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Kacia's ship pulled out of hyperspace over Geonosis, the ship which her father had commissioned, the Executor, simply waiting for her to dock. After communicating with the ship, she quickly did so, exiting her ship and entering the Executor.

"My lady," Tarkin was the first to welcome her aboard. "It is good to see you. I heard you had some complications."

"Indeed, Moff, I did. I am afraid that I have some rather terrible news," she said, her grand way of speaking fully in her tone. "The Emperor has been assassinated."

Tarkin's eyes widened, "How horrible." he replied, "Who has done this?"

"Rogue Jedi, I'm afraid. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi." she replied, "Two rather large thorns in my side. Which brings me to a point: how are the rogues you found?"

"Still in containment, you told me that I shouldn't do anything until I had heard from you." Tarkin replied. "But without the Emperor, who is going to lead our empire?"
"I am." Kacia replied simply, "My father made it clear before his death that – in the event that he was assassinated – I would become regent."

Tarkin nodded, "I understand... Your Excellency."

Kacia grinned, "Now, this crime against the Empire must be amended. I want you to send word to Coruscant to check every medical facility, every place which may house those who have been wounded. Find these two men who have killed the Emperor, they are doubtless among those on Coruscant, as they both have been wounded. When you find them, I want them brought here." she ordered.

"As you command, my liege." Tarkin replied as she walked onto the bridge of the ship, looking out the observation point to view the still-under-construction-Death-Star.

"Tell me, how far have we progressed?" she asked him. "Can it move at the moment?"

"It can." Tarkin replied, "We began construction with its engine room, and although it is somewhat slow right now, it can be moved."

Kacia nodded, "Good." she said, a proud look on her face.

The next morning, Ozara and Beru were making breakfast, enjoying each other's company as sister-in-laws. Quite frankly, Ozara had completely forgotten the Lars in the rather fast paced life she had led since her wedding – and now she was feeling quite ashamed.

"You know," Beru began as she served up a platter of food. "I could have told you three years ago that you and Anakin would be marrying."

Ozara laughed, "Were we that obvious?"

Beru smiled, "Yes, you were overwhelmingly obvious." she said, "Even Idriya noticed" she froze, knowing just who it was that her sister-in-law was pretending to be. "I feel sorry for the girl, she was so young."

"I suppose I shouldn't feel guilty that she and I looked so alike. It wasn't either one of our faults... how ironic that I am here again, this time as Idriya instead of Ozara." Ozara mused aloud.

Her sister shook her head, "The girl gave her life to save you – even if she didn't know it at the time. I'm sure that she would want you to be safe." she said. Ozara smiled and went back to cutting some vegetables.

Owen came into the kitchen a few moments later, kissing his wife soundly before approaching his sister. "I thought you might want to know: Anakin's speeder just landed outside." he said, watching with amusement as Ozara quickly apologized and excused herself, running outside.

"Oh, my love," Beru said laughingly, "They are such fools for each other."

"I know," Owen answered, "My brother was a fool for letting her go all those years ago, she's truly a treasure."

"Oh? And what am I?" Beru teased, acting annoyed at him. It wasn't long before breakfast was forgotten.

When Anakin exited his speeder, he found himself with his arms full with Ozara. As he held her, he could hear her sniffling. "Hey, hey, what's wrong?" he asked her.

"I thought you'd turned again." Ozara cried, "I was just so worried, and I didn't know whether you'd come back for me at all, and if you did, whether you'd be the same."

He smiled, enjoying having her in his arms once more. "I'm sorry." he finally said, "You shouldn't have worried about me."

"I'm carrying your children, I think that worry comes with the territory!" she said indignantly, laughing in relief afterwards. "What happened?"

Anakin took a breath to tell her, but then looked up at the offensive twin suns. "Lets go inside, I have no desire to burn the pair of us to a crisp, especially you." he said, taking her hand.

"Eek, what is that!" Ozara squealed as the cold metal of Anakin's bionic hand touched her flesh one. She brought it closer to her face for inspection.

"Zar, let me tell you first and then you – or you can just pull up the sleeve until you find out how much I lost, that works too I suppose." Anakin joked as she had done just that, gulping. His flesh hand reached out to touch her face. "What's wrong?"
Her brown eyes were wide, "I dreamt you lost you arm once. I never thought it would happen though..." she trailed off as they began walking again, entering the hut.

"Well, Qui-Gon thinks your Force-sensitive, so its possible that you foresaw the event." Anakin said.

She shook her head, "No, Dooku cut it off in my dream... it was back when Geonosis happened." she said, entering the kitchen to find it empty. "I suppose Beru got distracted."

Anakin chuckled as he found his step-brother and his wife... in the bedroom.

"What is it, Anakin?" Ozara asked him, earning a outright laugh.

"Oh, nothing much. Just that Beru is very distracted right now, and I think you'll have to make breakfast yourself." Anakin answered, watching as Ozara blushed deep red.

"I didn't need to know that, Anakin." she chided playfully as he sat down and pulled her into his lap. With a mischievous smirk, she nuzzled his neck, her lips finding his pulsepoint quickly. He groaned and she giggled, slipping out of his grasp while he was distracted. "Now, tell me what happened."

Anakin glared, somewhat upset that she had been so quick to do that. "Tease." Ozara laughed.

At the door, Kayden watched them with a smile on his face. Although he was hungry, he supposed he could wait until later, and went to find Yesenia.

Across the Galaxy, the medical transport which had brought Obi-Wan to Ergon landed in Dyserth. Leiana walked out from the overhang's shadow, walking up to it as droids brought Obi-Wan out of the transport. She quickly came to his side, noting that his eyes were open.

"Leiana..." he whispered, his hand coming up to touch her cheek gently.

"Obi-Wan, you fool." Leiana said tersely, "Don't you ever consider leaving me again."

"I'm sorry." he apologized, his hand taken by hers. "I promise never to do that in the future, my love."

She smiled, sweetly, bending down slightly to kiss him as he was loaded onto the transport which would take them to the Peregrine home. He closed his eyes, now that he had seen her, he could sleep a bit better.

Qui-Gon followed them in, sitting on the other side of Obi-Wan's bed. "He woke up an hour ago, and said he wouldn't sleep until he saw you." he said.

Leiana looked up at him, "Well, he did nearly scare me to death." she said sarcastically, "He needed to apologize."

"He came back for you, you know." Qui-Gon said, "Your name was on his lips when his heart started beating again."

She ducked her head in slight embarrassment, a loving smile on her face as she glanced at her husband. "What happened, Qui-Gon?" she asked.

The Jedi Master sighed, "We went to the Senate Building... we were going to end this problem before it began..."

Ozara stared at Anakin in shock. "She's your sister?" she exclaimed. Anakin had just finished explaining to her what Master Yoda had said that Sidious had said before his death, still in shock from finding out the information on his own. "That is horrible news!"

"I know," Anakin agreed, "I sat there for five minutes as Master Yoda explained it all to me. Apparently we were both born by the Force – and there's actually three of us. I have a brother too."

"Well its one big happy family – complete with one brother being attracted to the sister. Its nearly disgusting." Ozara expressed, "You wanted to marry her!"

"In my defense, I wanted to marry Padmé, who was – and is not – Kacia." Anakin retorted, watching as his wife's brow raised, using the Force, he pulled her closer to him. "Wanted, not want, Zar."

"Its still odd." she retorted, earning a chuckle. "Who's your brother?"

Anakin took a deep breath. "I still haven't figured that out. Yoda told me that if I searched my feelings I'd find out... but I haven't figured it out."

"Maybe its Obi-Wan?" Ozara offered, pulling out of his embrace as the food was beginning to scorch.

"No, Yoda said it was someone else." Anakin replied, "That it was someone who I would trust you with, and have trusted with you, and that he was a Jedi." he said, "And he said that No: it wasn't Jax; no, it wasn't Obi-Wan; no, it wasn't Qui-Gon; no, it wasn't Zhane or Zett; and it surely wasn't Killian."

"Kayden?" Ozara supplied, "He's the only other one who you trusted with me."

Anakin's blue eyes widened, his memories of the brown-haired boy floating to the surface of his mind. "Zar... I think you're right."

It wasn't long before the smell of food brought Kayden, Killian and Yesenia into the room, followed soon after by Owen – who simply grabbed a tray and with a sheepish smile, took it back to Beru. Anakin, Ozara, and Yesenia exchanged a glance as the children were oblivious. Ozara laughed in her mind as Anakin commented mentally that he 'supposed that he would be an uncle soon'.

"So..." Kayden began when he finished his food. "You finally figured it out didn't you."

Anakin's jaw dropped. "How do you do that?" he asked. "Know what's going on with me, even down to my dreams."

The boy just laughed, "When you're born of the Force, you tend to be linked to others who are born by the Force." he said, "And as you and I are both Jedi, our link is somewhat stronger. Though my sister was hidden from me, I think that may be because she was very good at cloaking herself."

The spoon in Anakin's hand clanged into his bowl. "And why am I somehow left out of this equation? I never sensed any other Force-born Jedi."

"You're dense." Kayden answered quickly, "I think your wife can attest to that."

Ozara choked on her drink in laughter, watching as Anakin exchanged a look between her and his newfound brother. The smile in her eyes was evident as she looked at the young boy. There was no question within her that they were brothers, she could hear Anakin saying that.

Still, Anakin gaped at them like a fish, and his wife and brother burst out laughing.

Later that night, as Anakin made ready for bed, Ozara watched him. "You know, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if you had never been assigned to be my bodyguard." she mused aloud, "Would you have married Kacia, thinking she was Padme?"

Anakin smirked, crawling into bed beside her as Yesenia had been kicked to another room and they now had it to themselves. "Its possible I never would have seen her for who she was, and would have wound up married to a woman who would have destroyed me." he answered, "You probably would have married some senator, and when all this happened, you would have most likely died."

"That's a pleasant thought." Ozara quipped, "Do you think that little Leia and Luke would have been her children instead of mine?" she asked, using the names that Anakin had told her she had named them in his dream. "Would you have become Vader, instead of staying Anakin?"

"Probably." Anakin replied, pulling her into his arms. "And I would have become – what was it that Yesenia said?"

Ozara giggled, "Respirator Vader." she answered, "Don't ask me where it came from. Yesenia is a strange woman."

"I like her, she's got spunk." Anakin said, "But all those questions will never have an answer, I'm afraid. We will never know what might have happened."
"I'm half afraid of what might have happened." Ozara replied, "Its hard to think of you as any other way than how you are."

Anakin smiled, kissing her lightly before pulling away, "I agree. I don't like to think of what might have happened if I had never met you. I can't imagine it would have been a good thing."
"Well," Ozara began with an amused look, "You never would have learned that you are – quite often – an idiot."

He laughed, pulling her closer and kissing her deeply. Using the Force, he turned out the lights.

The Stellar Envoy landed on Ossus, the holo from Ahsoka Tano clear and concise. 'Get here, we need your help immediately.' He had been in the company of his family for the last week, grieving the loss of his fiancee when the holo had come. On one hand, he was happy for it, it gave him something better to do than mope; on the other, he wasn't ready to deal with the smart-mouthed Jedi. She was simply too irritating.

"Hmm... land on that side of the planet, you must." oh, and he had picked up Master Yoda on the way, stopping on Coruscant for only a day to do so.

He followed instructions, landing where the Jedi told him to. Ahsoka already was waiting for him on the tarmac, and when he finally got out of the ship she hugged him. "I heard what happened to Idriya," she said, "Zett thought it was Anakin's girl, but I know better. Zett described what she was wearing, and that is the typical dress of a Elerion, not an Ergonian."

Skandar let out a shaky breath, simply allowing the Togrutan to comfort him. He knew that were it not for Ahsoka to start with, he never would have known Idriya – as it was Ahsoka's idea to go to that diner that day. He also had somewhat of a relationship with the Jedi, a friendship built off of those close quarters when they were transferring Padawans to Ossus. "Thank you." he finally said, letting her go as she backed away with a smile.

She then approached Master Yoda, explaining what Zett had told her.

The old Master nodded, "Senator Organa, sending his own ship, he is. Although still healing, wanting to help us, he does."

"It is good to know we still have allies in the senate." Shaak Ti, who had come out one she had seen Yoda, said. "Though there may be too many padawans to take them all on three ships."

"Three ships?" Skandar asked.

Ahsoka smiled, "Varian Peregrine will be coming tomorrow." she said, "His ship is a little bigger than the Stellar Envoy, but we can take maximum capacity."

Skandar bristled, "What was that you said about my ship, Master Tano?" he asked.

She simply chuckled, "Touchy subject, Solo?" she asked in return.

"Ahsoka, come, we have things to do." Shaak ordered, taking Ahsoka away before Skandar could reply.

The planet of Yavin IV hadn't been so busy since the last Empire's rule, the old Sith Temple now converted to a base of the newly formed Rebel Alliance. It was here that Anakin's new corvette landed. Ozara had been absolutely amused when her husband had returned from Anchorhead with a new ship – well, more like old ship, which he promised to remodel. He had named it the Intrepid, and had promised her that it would be the best ship she had ever seen.

Ozara simply smiled, telling him she'd believe it when she saw it – and within two days, Anakin had gotten everything he needed, and the ship was fully functional. To say the least, she had been impressed. Yesenia had joked that it wouldn't work when it went to lightspeed, and Anakin had been quick to prove her wrong. After staying at the Lars homestead for a week, the Skywalkers were ready to leave, ready to get settled into their new home.

When they arrived, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Leiana were waiting for them, large smiles plastered on their faces. The reunion was a happy one as Leiana finally was able to be relieved over the fact that her sister nearly died, and Anakin could congratulate Obi-Wan for coming through his near-death experience. Qui-Gon was quick to tell Kayden that he was wanted by Master Windu, and without much thought, the boy ran to where he was directed – Anakin then teased Qui-Gon for never telling him about the other Force-born Jedi... which was lightly brushed aside as everyone got settled in.

Kayden was welcomed into their little family as Anakin's brother, and with a large smile on his face, he was introduced to the new Alliance as such. Both Anakin and Kayden were happy with this, as they quite enjoyed having a brother – and Obi-Wan was more than happy to share responsibility for looking after Ozara.

When Anakin finally saw Ahsoka, he was quick to congratulate her for finally making it to Master. She had slapped him – all in good faith – for turning to the Dark Side, and swore that if he ever tried it again, she would not hesitate to amputate is other arm. The rest of the small band of friends had laughed at Anakin's face at such a threat, enjoying the amusement at his despair.

Skandar was also welcomed, and as he was now commissioned as the resident spy, he would be helping. A pact formed between Anakin and Skandar, as they now were allies, and were likely to be for the rest of their days – for the first time in thirteen years, they shook hands as friends. It was even agreed that Skandar would be one of the twin's godfather... though, that was more due to Ozara than Anakin.

Varian also became part of the Alliance, the rather thin ties between the Republic and Elerion completely cut off as the Republic crumbled. So, he joined those on Yavin IV as one of its strategic commanders – though it was more to keep his sisters safe than anything else. Although he never showed it, Idriya's death did impact him somewhat, and it showed him once more how he needed to be aware of those who he cared for.

Of course, after all that was done, and they all had settled in, Anakin and Ozara went out to watch the sunset.

A new chapter of their lives had opened... a new day had dawned... but now they knew for sure that they would be doing so together.

The End.

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