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Charlie struggled against the chains. It was a futile effort he knew but he still had to try. It had been a month since he saw anyone, other than the witch or wizard that brought him food and water. And they never spoke a word. Hell they didn't even show skin. They wore black robes covering themselves, gloves, a full face mask, hood, and high boots. They stayed long enough to force the food and water down his throat as quickly as possible and left again. He had just been hanging here since Hadrian had left him.

Charlie looked up as he heard the door opening and frowned. The witch or wizard had already brought him food and water earlier so it wasn't them. Was it Harry coming to interrogate him? Charlie's thoughts stopped when Tom walked through the door smirking. This isn't right. Harry is the one who's supposed to come first. Tom comes last. When he's going to die. Charlie's breath caught as Harry followed Tom into the room arms wrapped around the man's waist. No no no. They aren't supposed to come in together. His calculations were right. They're always right. One of them should have stayed upstairs to watch over Alex. The other would come downstairs to question him, then they switch and the second would kill him. But they wouldn't be able to because he'd escape after the first left. But here they were. Together.

Harry smiled taking a step closer. "What's wrong Charlie? You don't look too good." Charlie forced himself to smile.

"Never better actually." His voice cracked and was weak even to his ears, and only served to make his two tormentors smirk.

"What's the matter Charlie? Aren't we being as hospitable as you were with Alex?" Tom grabbed Harry's arm and shook his head when Harry had looked back.

"No Harry. We're not. If we were we'd be doing things likeā€¦" Charlie screamed out as he was hit with a cruciatus.

He hung limp and panting as the curse ended and shivered hearing a cold dark chuckle come from Harry's throat.

"Oh, but Tom. We would also have to do something like-."

Charlie tried to scream out but was unable feeling as if his mouth and throat had been filled with a cock. He could hear the two laughing at him as he felt it start to thrust into his throat slowly at first and start to gain speed. He could think of nothing but how he had done this very thing to Alex a few different times, only with his cock not a spell. The spell ended just as he felt a thick slime coating his mouth and running down his throat. Charlie felt the tears running down his cheeks. It was too much.

"P-please, stop this." He looked up as pathetically as he could looking for mercy. He gasped seeing nothing but a cold fury on Harry's face and Tom shaking his head.

"Stop? STOP?! How many times did Alex ask you to stop? How many times did he ask you to bring him home? Oh wait. He couldn't could he? You kept him silenced." A wave of his hand and Charlie could make no noise what-so-ever. "Or would you just starts beating him? I would beat the shit out of you right now, but I think Hadrian took care of that plenty enough last time you saw him." Hadrian. That was it. Harry sneered at him as he started speaking quickly about Hadiran. "Whatever it is you're saying can wait until we're ready for you to talk, and when we are, I promise you, you won't even think about spouting your lies."

Charlie screamed silently as the next curse hit him. It felt like something was ripping open his ass. "That's what it felt like every time you forced your fingers into Alex." Charlie barely watched as Tom took a step closer to him while speaking. "When we finish with you, Charlie, you're going to wish you were Alex when he was in your care, because we'll do everything to you that you did to him. And then we'll do so much more."

Charlie paled panting hard as the feeling spread deeper in him. He felt real tears running down his face as the spelled fingers searched out his prostate and started abusing it until he got hard. He heard Harry laughing and watched through hooded eyes as he walked closer and whimpered silently as his cock was grabbed roughly and jerked. He squirmed as the spell fell away leaving him feeling stretched but empty.

"Be grateful I'm nice Charlie. This is going to be the last time I allow you to cum until we finish with you." Charlie felt a spell washing over him. Suddenly his skin felt so sensitive. Then Harry's hand began to move. Charlie's head fell back in pleasure as he tried desperately to thrust into Harry's warm rough hand. He could hear them laughing but all he could think was for release. When he finally came it was all over the dungeon floor. His eyes stared at the mess he had made before he registered a new weight around his cock and balls.

Charlie started thrashing seeing the ring around the base of his cock and the attachments around his balls. He sneered as Harry caught his jaw forcing all movements to a halt. Charlie was disappointed to realize his cock was still as hard as before and his skin still as sensitive. He looked over seeing Tom saying something, but couldn't hear any of the words. He tried listening harder when Harry responded and realized all their words were muffled. He could only hear or understand them when they wanted him to.

Charlie looked at Harry when he was let go and made to swing a little. "Now Charlie. We're going to ask you a few questions. Honest answers will lead to rewards. Lies and deceitful answers will lead to a world of pain. Do you understand?" Charlie slowly nodded. "Good." And with a wave of a hand Charlie was able to make noise again. "Why did you go to 4 Privet Drive, Surrey?"

"T-they told me to."

"Who are They?"

"D-Dumbledore and V-." Charlie's eyes widened as his words cut off and he shook his head.

"Tell us Charlie." Charlie shook his head crying. His back felt like it was on fire, he wanted to scream but found that he couldn't. "Tell us Charlie or it will only get worse."

"I can't." He finally choked out crying harder. He panted heavily as the pain slowly ebbed away.

"Why not Charlie?"

"V-vow. U-unbreakable vow." Harry nodded as Charlie moaned. His cock felt like it was being given an amazing blow job.

"Was his name Vernon Charlie?" Charlie's eyes opened wide as he stared at Harry fearfully. Harry only smirked back. "It's alright Charlie. I already knew his name, but why won't you tell us? You told us Dumbledore's."

"H-He's not dead." Harry frowned as Charlie moaned louder.

"What do you mean not dead? I killed him myself. I spilled his guts all over the floor." Charlie whimpered shaking his head frantically.

"P-please I don't know. T-the vow made me p-protect his i-identity. S-so he must be alive."

"Then I will just have to kill him again. Do you know where he is?" Charlie shook his head.

"N-no. Only where we were to meet o-once I had Alex." Harry nodded.

"Is there anything else you can tell us?" Charlie nodded frantically.

"H-Hadrian." Harry growled turning towards the door.

"Hadrian is involved in this?"

"Yes." Harry paused as Charlie started screaming his entire body feeling as if it was engulfed in flames. He spun around and glared at Charlie.

"Why are you lying to me Charlie?" Charlie couldn't help the whimper that escaped.

"I-I'm not." He screamed louder as he felt every inch of his body being ripped apart and sewn back together just to start over again. "F-fine. P-please just make it stop."

"You already know how to make it stop Charlie."

"Hadrian is eleven." Charlie panted as the pain finally stopped. He felt no pleasure though. The end of the pain was pleasure enough.

"What do you mean eleven?" It was the first time Tom had spoken to him since entering the room.

"H-He's half veela a-and a quarter g-giant. He's eleven-years-old and the m-mate of Alex." The room grew silent and cold except for the moans coming from Charlie's throat as his body felt like it was dipped in pleasure and held.

"How do you know this?" Harry took reins on questioning again.

"D-Dumbledore looked into it and let us both know. S-so that we could be ready to deal with him when the t-time came." Charlie's eyes were glazed over, his breath nothing but pants, and his body shuddering in pleasure.

"Thank you Charlie. Is there anything else you can tell us?" Charlie shook his head.

"P-please don't kill me."

"Oh nonsense. I told you before. We need a good lawyer. Just because you're a bad person doesn't mean you're a bad lawyer. We just have to carefully break you until you do what we tell you and not run back to the trash we're rescuing you from."

"P-please. I won't go back j-just let me out of here. Please." Harry tilted his head and looked back at Tom saying something. Again Charlie only heard muffled noises coming from both of them. After a few minutes Harry turned back smiling at Charlie.

"We have agreed. You will move into our room. It's the only place we can keep an eye on you. If we leave the room we will take you with us. You will never be alone until such a time as we believe you are trustworthy enough to be able to and not get into trouble. Do you agree to these conditions? If not you can stay down here and be visited in much the same way for another month."

Charlie looked between both of them wide eyed. "I-I'll come up."

Harry nodded smirking and stepping closer. Charlie yelped as the chains released him and he fell to the floor. He felt his magic for a minute before Harry snapped a collar around his neck blocking it off before he could do anything. Charlie looked up as a chain leash was attached to the collar and wrapped around Harry's wrist.

"Don't want you trying anything now do we?" Charlie could only shake his head and watch as Tom walked out of the room. "Stand up Charlie."

Charlie slowly rose covering himself with his hands. "C-can I have some clothes?" Harry took one glance up and down Charlie's form before summoning come tight black spandex boxers onto him.

"The more you behave the more you can wear. Annoy us enough and you will be walking around naked until you make it up to us."

"H-how?" Harry just smirked walking out the door with Charlie following after him.

"You'll figure it out."

Charlie bowed his head. He was defeated. He knew he was, but despite his efforts there was still a bit of hope in his chest that perhaps someday soon he would be free from this nightmare.