Title: AoKaga Short Stories Collection

Rated: K+

Genre: Yaoi, Romance (?), Humor

A/N: For my lovely Ritchan. She deserves all the most adorkable AoKaga fics!

XXVI. Shortfic: Idiots in love

What the hell was he doing? He really shouldn't had rung that bell. He shouldn't even be in front of HIS door. What really was happening to his brain? Surely it was damaged. He couldn't do it. Kagami knew what was going on in his head, he wasn't stupid and all the feelings running through his entire body when he had the expectation of seeing 'him' and the sensitiveness of his skin when their bodies coincidentally collided during a match were symptoms that the redhead had already experienced before. A long time ago. He'd never thought that all the euphoria in his body, his heartbeats faster than usual and all the butterflies in his stomach would appear again. And frankly, he'd never thought that those feelings would be towards that bloody idiot Ace. Still, there he was, standing proud and scared, waiting the door being answered.

It had passed good five minutes when Kagami gave up and turned on his heels to go back home, so he could forget about all of his stupid idea and bury it deep inside of his head to never remember again. The plan could work well, he just had to try. He would try, if when he turned around he hadn't bumped against the one who he wanted so much to forget.

"Ouch! That hurts, idiot!" scolded Aomine. "What're you doing here?"

Kagami was a bit dizzied, he wasn't prepared to see Aomine in that instant. He saw the other boy passing through his side, a slight blow of air hit Kagami's senses and Aomine's strong and so familiar scent could be smelled in the air. He heard Aomine looking for his keys, swearing something, and then opening the door. The redhead sighed, his courage had almost abandoned him the moment that he'd thought about going home and forget about everything. But now he had to face Aomine.

What had been the question that he had asked a few moments ago? He hadn't paid attention.

"Aren't you here to see me? So hurry up and get inside!"

Kagami shook slightly his head, an insult was right on the tip of his tongue. Despite of wanting to start an argument, Kagami swallowed his pride and followed Aomine inside. The door was closed by Aomine, who started to walk probably to the kitchen, but before he had even left the entrance hall Kagami held his arm, pulling him a bit closer.

"I have something to say." Kagami had a urge to finish it quickly, if he was going to be rejected then it should be done as quick as possible. Aomine turned his body fully, so now he was looking directly at Kagami with curiosity, the blue eyes fixed on the red ones. "I don't know how or when, it just happened. It shouldn't have happened. I'm sure that what I'm feeling is more than it should be, specially towards you. Also, it's not as if we are the best friends of all the times or anything more than good-"

"Stop with all the stupid explanation and just say it already." Aomine interrupted not softly, but harsh and rude as always. Kagami's cheeks started to turn into a pinkish color, Aomine's eyes caught that sight immediately, rising a hand to touch Kagami's one, which was still on his arm, he squeezed it, holding in place. And gently, his voice sounded. "Just say it, Bakagami."

Kagami's face was colored bright red. His lips firmly pressed together, forming a tiny line. And even though he was extremely embarrassed, his fiery-red eyes were focused on Aomine's face. Kagami had to breath deep when he decided to speak again. This time he averted their eyes, looking at something more interesting on the floor.

"I like you." Kagami's voice was low as if he didn't want to be heard. However, to his luck, Aomine had understood very well all the three words and before the redhead could process what was happening he felt a delicate and soft touch on his forehead, caressing his face and hair, and other gentle touch on his cheek. He looked up just to find Aomine too close to him with his lips pressed against his flushed skin. Kagami's hands grabbed Aomine's shoulders to support in the next instant.

"Good. That was easy, wasn't it?" the Touou Ace whispered, giving another kiss on the other cheek. "Now you can go to that kitchen and make me dinner, I'm hungry."

On the very next second Aomine was on his back on the floor with a very embarrassed and angry Kagami grabbing Aomine's tie. Their faces were inches from each other.

"I'm not your housewife, Ahomine!"

"Of course you are! Aren't we dating now?"