"Wanna play a game Lithy?" Poland asked Lithuania one clear and boring day.

"Uh, sure." He responded in his usual quiet voice, twiddling his pale thumbs. "What's it called?"

"Shadows." He said, an evil grin sparking his girlish figures.
Lithuania watched him warily and gave in with a sigh.

"How do you play?"

"Well first," babbled Poland, his green eyes sparked with a happy and competitive fire. "We wait 'till it gets dark. Then one of us runs off into the total dark to hide while the other one like only as a flashlight. All lights are like totally off. Then the person with the flashlight totally hunts around for the other and stuff. When the person spots the other, they sneak up or something and tag them. But, the other person can like totally run away. And then, it's like a chase."
Taking a deep breath, Poland gave a predatory grin and Lithuania covered his shiver and nodded earnestly.

"Yeah, okay."

9:00 PM in Poland's yard

"Okay, Lithy, I got the flashlight. Go run!" shouted Poland, waving his fingers.

Lithuania ran behind a tree, crouching in its freezing shadow.

He could see his warm breath as he waited, listening to the dull slaps of Poland's worn leather boots on the pavement.

A car drove by and cast a light, making Lithuania jump and run, thinking it was Poland.

Having realized it wasn't, he turned to go back but it was too late.

Poland had found him and he ran eagerly with an evil laugh to chase him.

Lithuania laughed as well and ran as well, the frigid wind slicing at his body like one hundred knives.
Poland was catching up quickly and Lithuania found out how athletic Poland really was… and how much he himself was not.

Finally, Poland's footsteps faltered and disappeared, causing Lithuania to stop.

He gulped the air like he had not breathed in a century, feeling he was safe.

Just as the thought passed his mind he felt a weight slam into his back and shove his face to the moist ground.

Squirming to lie on his back, he found Poland sitting on his stomach with a huge smile.

"Got you!" He taunted, his eyes a storm of emotions.

Lithuania smiled and blushed, pushing away his true feelings.

This friendship was good… for now.