I AM BACK YO. after months of practically disappearing on FF I have returned with the sequel to What If!

I'll keep this short so hope you all enjoy ;) oh and...


ok so no need for disclaimer yet but I'll do it anyways: I do not own Phineas and Ferb xP

The night was dark, pitch black. The new summer breeze flew through the air, guiding the clouds that hid the stars and the moon, only to make it blacker. But luckily, tonight the comforting glow of the nightly heavens were not needed, for a shadowy figure that stood on the roof tops would prefer to be hidden in the lonely darkness. The figure was a teenager, but no ordinary adolescence. This one had endured pain for years, and had to confront even more when trying to get out of it. The teen's suffering life came to an end less then a year ago with the help of some friends, only to be replaced with a complicated one. And now look where this life has gotten this poor soul, on a rooftop, dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, with a platypus pup beside the figure.

The pup looked up at the teenage girl, uncertainty in his eyes. She looked down at him, an equally doubtful look on her face. "Don't worry." She whispered. "It has to get done, or your owner will become disappointed, and we don't want that."

The platypus rolled his eyes. Knowing that 'disappointed was a huge understatement. The girl sighed. "PJ, don't exaggerate, he's gotten better with this anger of his… now lets get to business before he does get anger. And we all know he would only be angry at you."

PJ nodded roughly and looked at the ongoing houses ahead. He then blinked and chattered nervously. A device that looked like a mic processed the monotreme's sounds and played it again in English "You sure you want to do this Izzy?" He asked with his natural born Australian accent.

Izzy nodded. "Of course I do. Its what I've been training for. Now don't waste your mic's battery and switch your hat to stealth mode." PJ sighed and did as he was told, touching a sensor on his flipped cap, making it change from bright red to black.

"Ok, lets do this."

The girl nodded reluctantly and looked down at her "utility" belt. She took a small, phone like device from it and held it up to her mouth. "Go to: Flynn Corporations old warehouse, Frank Flynn's office." Izzy closed her eyes and PJ quickly took hold of her leg as the phone beeped and they were transported to said destination. When she opened them again, she found herself and the platypus one foot away from her actual destination and still outside, but this time ten stories up with nothing under their feet. They started falling, both trying to contain their screams to prevent unwanted attention. Izzy quickly touched a sensor on her belt and a grappling hook shot out and grabbed the sill at the bottom of the window of Frank's office. The wind was knocked out of Izzy and the rope tightened up around her waist.

"Izzy! Are your ok?" She heard PJ as he held onto her feet.

"I'm… fine." She breathed, sounded winded." Stupid prototype. I'm going… to kill Ferb… for this."

"Just focus."

"I know." She climbed up the rope to the thin windowsill and sighed in relief. Pushing the window open quietly, she climbed inside the dark room with PJ following suit. The sixteen-year old put on her night vision glasses, for the room was as dark as outside and the lighting didn't work. She quickly looked around, the place looking like an abandoned crime scene, with signs numbering evidence like the blood on the floor and yellow police tape covering the closed door. Ever since the "assassination" on Frank Flynn the warehouse was closed down. And since they couldn't find a trace of evidence against someone they closed the case altogether. Izzy looked away form the sight she never wanted to remember and searched the walls where her friend said would be a picture, and she found it.

The large family photo of the Flynn family looked depressing and lonely, not that Izzy cared. She pressed the ball the little boy was holding, sure enough, just like her friend said, it turned out to be a button and the framed photo opened up like a door. And inside was her prize, a laptop. She pulled and out and set it on the dusty wood table. Izzy pulled out a special transportable USB and stuck into the slot on the side of the computer. It immediately charged up and turned on, but the only way to get into the laptop was 5 levels of difficult passwords no one knew besides the deceased Frank himself. Luckily Baljeet programmed the USB to automatically hack those passwords and allow easy access. After the hacking ceased and she was in, Izzy immediately opened the file labeled "Agent Files". She looked through the files and transferred the documents "Phin(eas) Flynn", "Baljeet Tjinger", and "Buford Van Stomm" to the USB and then went to the "Victim Files" file. Then she transferred also "Ferb Fletcher".

"That should be it." She whispered to PJ, who was keeping guard.



"I said shush! I though I heard some voices…"

"PJ that's ridiculous, their should be no one he-"

Suddenly the voices got louder until it reached the room. Their eyes widened and the door opened and three people who looked exactly the same looked in and pointing flashlights at them, equally surprised to see Izzy and PJ here.

"Who are you?!" They all said at the same time with the same German accent. One of the men looked like a pharmacist, with a lab coat, black sweater, grey kakis and black dress shoes. Another looked like a dictator with a eye-patch going over one of his eyes, a goatee and wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans. The last looked like a professor with a grey suit coat and pants, red vest and a white tucked-under tie. All had messy brown hair, brown eyes and a pointed nose.

"Is that a platypus?" Sir Pharmacist asked.

"This was unexpected." Muttered Dr. Professor.

"Shut up you two and GET HER!" exclaimed Mr. Dictator as he clenched his fists.

They all ran towards her, but she took the USB out and slammed the laptop shut, quickly taking a knife out of her belt and stabbing the computer, making sparks fly.

"NO! She destroyed the computer!" Dr. Professor cried out.

Before they could get their hands on her or the USB, she picked up PJ and jumped out the window. They fell until Izzy could reach her belt and touch a sensor. Soon a glider that looked like bat wings popped out and slowed them down. They still it hit the ground pretty hard, giving Izzy a good gash on her knees. She ignored the pain and stood up, quickly grabbing the transporter.

"Go to: Phin... pant… Flynn" With that she and the platypus disappeared into the night, leaving the mad doctors screaming out the window in disbelief.

Phin set his hand rifle onto the stand and looked up excitedly at the target. Finally, a chance to try my new attachment. He thoughtand he lowered his head down to the scope, aiming at the bullseye. "shoot o-" His thoughts were interrupted as Izzy teleported not next to him like she was supposed to, but on him. He yelled in surprised and she yelped in pain as the two fell to the ground.

"What the hell Izzy I could have killed you!" He yelled as he stood up and also helped her to her feet."

"I'm sorry… Phin… but… I… have… the…" Suddenly the adrenaline rushed out of her and the pain of the fall trailed up her body. Not able to take it, she crashed back to the ground and everything went black.

Long prologue but who gives a crap I'm going to bed! bai bai hope you enjoyed and REVEIW! :D