House of Anubis Season 4

Episode 1

Patricia, Joy, Jerome, Alfie, and Mara walk through the main door. Trudy comes out of the kitchen in joy.

"TRUDY!" Alfie shouts

"Hi! Welcome back!" Trudy responds, they all hug her.

"I've got fresh baked cookies in the oven ready to be taken" says Trudy. Alfie runs into the kitchen. Joy, Jerome and Mara walk into the living room

"Have you seen Eddie?" Patricia asks as he walks up right behind her

" Sorry, I haven't" Trudy says. Eddie puts his hands over Patricia's eyes.

"Guess who" Eddie says. Patricia almost flips him over her shoulder but he stops her.

"Yacker!" Eddie says frightfully. Patricia turns around and sees him standing behind her.

"I told you never to sneak up on me"

"Not even to do this…" he kisses her on the lips.

" Okay, maybe that" she leans in to kiss him again but KT interrupts when she comes through the door.

"Not really the first thing I wanted to see" KT says.

"KT!" Eddie and Patricia reply. They hug her. Mara walks back into the main entrance.

"KT, welcome back!" She hugs Kt.

" Um, have any of you seen Fabian?" Mara asks. Eddie, Patricia and KT all shake their heads

" Well, um tell me when he comes by will you?"

" Uh, sure" Eddie replies. Mara walks back into the living room. Alfie walks back into the main entrance with a handful of cookies in his hand and sees Eddie and KT

"Eddie, Kt!" he runs and hugs both of them. Patricia brushes the cookie crumbs off Eddie's shoulder.

"Sibuna?" Alfie says.

"Fabian's not here yet" KT replies

Fabian walks through the door

"Fabian!" Yells the rest of Sibuna. They all run up and hug him, when they release from the hug they all put their right hand over their right eye

"Sibuna" says the 5 of them. Victor is in his office stroking Corbiere

"They have returned Corbiere, each and every one of them, but nothing is going to stop me from what I have been searching for my whole life, and that is, "the water of life". The Sibuna gang is still in the main entrance; Eddie hears a series of whispers

"Osirian" says an ominous voice. Eddie looks puzzled after he hears it for the 3rd time. Patricia looks at him.

"Are you okay?" she asks him

"It's the house, it's talking to me again" he replies

"Hmm, hasn't done that in a while" Fabian adds

"Chosen one" says the same ominous voice. Eddie looks even more puzzled

"Well what's it saying?" asks KT. Eddie looks above to see if Victor is looking out his window, he looks back down.

"All it said was, Osirian" Eddie replies. Fabian breathes a sigh of relief

"Whew, that's probably nothing, the house use to call the chosen one all the time"

"Yeah but, after it said Osirian, it said Chosen one" Eddie adds. They all look at each other with puzzled expressions.

"Nina? But she's in America, why would the house be talking about the Chosen one? Alfie replies. Just in the middle of Alfie's sentence, Eddie get's a vision of the back of someone's head, whose hair looks a lot like Nina's. His vision ends and everyone is looking at his suspiciously.

"Eddie, what did you see?" Patricia asks