Title: AoKaga Short Stories Collection

Rated: K

Genre: Romance, Yaoi

Pairing: AoKaga / KagaAo / Light x Light

A/N: Just a little thing that popped up my mind...

(not revised)

XXI. Attraction

Attraction was what defines why they were still together. Maybe this word was the chain that was tightly, but also gently, holding their wrists together in the most subtle and implicit way of saying 'I like you'. Their relationship was based on touch, on invading each other's personal space, on getting attention in any possible way.

Their relationship was summed in Aomine's possessively behavior, Kagami's jealousy and their strong competitiveness between them. Neither of them would ever admit their faults, they wouldn't be so open with each other. They would tease and see the other begging for something.

What they had was almost a contract - from their point of view. After all, they had never talked about dating. However, for an outsider those two stubborn basketball players were loving completely and undeniably each other.