Metal. Cling. Straps. Blood. Freeze. Swallow. Inhale. Shake. Ceiling. Spots. Breath. Paint. Focus. Wish. Run. Outside. Horizon. Moon. Exhale. Minutes. Prison. Uninvited. Save. Nobody. Help.


Piercing. Seething. Scorching. Shooting. Rapid. Inhale. Exhale. Rigid. Grounding. Deafening. All-encompassing. Mind. Thundering. Head. Exploding. Thoughts. Dissolving. Fire. Knives. Pierce. Skin. Teeth. Grinding. Strung. Tight. No. Room. No. Space. No. Words.


"Had enough yet? Perhaps I should let you rest a while… or not. Oh no, my sweet. I think I'll turn it up a notch for you."

No. No. No. No. No.

Sorry. People. All. Never. Knew. Entire. Truth. Eyes. Watering. Throat. Sore. Knees. Budge. Wrists. Crush. Muscles. Twitch. Lungs. Deflate. Flames. Temples. Arms. Chest. Legs. Feet. Lightning. Entangle. Violent. Screams. Cries. Wails. Rip. Out. Warm. Cheeks. Liquid. Son. Has. Family. Protected. Scream. Hen. Ry.

Head. Boils. Skin. Traces. Skeleton. Bite. Tongue. Crimson. Choke. Spit. Try. Sob. Voice. Gone. Vision. Gone. Everyone. Gone. Me. Gone. Please.

"Get the fuck away from her, you son of a bitch!"

Dull. Noise. Dull. Noise. Dull. Noise. Impact. Force. Hit. Wall. Blooded. Metal. On. Floor. Blur.

Sensations. Gone.

"Are you sure we should—"

"Not open for discussion!"

"He might have been doing the right thing."


"I'll make sure to remember that next time you're being tortured out of your wits." Cold. "Do you know what this feels like? Do you have any idea how much she's been suffering this whole time?"

"Emma, as soon as she recovers, she'll go right back to hunting us."

"I said not open for discussion."

"I won't let you jeopardize all we've sacrificed for you."

"A fact I keep regretting more and more with each passing day."

"What about him?"

"Watch me give a shit."

Blonde. Touch. Feel. Not. Hurt. Why? Answers. Wait. Tired. Sleep. Long. Emma. Know. Truth. Emma. Has. Idea. Tears. Jacket. Arms. Hold. Whimper. Incoherent. Inaudible. Whimper. Whimper.

"Shh. It's okay. I killed him. It's okay."

Emma. Cold. Like. Me. Strange. Respect? Fear. "Mmh?"

"Just don't die on me, okay? Don't. Don't die. Not now. Not when I've figured it out. I can fix this, Regina. They keep telling me I can't, but I can. I can fix everything. You just have to trust me now."

Soft. Where? No. Matter. Emma. With.