Summary: She never knew that upon acceptance of the pack, she had accepted the fact that she was their inu-bitch. Of course, she always had a feeling that they would never let her go anyway – inuyoukai were selfish that way. Time-travel fic / Inutaisho x Kagome x Sesshoumaru x Inuyasha

Pairings: Kagome/Inutaisho, Kagome/Sesshoumaru, Kagome/Inuyasha and maybe Kagome/Kouga, Kagome/Ryuukotsusei, Kagome/Menomaru. Other minor pairings included as well, but these are the main.

Author's note: Be prepared for some major youkai-bishie-ness. And yes, this will probably end up in Kagome having herself a harem. Don't like it? Don't read it. Anyway, the setting will be slightly AU, in terms of plot and pairings. So the story might be canon because I will probably have mentions of past events that happened in the series. But then again, I'll be alternating some points too. So, I guess you could label this story as AU.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha does not belong to me.

Chapter one – Falling into the unknown

It was late morning when he felt it – a foreboding feeling in his gut.

Something was wrong.

Inuyasha knew something was wrong. He could feel it in his gut and damn anyone who told him otherwise. The air was stale and murky, a moist scent that was uncommon in such high-spirited weather. The rays of the sun shone across the small, open meadow of his forest, droplets of water trickling over newly budded flowers and leaves. With the wind completely still as the ball in the sky, he let his mind wander to the inner turmoil that plagued every fiber of his being: something bad was going to happen. Or, it already did happen.

No, everything's fine. She'll return.

She will not.

Shut up! I know she'll return, she said she would!

I cannot feel her bond anymore, she has left our pack.

Kagome is pack, she chose me and even said she'll never leave me! S-she...can't...

He inwardly shrugged those thoughts off, instead opting to stare down at the well that connected the past to the future. The only thing that bound him and...Kagome..

No. He couldn't think those thoughts. She would return, to him. She always did.

You are foolish to think such things.

Che, whatever. So Kagome hasn't returned yet, she said her "graduation" would take a few days.

Do not deny my word, boy.

I can do whatever the hell I want!

Stupid boy, you'll grow to listen to your beast in due time.

Inuyasha shook his head, golden orbs blinking back the haze that had suddenly clouded his vision. He really hated it when that happened. That voice in his head was a real pain in his ass sometimes. And he thought Kagome was the only one who ragged on his butt all the time.

His ears flicked to attention just then as the sound of metal clanging reached his hanyou hearing. Stuffing his nose in the air slightly, he scented the underlying musk of sweat and dry grass – Miroku was approaching. Blech. Perverted monk always did have a nasty scent.

The dogged-ear hanyou spewed out a curse, his nose scrunching up in disgust as Miroku appeared from out of the forest and into the open meadow he was situated in. He had thought he could avoid having anyone come and bother him. Guess not. From his position in a nearby tree, Inuyasha jumped down, landing rather uncouthly in a sitting position next to the monk.

"Her absence is rather unsettling to the others, Inuyasha-san." Standing in front of the wooden, old well that seated itself in the middle of a meadow, Miroku sat himself down on the sun-kissed grass, his eyes pinned to the brown object. "Shippou is starting to believe that she'll never return. "

"Keh," He scoffed offhandedly, rolling his eyes at the thought of the Kitsune brat, "She's just a little late, that's all! The brat is just whinny because Kagome ain't here to baby his ass."

Miroku sent him a withering glare, almost daring him to say anything further. He was getting worried and by the gods above he could sense Inuyasha's distress of Kagome's possible disappearance. "Inuyasha," He warned, "It's been nearly five days since Kagome-sama's departure to her time. Something is not quite right." His voice was silent as he turned from the old Well to face the red-clad hanyou, instantly noting the way his shoulders sagged and slumped in defeat.

"I know."

His silver hair fell past his shadowed face, ears flat on top his head as he jumped near the lip of the Well. He stared down into the dark pits, an eerie silence suddenly filling the tense air. His hand touched the lip, golden eyes closing as he pressed his claws into the old wood beneath calloused fingertips; there were so many damn emotions inside him right now. And it made him angry somehow, at himself and at Kagome. Fuck, he hated feeling this way! It made him so confused and most of all: weak.

Kagome was the only one who accepted him; hanyou and all. All of his life all he ever wanted was someone, anyone, to just love him. The real him, half-human and half-youkai.

She can't be gone. She just can't...

I won't let her.

"Kaede senses a change in the air, ever since Kagome-sama dropped through the old Well."

"What kind of fucking change?" The Houshi shook his head, hands gripping his staff tightly as his eyes begin to grow distant, "She's not quite sure Inuyasha. In her old age, her powers are waning with each passing day that goes by." He leaned the side of his head against his covered hand, a sigh slipping past his lips before addressing his silver-haired friend again, "Perhaps if Kagome had been here we could better define just what this 'change' is. "

"Well the wench - " He stopped mid-sentence though, gold eyes bleeding red as he let out a fanged growl. Inhaling briefly, Inuyasha could smell his scent, the scent of his bastard of a brother. Sesshoumaru, he thought bitterly through his growing growls. He seemed to be approaching at high speed and it was only a matter of time before the Houshi would sense his presence as well. What the hell does the bastard want now?! He leaped off the lip of the Well as Sesshoumaru's youki got bigger and bigger; his entire forest practically bathed in the bastard's scent and it was no surprise that all the humans from the village suddenly fled from the area.

"Inuyasha-san?" Seeing the hanyou tense up all of a sudden, Miroku stood and was about to approach him when his own shoulder's tensed; their was no denying his aura anywhere. It was powerful and greatly suffocating. The amount of youki he was emanating spoke volumes. Sesshoumaru was a powerful daiyoukai and he would not deny the fact that he was immensely apprehensive whenever he approached their small group. Whatever the youkai lord wanted, it surely had to be important for a youkai of his caliber to seek them out.

And Miroku could only stand quietly, eyes clouded as his eyes scanned the line of trees, awaiting Sesshoumaru's arrival.

"Half-breed," The timbre of his voice pierced the silence that had developed between the two 'Tachi and his white-clad kimono burst out from the shadowed area beneath an alcove of branches and bushes. "You were expecting this one?" It came out as a question, but neither Miroku nor Inuyasha chose to address it, instead the latter seemed to want to get straight to the point. No sense beating 'round the bush. The bastard had to get the hell outta of his face, and fast.

Or else he'd really get pissed and decide that today Sesshoumaru was gonna lose his other arm.

"The hell you want bastard? I ain't in the mood for your shit right now." He really wasn't about to tell his Aniki that Kagome was missing and he was having a crisis right now.

"Language, Inuyasha. Your uncouth behavior is despicable and rather unpleasant." The daiyoukai moved gracefully across the clearing, his eyes closing briefly as a barely minute sigh escaped his lips. No matter the age the fool grew, the half-breed was still a child. "This one did not come to fight, on the contrary, I have no desire in doing so." His eyes leveled with Inuyasha's, his gaze stern and penetrating.

He had no time for petty games.

Moving his hand away from the hilt of the Tessaiga, the hanyou narrowed his golden eyes, "Then what the hell do you want, I ain't got all day." His fanged growl morphed into an interested scowl as he leaned himself against the old wood of the Well. "State your damn business and leave, Shessoumaru."

"Inuyasha, heed your words. Shessoumaru-sama would not have sought us out if he did not have a good reason to." Miroku inclined his head, leaning his staff against his shoulder as he placed his hands within his robes sleeves. "Please, Shessoumaru-sama, continue."

The daiyoukai wouldn't deny that he preferred the Houshi's presence more than his otouto's. At least he showed a mannerism of respect. "You should learn to listen to the Houshi, Inuyasha. His words speak truth." He placed a hand upon the lip of the well, manicured claws running along the rather smooth surface.

"Fucking bas – "

"Silence, Inuyasha."

Kaede's biting words cut through the thick tension that had begun forming between him and his little 'Otouto', the soft 'thump' of her wooden staff alerting them of her arrival. Of course, the Daiyoukai had already sensed the old Miko's presence even before the two 'Tachi heard her – she was here for probably the same reason he was.

They had all sensed the change in the air – very subtle, almost non-existent, but it was there. Just beneath the surface.

At first, Sesshoumaru couldn't quite define what the change was. But then it became clear when he approached the hanyou's tiny village, the thin layer of ancient magic lying over most of it's surrounding forest. He could feel it in small amounts, very light and not noticeable unless one looked. But it was there, lying over the old Well that his Otouto and his pack-mates seemed fond of.

Especially the human woman, the Miko. The one who's presence was currently lacking. If the half-breed thought he was ignorant of her absence, he was sorely mistaken. She had always intrigued him, puzzling him to no end. The Daiyoukai had seen more times than he could recall that she would suddenly 'disappear' within that ancient Well.

And that only fueled a hidden desire deep inside him.

Glancing briefly at the scowling form of his Otouto, Sesshoumaru stepped away from the aged Well, evening his line of sight with the two 'Tachi and old Miko, "Someone's tampered with the Well's magic."

Inuyasha's heart nearly stopped, his scowl dropping as a look of fright appeared briefly before anger soon took over. His golden gaze lay pinned to the brown obstruction, and he inwardly cursed whoever in their right mind would dare take Kagome away from him.

Please, Kagome, wherever the hell you are, don't do anything stupid.

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