Author's note, part 2

Alright guys, based on my own thoughts, and based on the reviews and responses i got from my question last time, i've decided to do a rewrite of the story. Ash has changed too much for me to be able to keep in the same vein that i intended. And, if he wins the Kalos League, that will change alot as well. most of the work will be done on the first two or three chapters, with a few new chapters to accomodate the new characters. The rest of the chapters won't be changed that much, as the other characters didn't change and/or weren't featured in the new seasons.

So, I'll start work on the re-writes. I'll be keeping everyone updated, so please keep checking back, because this story is far from dead. lols

P.S. (btw, there were only 2 reviews to my question... :-( lols