America's View

"All right, everyone listen to me!" I yelled, aggravated with the other country's trivial squabbles. "I'm the hero and what I say goes!" France stopped petting England's eyebrows and stood up.

"I don't think you understand the problem Mon ami." He flipped his golden locks, laying a hand on England's shoulder while England watched with wary eyes. "You see, you are not taking the size of the matter seriously enough. This is not some petty fight of who gets the river between the border. This is of life and death. America, listen carefully as I say this. This is an important decision. Please, just think!" He drawled out the words slowly and carefully, watching me with his magical eyes.

"I do understand that Blue Eyes. It's not that hard, even for someone like myself. The world is a lot to handle and I understand that, but I had the best teacher of them all." I casted a venerating glance in England's direction and he smiled at me, his own eyes glistening with a warmth pervading his normally cold ocean of green.

"Right," he responded, standing up with France. "I'm with America. He has matured greatly since I began with him and I am under the strong impression that he will do very well." He wandered over to me, smiling darkly as France whimpered. " I will stand with America through his time and will help him through his future endeavors." Poland snorted from across the room.

"Not much there Broski. If America was as cool as you say, he would, like, totally have ruled us already. And dropped England sooner."

"You're a barmy wanker!" Snapped England hastily as he unconsciously stepped closer to me. Feeling a sudden pang of love, I draped an arm around his tensing shoulder, stroking his back to calm him down. England settled his head into the crook of my neck, still glaring. The room was again filled with the quiet rumblings of conversation. Squirming and feeling watched, I looked to find France glaring death wishes in my direction. England snuggled closer and the warmth scorched. He met my eyes and swiped a slender hand across his forehead, sweeping small droplets of sweet to glitter in the air.

"Wi. If Mon amour L'Angleterre is with America, so am I." He strutted over, grasping England's hand protectively. England stood up straight again and retained a look of seriousness. Sweden, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Cuba, Switzerland, Spain, and many other countries joined up behind me, sending thumps to me back for my bravery. Glaring out into the small collection of those who remained quietly out in front of us, I let out a defient whoop. The rest joined in battle cry and we watched them like vultures over pray.

"Hey." Started Finland who was still sitting. "Russia hasn't spoken at all yet. Not that that's not normal, I just want to know. What are you thinking about old man?"

Who, me?" asked Russia, his liquid purple eyes twinkling. "Well…"