grin.

Dean rolled his eyes and threw his arm around Castiel's shoulder. "I gotta say, this kind of thing is way easier with angelic assistance."

"You say that after every hunt," Castiel reminded him dryly.

"Yeah, well, it's true!" Dean offered in his defense. "We've been on this vampire hunt for what, a day? Sam and I could have spent over a week on this kind of hunt back in the old days."

"Dude," Same interrupted, grinning, "did you just use the expression 'back in the old days'?"

"Maybe," Dean muttered, shooting a glare at his brother.

Sam laughed out loud. "You must be getting old, Dean. Next thing you know, you'll need reading glasses and a cane."

Gabriel was laughing at the image, but Castiel just looked confused. "Dean is still in perfect physical health," he informed Sam.

"He's just trying to irritate me, Cas." Dean told his angel, giving him a reassuring squeeze. "It's what brothers do."

Giving Gabriel a look of loving consternation, Castiel commented, "Yes, I believe I'm familiar with that phenomenon."

"Do we have to stand around surrounded by corpses or can we go eat?" Gabriel complained, kicking a vampire's head to the side to accentuate his point.

"We can go grab dinner, but we need to take care of the bodies first," Sam told him. "Trust me, it saves trouble in the long run." There had been that time they had watched news coverage of a manhunt for the killer who had executed eight people (demons) and left the bodies strewn around a warehouse in Florida. The Winchesters had been in a hurry, and their neglect of covering up the deaths had not exactly worked out in their favor.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and the house was suddenly immaculately clean. "There, satisfied? I want a milkshake."

Rolling his eyes, Sam shifted slightly towards Gabriel, letting him know he was ready for travel. In front of him, Dean did the same to Castiel, although his expression was more resigned. He still didn't like this kind of transportation.

There was a brief sensation of motion, then the four of them were sitting in a diner booth. A waitress came up to them almost immediately, but her calm expression indicated that she hadn't seen their method of arrival.

"Hiya! What can I get for you all?" She asked in a perky voice.

"French fries, a chocolate milkshake, and a piece of fudge cake," Gabriel told her with a grin. Her lips quirked in reaction, but she wrote it down without comment.

"I'll take a salad and a strawberry milkshake," Sam told her, his expression resigned to Gabriel's order. Gabriel ate a lot of junk food, most of it sweet, and Sam had gotten used to it a long time ago. He even indulged himself on occasion, hence the milkshake order. He still had to actually work to keep in shape though, hence the salad.

"Cheeseburger, fries, and a slice of apple pie," Dean said next, grinning and tossing his arm around Castiel again.

"I will have the same," Castiel intoned. He did not need to eat, but had found that he had an affinity for many of the same foods Dean enjoyed, and he liked eating with his lover.

The waitress nodded and moved off, leaving the four men to relax in their booth.

"Are you guys taking off after dinner?" Dean asked, directing the question to Sam and Gabriel.

Sam shrugged. "Probably, but we're all supposed to be at Bobby's tomorrow anyway, so we'll probably just go back to get a night's sleep."

Dean nodded, accepting that. "Sounds good. Cas and I are going to drive to Bobby's."

The look on Castiel's face made it clear that he was tolerating the drive.

"Dude, why don't you just let Cas fly you?" Sam protested. "It's a hell of a lot faster, and you could actually get a decent night's sleep if you don't drive to South Dakota."

Dean made a face at him. "I never get to drive anymore!" He protested. "We fly everywhere. Cas said I could drive to Bobby's, so I'm driving to Bobby's."

"Unless it is a matter of relative urgency, I have found that Dean's mood tends to be more enjoyable when he has been able to drive the Impala," Castiel informed them, his lips twitching slightly in amusement.

Sam chuckled, knowing it was true. "Alright, well make sure he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel."

"Of course," Castiel agreed.

"I would never risk my baby's life like that!" Dean protested. "Or my car," he added as an afterthought.

There was a pause while everyone figured out what Dean meant, then Castiel was blushing and smiling and Gabriel and Sam were laughing.

Ha, look at Cas blush! All Dean called him was baby! I wonder how red you'd go if... Gabriel trailed off, raising his eyebrows at Sam cheekily as he sent his mate the thought.

Sam's eyes narrowed at him, but were filled with amusement. I wouldn't try it if I were you. I know where the holy oil is.

Gabriel laughed out loud, drawing Dean and Castiel's curious expressions. "Sorry, Sam said something funny."

"C'mon, guys, no telepathy at the dinner table," Dean complained. "It's weird."

"Just because you and Cas say everything out loud doesn't mean we have to," Sam countered. "Besides, we spent months conversing only in my head. Old habits die hard."

Dean shrugged, deciding that was an acceptable explanation. "Is living in Cinderella's palace an old habit too?" He teased, knowing Gabriel found the nickname for his house irritating.

Gabriel made a face at him, but Sam set a calming hand on his shoulder. "I think the palace is awesome," he said firmly. "Besides, you and Cas have a pretty sweet house too."

"Yeah, but we don't live there all the time," Dean pointed out. "We just go back between hunts, not every night like you guys and your Disney castle."

"Still," Sam continued, "You practically have a mansion in the south of France, Dean. It's pretty sweet."

Dean grinned at that. "Okay, yeah. I like the house."

As the designer of the house in question, Castiel smiled proudly in response to that. "We may not spend as much in our home as you do in yours," he told Sam, "but I am not particularly adverse to the motel rooms, either. There is something to be said for familiarity."

Sam smiled softly at that, knowing what the angel meant. Dean and Castiel still hunted professionally, taking breaks to live in France inbetween hunts, and meeting up with Bobby and other hunters from time to time just to catch up. Sam and Gabriel, on the other hand, spent the majority of their time traveling through the world and time itself, although time traveling was not incredibly common, as it seriously drained Gabriel if they were gone for too long. They still hunted, but only sporadically if it seemed like Dean and Castiel were really going to need the help. Otherwise, they mostly helped Bobby with research, of which Gabriel seemed to be a never ending resource.

"When was the last time you guys saw Bobby?" Dean asked, changing the subject. "We were there a week or two ago, but not for very long. We were just passing through on our way North, and Bobby would've been grumpy if we didn't say hi."

Sam chuckled, knowing it was true. "Gabe and I visited Bobby briefly a few days ago because he needed help with some ancient translation he was doing. Obviously, Gabe's fluent in everything, so I mostly just watched while Bobby tried really hard not to look impressed." He grinned at the memory. Bobby put up with Gabriel and possibly even liked him, but he found him irritating enough that he tried consistently to hide any positive feelings he might be having from the archangel. Gabriel found it hilarious.

"Well, who else is coming tomorrow?" Dean asked, thinking of the list of possibilities.

"For Thanksgiving? Probably everybody." Sam shrugged, not really knowing who Bobby had invited over.

"Who is everybody?" Castiel inquired.

"Uh, let's see. Jody, for one." Sam stuck a finger out, counting.

"Right, because Bobby would forget to invite his girlfriend," Dean said with a grin.

"Are they dating?" Gabriel asked excitedly.

Sam shook his head. "Not officially."

A mischievous glint flared up in Gabriel's eyes. "Maybe we can fix that."

"Hey," Sam warned. "No matchmaking. Leave them be."

Gabriel shrugged, not promising anything. "Who else?"

"Probably Garth," Sam suggested. "I think Bobby feels obligated to make sure the kid doesn't explode or something."

Castiel nodded seriously. "Having met Garth, I can see how that might be a valid concern."

Dean grinned broadly, trying not to laugh. He didn't run into Garth very often, but the few times Castiel had had occasion to meet the young hunter, he had expressed concern that Garth might end up getting himself or them killed. Somehow, it never happened, but there had been a few close calls.

"Did Bobby invite Rufus?" Gabriel asked, looking eager. For some bizarre reason, Gabriel's favorite hunter (apart from Sam) was Rufus Turner. The two got along famously, and Sam found their banter hilarious. Whenever Rufus needed help, he tended to call Sam and Gabriel these days.

"I don't know, probably," Sam replied. "Presuming Rufus hasn't done anything to piss Bobby off lately."

Gabriel rolled his eyes, knowing that that was a significant possibility.

"I assume we will know exactly who Bobby invited when we arrive tomorrow," Castiel pointed out. He leaned back as their food arrived, moving forward to take a bit of his burger the minute the waitress set it down.

Chuckling at Castiel's eagerness, Dean mimicked his movement and took a large bite of his burger, watching as Sam began to dress his salad and eat it rather delicately, and Gabriel immediately lunged for his milkshake and began to suck it dry.

Somehow, this odd assortment was a family. That was the great thing about actually celebrating Thanksgiving these days. They had family to celebrate with.

"Last one to finish their food gets thrown in our pool!" Gabriel suddenly challenged, looking up from his milkshake with a grin.

Sam and Dean rolled their eyes, maintaining their current eating pace, but Castiel's eyes widened with surprise and he immediately began to eat faster, taking the challenge at face value.

The Winchester brothers grinned as they watched their mates inhale their food, laughing at the look on Gabriel's face when he saw that Castiel had finished his burger and fries, then managed to put the entire slice of apple pie in his mouth.

"You lose, Gabe," Sam pointed out with a chuckle.

"Not fair," Gabriel complained, but he was laughing too.

Don't worry, Sam thought at him. I won't let them throw you in the pool. You and I can go skinny dipping later.

Gabriel grinned at Sam broadly and thought back, You know I love you, right, princess?

Sam's answering smile was beautiful, and for a moment the two were lost in each other, completely forgetting they weren't alone.

"Are Cas and I this bad with the staring thing?" Dean complained to no one in particular.

Without looking away from each other, Sam and Gabriel answered in unison, "Yes."

The resulting chuckle from Castiel concluded the pause, and suddenly all four of them were laughing again.

It was really nice to have a family.