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Warning: Eventual yaoi, BoyXBoy. Proceed with caution.

Alex glared at the wall across from him. He was bound to a hard wooden chair and couldn't talk. All he could remember was sitting in his room playing with his toys. Harry and Tom said they had to go out and were taking Hadrian and that greasy haired guy. They said Charlie would be staying with him in case something happened. He had tried asking what could happen, but they were both tight lipped. He had shrugged it off and went back to playing. Then Charlie came in and hit Alex hard, making his world go black. Alex looked up to see Charlie walk in with a plate of food smiling. He glared at the man instead of the wall.

"Hello Alex. How are we doing today?" He summoned a small table and set the food on it. Alex just glared. "Are you ready to try eating now?"

He raised a piece of bread to Alex's lips and tried pushing it in. Alex jerked his head away and turned it to the side. Charlie sighed.

"Alex it has been a month now. You have to eat something or I will make you again." Alex just glared at Charlie who got a spark of anger in his eyes. "So be it." Alex's eyes widened when he drew his wand. "Imperio."

Alex felt his body relax. Charlie let him free and said something. Next he knew he was eating the food. He tried to stop, but couldn't. He was scared. Once it was finished he sat back again and Charlie replaced the binding spell and cancelled the imperio. Alex looked at him with fearful eyes.

"Now don't look at me like that. You had to eat."

Charlie's hand moved to stroke his cheek and Alex flinched away from it. His head jerked to the side and he felt tears building in his eyes when Charlie back handed him for it. His cheek stung badly and a few tears started to fall. He shook as Charlie's hand wiped them away carefully before he left the room.

Alex prayed yet again that Harry and Tom would find him while tears started to fall freely.

Harry was pissed. That's putting it lightly, let me try again.

Harry was so furious the forces of nature themselves had been bending to his will lately to see if he would even smile a little. He did not. It had been a month now and still they had made no progress in finding Alex. Harry wouldn't let Tom move from the bed once a medic had seen to him. Somehow the baby had survived the incident with the ring and was growing at a quickened pace now. Harry had a medic with Tom at all times. Even in the bathroom. Tom kept trying to tell him he didn't need one, but with Harry so busy and Tom in his condition…Harry just didn't need the extra worrying right now.

At first he thought it would be easy finding Alex and Charlie. Harry growled. He couldn't wait to get his hands on that man. He'd make him pay for taking his son. They had used spells, runes, rituals, anything that said it might have a chance at finding someone. They even had enough of Alex's things to use in the rituals. They even found them a few times, but when they got to the locations. Charlie and Alex would both be gone. Nine out of ten times it was obvious they had left in a hurry and more often than not there would be signs of accidental magic where a room would be torn apart.

Harry sighed. He remembered when they first started looking how he tried keeping it from Tom. When the man demanded seeing Alex he had finally told him what had happened. He's the one who got pissed, but he couldn't use magic right now or he would risk harming the baby. Then he had gotten depressed and started thinking Alex had freely left with Charlie. Harry had stopped those thoughts quickly pointing out everything in the room that showed a kidnapping.

Mainly the blood by the bed.

Just thinking about it made Harry angry enough he started ripping books out of the bookshelf in front of him searching for anything that could find his son. He should have killed Charlie when he had the chance, but he had no idea what the man would do.

"M-my Lord." Harry spun glaring at the group of death eaters interrupting him.

"What?" He hissed and growled out at the same time. It was an interesting combination that a lot of death eaters feared.

"There are rumors my Lord. Of a traveling lawyer." Harry stepped closer making them all shake.

"Is it him?" He saw one swallow hard.

"W-we believe so my Lord."


"A small village a little ways away. I think it's called Little Whinging." Harry groaned. Why does everything go back to there?