The deadbeat clock shattered Arthurs meditation with it's annoying, attention seeking

He tried to get his heart to beat with the nuisance and right as his mind calmed
again, the door burst open.

A pair of worried aqua eyes peered in.

"Iggy! There you are!"

"Don't call me that."

"Dude, why are you on the floor?" Alfred laughed. "Couldn't afford a chair?"

Arthur sighed with patience.

"I'm meditating." He closed his eyes again, trying to stop his quavering heart that
yearned for his blond love.

"Can I join you?"

Arthur cracked open an eye, watching the American suspiciously.

"Yeah dude. I need to relax." Arthur opened both of his grasshopper green eyes and

Alfred plopped down an elaborate pillow next to his British lover and sat down,
trying not to touch him.

"So, what do I do?" Arthur sighed once again, his patience wearing thin.

"Just close your eyes and either think of something that soothes you or makes your mind blank. Slow your breathing and relax your... muscles."

Alfred smiled at the Brits pause and gave a teasing flex.

"Want to take them for a joyride?"
Arthur flushed and hissed as his heart rocked again, a hammock in a hurricane.

Alfred chuckled and grabbed one of the Brits hands.

Their fingers twined together and they shut their eyes, attempting to stop time so they could love each other longer.