Chapter 3

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Sakamoto Yuuji

It's the homosexual.

Yuuji placed his hand against his chin, his mind processing information as he looked at Kubo. If Kubo knew why this was happening, then he most likely had a connection to the person who caused it or it was he who caused it. What if Kubo wasn't a homosexual and had changed Akihisa into a girl somehow to please himself, or to try and make Akihisa fall in love with him? But that wouldn't explain why Minami was a guy. It was quite apparent to Yuuji that Akihisa had feelings for both Minami and Hideyoshi, so if Kubo wanted to have Akihisa for himself than it would have been better to keep Minami a girl and change Hideyoshi into a girl. Kubo was either single-minded or not as perceptive as one would think, that is, if he was the one who caused this.

"Then tell us what happened and why Akihisa and Minami have changed into the opposite sex." Yuuji told him after a few moments of silence.

Kubo cleared his throat and then began to speak. "Yesterday, I came across an old man wearing a pointy hat and a star sprinkled robe being picked on by a group of kids by the river. After chasing them off, the old man gave me a dusty lamp in return and left. I dusted it off and a genie popped out of it, saying stuff about a wish, or wishes, I was too surprised and too shocked to fully comprehend what was taking place, but I subconsciously told him my wish. After that, I accidentally dropped it in the river and it got washed away." After finishing his explanation, Kubo turned his head away from them, adjusting his glasses as he did so.

If Akihisa and Minami were still boy and girl then Yuuji wouldn't believe anything Kubo had just said. But with the situation as it was, he didn't have much other choice but to believe him considering there was no better alternative. There was just one thing he needed to clear up with Kubo before he could move on. "What was your wish?"

Kubo's face began to turn red as his eyes shifted down to focus on the floor. "W-well, I wished for Akihisa-kun's true happiness."

Well, that did make sense to Yuuji as something that Kubo would wish for. But still, that didn't fully explain why Akihisa is a girl and Minami a boy. "But why did they change sexes?" Yuuji looked over at the sleeping Akihisa and the blushing Minami, wondering what exactly Akihisa's true happiness was.

Akihisa liked Minami and Hideyoshi, and Mizuki liked Akihisa. Yuuji had noticed the ways Akihisa had acted and looked at them and could safely say that he did not like Mizuki romantically. "I have a theory," When everyone's attention was on him, he continued. "Akihisa has feelings for you, Minami, and you, Hideyoshi."

"H-he does?" Minami asked, eagerness evident in his voice as a smile spread across his face.

"Eh?" Hideyoshi asked, shock in his voice unlike the eagerness in Minami's. "But we're guys."

"Not anymore." Yuuji told him before looking over to Mizuki. "Mizuki, I'm sorry, but I don't believe Akihisa has any romantic feelings for you. It wouldn't make sense since Akihisa has been turned into a girl."

Mizuki looked down into her lap, clutching at the fabric of her skirt at Yuuji's painful truth. She had already noticed how Akihisa looked at Minami and Hideyoshi; she just hadn't wanted to accept it.

Yuuji cleared his thought before going on. "If this is due to Akihisa finding true happiness, I believe she has yet to understand what her true happiness is, though I do believe it is related to Minami and Hideyoshi. With Minami and Hideyoshi as guys, along with Akihisa as a girl herself, she can be able to have a relationship with either one she chooses." When he didn't receive any response, he sighed and rephrased what he had said. "Basically, Akihisa is in love with both Minami and Hideyoshi and can't choose between either one of them."

"W-what!?" Hideyoshi and Minami both exclaimed, blushes across each of their faces.

"However, knowing her," Yuuji had no problem with referring to Akihisa as a girl, memories of him being forced to crossdress surfacing in his mind. "it would actually make more sense if Hideyoshi was the one who turned into a girl so that Akihisa and Minami would have stayed their respective sexes. That would have little to no impact on the rest of us considering that we already treat Hideyoshi as a girl, well, more like his own different sex. So, this must mean that Akihisa knows something that we don't, no matter how wrong that sounds."

"Wait, how would that make more sense?" Minami asked, crossing his arms as he looked into Yuuji's eyes.

"Because although Akihisa is a really big idiot, she is even more of a really nice girl. Anyway, I'm saying she isn't very selfish. So, let's say Hideyoshi has a girl in love with him, if Akihisa wanted to change Hideyoshi into a girl then that would cause a rift between the girl and him. Akihisa couldn't be truly happy if it meant stealing Hideyoshi right from under that girl's grasp, so, she changed the sexes of both her and Minami."

"What is it exactly that Aki knows that we don't?" Minami demanded, wondering what Akihisa could possibly know that they did not.

In response, Yuuji turned his head to Hideyoshi. "Hideyoshi, are there any girls you know that like you or that you like them?" His guess was that either Akihisa knew Hideyoshi was in love with a girl or that Akihisa knew a girl that loved him.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi

"Hideyoshi, are there any girls you know that like you or that you like them?"

Any girls that like me? Well, I don't know any girls who like me as a guy seeing as the girls that do like me have no clue that I'm a guy, but as for girls that I like...

"No," Hideyoshi spoke, averting his eyes as his hands tightened their hold on Kouta, "all the girls who like me believe I'm a girl and... I don't have any girls who I have romantic feelings for..." That part was a lie, but he didn't want to make it known that he had a girl he liked, a girl that he loved.

Yuuji frowned. "There must be someone..." He looked around the room at the others for a few moments before he focused his gaze back onto Hideyoshi. "Hideyoshi, other than us, do you spend any other significant amount of time with someone?"

The only person that came to mind was his sister who he walked to and from school with, and often went out shopping or just out to some place with. "There is Yuuko, we often go out together when I need to go shopping and we come to school together and most of the time walk home together. But that's... only natural considering she is my sister."

As Yuuji processed the information Hideyoshi had given him, Kouta reluctantly slipped out of Hideyoshi's gentle hold on him, getting up on his feet and looking over at Yuuji "You don't think..." He began, letting his voice draw off as he awaited Yuuji's response.

"It's possible." Yuuji told him, turning around, presenting his back to the others as he began to walk out of the room. "You know what to do." Yuuji told Kouta before he exited the room, Kubo deciding it was a good time to leave left.

Hideyoshi wondered what the two of them were thinking was possible, though he wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to know. However, he along with Minami and Mizuki, asked him anyways. "What's possible?"

Kouta, with one glance over his shoulder at Hideyoshi, fell back down into his arms with blood coming from his nose.

"Kouta!" Hideyoshi exclaimed with concern filling his voice as he caught his friend, bringing his head back into his lap before grabbing a tissue from a nearby table. Hideyoshi cleaned the blood away from Kouta's nose as he wondered what he had been thinking about to cause him to get a nosebleed by just looking back at him. After the blood was cleaned away from the unconscious pervert, Minami helped Hideyoshi to lay him on a bed. Mizuki, during that time, decided to go back to class, leaving Hideyoshi and Minami at Akihisa's side.

The time went by, Hideyoshi's hand on top of Akihisa's as Minami was lost in her own thoughts. A barely noticeable blush covered Hideyoshi's face as he thought about his friend.

Akihisa had been turned into a girl, and he is still a guy. Before, when they had been both guys, Hideyoshi had these feelings inside of him whenever he was with Akihisa. Barely noticeable until Minami had kissed Akihisa where he felt, maybe, jealousy? Over time, he had realized these feelings growing inside of him, stronger whenever he was with Akihisa and his heart would beat much faster than normal whenever Akihisa would randomly declare his love for him.

Now, here and having seen evidence personally of Akihisa being a girl, he felt hope growing in him as he could feel those feelings within his heart. But there was still something that bothered him through he might not show it.

Akihisa also loves Minami…

Before Hideyoshi could resume his thoughts, Akihisa's fingers entwined around Hideyoshi's own. "Hideyoshi," She muttered, looking over into his eyes, making his heart beat increase. Before she could say anything else, her stomach growled, a light blush spreading across her face.

As Minami stood up to say that he had his lunch in the classroom, Hideyoshi had already gotten out the lunch he had made especially for Akihisa. "Here you go." Hideyoshi told her, handing the boxed lunch over to her as she sat up in the bed. Akihisa thanked him as she opened it up and began to eat the food, a smile lying upon her face that made Hideyoshi blush.

Before he could say something to her, Minami stood up, his eyes on him. "Since when did you start making him lunches?" He asked him, his hands going to his hips.

As Hideyoshi attempted to quell Minami's suspicions about him and Akihisa, the girl in question was too entranced by the taste of the food that she didn't even notice the small war being played out in front of him. When she finished her meal, she looked up to see Minami fall down on top of Hideyoshi, blood coming from her nose as she saw what position they were in.

She fainted.

Kinoshita Yuuko

It was only a couple of minutes after the lunch bell had rang when Hideyoshi had arrived at Class A, telling her that he wanted to talk to her about something. He had seemed troubled over something, so Yuuko decided she had no choice but to go with him to the roof where they currently were sitting with their lunches in their laps. She wondered what he was in need of, maybe some advice on some matter? Maybe he's having love troubles?

She didn't doubt he could be having love troubles, with most the boys in his class head over heels in love with him along with most of the other boys in their grade. Not only were there the boys, but a few girls (most, if not all, yuri-girls) that were in love with him. If it was he who had someone he liked, she really hoped it wasn't-


What? Shouldn't it have been that she really hoped it wasn't another guy? Why did she think she hoped it wasn't true that he liked someone? Wouldn't having a crush or two be good for his development?

Yuuko shook her head, trying to derail her current train of thought as she asked him, "So what is it you wanted to talk about?" She took the lid off of her box, waiting for Hideyoshi to answer her as she got hold of the pair of chopsticks in the box.

"It's about Akihisa." Hideyoshi looked to be the perfect example of nervousness - constantly fidgeting, his head facing down toward the ground while his eyes looked up at her.

Hideyoshi looks cute when he's nervous.

Yuuko's face reddened as she realized what she had thought. She tried to get it out of her head, telling her to not think about her own brother in that sort of a way. She didn't know what was happening to her lately. For a while she had been realizing different things about Hideyoshi, how adorable he looked in his pajamas, how his lips touched the glass he drank from, how he always looked delighted whenever he saw her enjoying the food he had cooked. She had just thought that she was getting overly observant, more like she told herself that she was getting overly observant, not wanting to believe that she was thinking what if he wasn't her brother.

She quickly got some of her food into her mouth, trying to clear her mind by focusing on eating and waiting for Hideyoshi to continue. Moments passed of only silence, prompting Yuuko to look up at him to see him still nervous as before. "What about Akihisa?" She asked him.

Wait, could it be that he liked Akihisa? But that's impossible, right; they're both guys after all. Yaoi didn't happen as easily in real life as it did in her manga, right? Or could it be that Akihisa was going too far treating her brother like a girl? Maybe that idiot proposed to him, or maybe he forced him to do something indecent? If that Class F student had done anything to violate her brother, she would make sure she avenged Hideyoshi.

"He turned into a girl." Hideyoshi's blunt statement caught Yuuko off her guard, nearly making her cough the rice out of her mouth. She managed to save herself and the rice, though barely. Yuuko looked up at him from her lunch, wondering if he was really telling her the truth. "Not only that, but Minami turned into a guy..."

The fact that it was coming from her dearest brother was the only thing keeping from Yuuko believing he was lying to her. He had no reason to lie to her, right? Nothing to gain, no plots of Class F usurping their classroom? But there had been more rumors than usual of Minami being an actual guy, and rumors have spread that Akihisa came to school crossdressing. Yuuko decided to fully believe him, deciding that if he was indeed lying to her, she could punish him at home. Besides, she didn't have the feeling that she needed to break out the rope and suggestively tie him up again like when he had tried to take her place that one time.

Although she was tempted anyways just for the fun of it.

But back onto the topic. "So Akihisa is a girl and Minami a guy?" She asked him, looking directly into his eyes as she continued. "How does this make you so nervous?"

Hideyoshi's face reddened as his eyes went to gaze down at the ground. "Well, sister... have you... ever liked someone that you couldn't be with because of... natural barriers?"

Have I ever liked someone that I couldn't be with? Like another girl?

No, she had never had such feelings for another girl before. There was no one she had ever liked like the way that Hideyoshi was-


Yuuko's eyes widened slightly as she wondered why Hideyoshi's name had so suddenly invaded her thoughts. They're siblings, sister and brother, why was she thinking about him!?

She looked away from Hideyoshi, not being able to face him as she answered in a low tone. "I don't know." She tried to distract herself from her thoughts with another bite of food.

"And then, what if..." Yuuko glanced up at him, Hideyoshi returning her gaze with a red face. "what if something happened and you could be with that person? Because there were no more natural barriers?"

Natural barriers gone? What if Hideyoshi wasn't my brother? If he wasn't related to me? Yuuko couldn't help but to imagine what if Hideyoshi wasn't her brother, would she still be having these feelings for him? If they weren't related, would she act on those feelings?

She knew, just knew that if they weren't related, she would act on those feelings.

"I understand..." Yuuko softly said, her face steadily growing redder.

Once more, she went for a piece of meat in the boxed lunch to try and clear her mind of such forbidden thoughts. Hideyoshi continued their conversation as she stuck the morsel into her mouth. "Sister... I," Yuuko raised her eyes from the box and met Hideyoshi's own eyes, "I like Akihisa!"

This time, Yuuko couldn't save herself.

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Story Creation Room

Yuuko turned to look at her brother, a blank look on her face as she stared into his eyes. "So, my brother fell for another guy?"

Hideyoshi's face went red as he leaned towards her. "It's just in the story that the author is writing. At least I'm not falling in love with my brother."

Yuuko gritted her teeth as she stood up. "That's also in the story, just the story!"

"Hideyoshi, I love you!" Akihisa came flying across the table, tackling Hideyoshi and hugging him.

"A-Akihisa… I'm a guy." Hideyoshi told him, trying to pry the boy off.

"Oh, just in the story, then?" Yuuko commented, crossing her arms as she gave her brother a sly grin.