~August Tuesday 17, 2010~

"Run." He said fighting off the Foot.

"No, I'm not leaving you like I did last time. Besides… I- I love you." I said as I fought behind him.

He didn't respond, instead he acted. He fought of a few more of the Foot members and then grabbed my arm, into a kiss, "I love you too. Now, do me a favor and run. Just run. My brothers and I will cover you. Go."

I said nothing, just gave a simply nod and ran off. I ran for what felt like hours but was only seconds then I ran into one of the Shredders Tech-Ninjas. "Great that means Shredder isn't too far behind." I thought as I pulled out my bo-staff. Then it began to rain, "This just keeps getting better and better." Before I could make a move the ninja's turned their invisibility on, all I could do it listen. By the time I found him I felt a sharp pain in my right leg causing me to take a knee.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. A little off tonight, are we not?"

I looked over to my right and saw Hun with a short bow. Then I looked over to my left and saw Kari and Shredder and the guys behind them about 10 rooftops over, still fighting. I tried to call for help but then Hun gripped my throat.

"I don't think anyone will save you this time." He said smiling, enjoying the pain he's putting my through.

Remembering that I have an arrow in my leg, I tried to struggle out of Hun's grip just for him to tighten it.

"Let me put you to your death, little girl." Hun said ripping the arrow out of my leg getting ready to thrust it in my chest. I wrapped my legs against Hun's neck and started to straighten out his arm, hopping to dislocate it.


Hun's grip was gone from my neck and he started to scream in pain but ended up unconscious. Kari tackled me to the ground I kicked her off as she threw smoke pellets only to be found tied to the flag pole. I turned to face Shredder, the only guy here that I had no chance of beating, the guy who wanted me dead, the guy who killed my family because of what I wouldn't do.

"Your skills are like no other, join me and together we'll rule the world." Shredder said.

"Never, why join someone who killed me family and only intends to kill me in the end?" I asked.

"Very well." He started running towards me, I duck and rolled under his blade I threw two daggers only for him to block them.

"ASHELY! WATCH OUT!" Raphael yelled running in my direction.

I forgot about the Tech Ninja… By the time I turned around I was in more pain. The Ninja thrust his blade into my chest.

"I guess you aren't as good as I thought you were. I'll tell your father that you said goodbye." Shredder said before disappearing.

"Ash, shell! DONNY!" Raph called out cradling me in his arms.


"Don't. Save your strength."

"My dad… Shredder."

"He's alive? Ash… ASH!?"

Donny knelt next to Raph and checked my pulse, "I'm sorry Raph, she's dead."

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