Russia's View

Did this imbecile really expect me to contribute to this petty argument?

"I think you are all bumbling idiots. America is a young country still. Even if he is maturing nice at the moment, that does not mean he will continue on that path. And you say he takes after his teacher? Then why, exactly, are we trusting him?"

"Russia-chan?!" Exclaimed China who sat to my left. "That is the most I think I have ever heard you speak in your own opinion!" I shrugged, flinching inside with all the acid retorts that flew through my mind. Not wanted to hurt his feelings, I chose my words carefully.

After a dramatic pause, I stated, "It's not that I don't want you all dead. It is just the fact that I want to be the one to watch your faces twist in gruesome pain as your death is slow and painful." I gave my best smile which was the opposite of what I truly felt. America coughed quietly and all the other countries stared at me with appalled looks on their grotesque faces. Keeping my smile firmly in place, I gave a small chuckle to myself as everyone tried to hide the mortification that showed. Even China looked at me strangely as he fixed my hair in a sort of maternal brush.

"Actually, he's totally right." Poland stood up quickly, his chair screeching. The others plugged their ears and I smiled. But why in all of Vodka was he defending me. His stupidity was only seconded by America. "I mean, not about the dead stuff, that's just gross bro. But what if the mighty America has his downfall. Everyone does eventually. We need someone who can hold the reigns when the riding gets totally tough." He inspected his finger nails and cleared his throat meaningfully. No one seemed to notice as they thought about what he said. China brushed his hand across my own and spoke up as well.

"Sadly, I agree with Poland's addition. If the country we choose to rule us falls, the world will be in chaos!" France fondled England's hand lovingly.

"Wi! So, here is what we will do. Let us vote between Russia and America. All for America?" A variety of I's sounded from behind America and some from behind me who stood up and left.


Scattered I's sounded and two of America's countries came to me. America left in a hurry, his group following him out the North door. England stuck out his tongue and closed the door when France yanked him along. I went out the South door, followed by The Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Finland, Poland, and a few other small countries followed. The door slammed and echoed into the room. The windows were open and a bird chirped outside on a branch. The room lit up, a serene sanctuary that no one ever noticed. A small sigh sounded from the corner. "Hello?" Asked a quiet voice. Another sigh followed. I guess I should have expected this." Canada dug his fingers into Kumajirou's slick white fur. The bear peered back at him, licking his paw and washing his face.

"Who are you again?" He asked, his stone black eyes innocent.

"I'm Canada." He responded patiently as if he'd done it a million times. The bear licked his nose, settled down and curled in Canada's lap for a nap. Soon, the bears snores filled the room and Canada watched out the window at the birds. He sighed again and began to nap in a stray beam of sun. And how do I know this?