Title: AoKaga short stories collection

Rated: K

Genre: Humor, Yaoi

Pairing: AoKaga / Light x Light

A/N: Made for AoKaga Club on tumblr.

Thanks to Azarya my lovely and patient beta ^^


Those graphic tools are interesting. I bet I could learn to do that myself, Aomine thought.

The picture in his hands was showing a cute Kagami licking icing from his palm, but what caught Aomine's attention was what seemed to be big boobs appearing under Kagami's shirt.

"If you like, I can sell it to you," Akashi said, smiling.

"He's my boyfriend! Why should I pay for a photo of him?" Aomine asked incredulously.

"Daiki… Do you want it or not?"

Aomine stared at Akashi afraid of what he would do if he refused to take it. "Take the money and give me the photo."