Hello everyone,

I haven't 'gone ghost' as some people have been saying. Nanowrimo finished in December and I wrote seventy thousand words successfully! I'll be submitting to the winners committee in June completely edited and finished at 100k.

My sasusaku will be finished! My future is calling so I'll have to do what many writers do and update a couple of times a year. IF I can find a beta for this story then it will be finished this new year :) This isn't my only fandom so although it seems like I won't be doing much I will be.

I've been given the opportunity to publish my own work with western yaoi under another name. I have to produce two works by mid year and it's going to be a challenge but it's an adventure towards my dream. :D

I'll be able to start my career in what I love. I'm expected to produce more work after those but I will have a grace period. It wasn't easy to pass the test! So I can't let this opportunity slide.

This all came about because of my nanowrimo entry. :)

If anyone wants to beta who has a really firm grasp on English send me a message. This piece is flawed and below what I'm at now so any future chapters will be easier to edit.

I'm sorry to those that are upset or don't care about this announcement etc. I won't disappoint you by not finishing this story!

I've started the next chapter and I'm hoping to have it out post Valentines day.

Any work after these stories will be posted on my blog. The new format of ffnet is really not my style.