Love Through Different Accents

Summary: Story 6 of my True to Your Heart Series. Marvin's friend Peter le Pew comes over to visit said Martian and ends up falling in love with Applejack. The only problem: the cow-pony gets shy around French hunks like him! Can Marvin and Spike help Peter win her over? And what will happen when our heroes find out that Discord now has Princess Celestia trapped in her own Castle?

Ch.1: The New Knight

It was a bright and sunny morning as Twilight Sparkle was waiting at the outskirts of Ponyville with her assistant/baby brother Spike and her boyfriend Commander Marvin X-2 of the Martian Empire. Also with them are: Rarity; Rainbow Dash; Fluttershy; Pyrus; and Lionwing. The eight of them were waiting for Twilight's big brother/best friend forever Captain Shining Armor of the Royal Guard to arrive. And he is also bringing with him a friend of Marvin's who was just dubbed a Knight of the Royal Guard. Although Marvin's proud of his friend, he can't help but feel nervous about meeting his girlfriend's older sibling.

"Oh, boy," he whimpered, pacing back and forth with sweat on his brow. "I'm so freaked out right now…I just know that Shining Armor's going to blast me into oblivion after giving me one look!"

"He's not going to blast you into oblivion, Marv," Twilight sighed in annoyance. "I assure you that he's going to like you. I've told Shining and Cadence about you, and they couldn't wait to meet you."

"So will you quit freaking out and pacing back and forth like that?!" Spike snapped in annoyance. "You're making me nervous. Plus, you're wearing a hole in the ground." Marvin looked down to see that he's in the hole that the little dragon mentioned.


"Sheesh," Lionwing said as he preened his wings a bit. "I've never seen Marvin this nervous, and all because of Twilight's older brother. I mean, they're both high-ranked soldiers, aren't they?"

"Well, some big brothers have a tendency to be quite protective of their younger sisters," Pyrus explained with a slight shrug, "especially when it comes to new boyfriends. Trust me; I've seen a lot of young male dragons try to fry the younger males their little sisters have been dating. Let me tell you…it's not pretty."

"Uh, Pyrus," Fluttershy said to her dragon boyfriend. "No offense, but…you're not making it any better for Marvin." The two of them turned to see that Marvin had ducked into the hole shivering.

"Oh…my bad," the red dragon replied.

"Hey, anypony know where Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Big Mac are?" Rainbow then asked, looking around with an arched eyebrow. "I thought they'd be here, but I don't see any signs of them."

"Oh, they said they had to take care of something quick at Sweet Apple Acres," Lionwing answered her. "But don't worry, Rainy. They'll be over soon…I think."

"What do you mean 'I think'?" his girlfriend asked with confusion.

"Well, I saw the amount of work they needed to do," he answered nervously, "and let's just say that…I think it might take longer than they hope. Course, it's not going to stop them."

"Well, you know how persistent Applejack is," the blue Pegasus replied with a slight chuckle.

"But not as persistent as you, my little angel," he purred, nuzzling into her cheek with his beak while holding her with his wing around her shoulders.

"Lionwing, not in front of the guys," she giggled.

"Oh, let them watch," the gryphon whispered. "Or are you afraid I'll expose your ticklish spot?" As he said this, he trailed a claw across her side, causing her to yelp with a laugh.

"Hey, what did I tell you about that?"

"What? You mean this?"

"ACK! Lionwing, cut it ouhohohout!"

"So what can you tell us about this friend of yours, Marv?" asked Spike, hoping to get his mind off witnessing what he just witnessed.

"You mean Peter le Pew?" the Martian answered. "Well, I knew him when I was in college; he was a foreign exchange student when I met during my freshman year. He's also the forth cousin of another college friend of mine Pepe le Pew, and he's been very helpful when he was tutoring me."

"Oh," Twilight replied with interest. "Which subject? Mathematics? Chemistry?" Marvin blushed before giving his answer.

"French." Everyone's eyes went wide at his answer.

"You took French?" Rainbow snickered.

"It was a prerequisite," the Martian protested.

"I didn't know a Martian like Peter knows French," Spike replied.

"Well, that's because he isn't a Martian," Marvin explained. "He's a skunk."


"Don't worry," he explained. "He got himself into an accident at a body wash factory a week before he came here."

"And how are we to not worry about it?" asked Rainbow.

"He isn't really hurt; just got his stink replaced with the scent of Old Spice."

"How did that happen?" asked Pyrus.

"Fell into a vat of freshly made Old Spice body wash. Made him more attractive to the other girls besides his looks and charm."

"Well, that's something we can look forward to," Rainbow Dash replied as Twilight looked up and gasped with delight.

"There they are!" she cried, pointing up at the sky. "There are Shining Armor and Cadence!" Quickly, Marvin jumped out of the hole and dusted himself off, wanting to look presentable for Shining Armor and his wife.

Two carriages pulled by the Pegasus Soldiers then landed before the awaiting group. The first to land held Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's. The second held an anthromorphic striped skunk with a well-built athlete's body and a hairstyle that draped over his eyes in a dashing manner. He also has on a suit of armor much like the Soldiers but designed for his body, and he held his helmet under his arm.

"Twily!" Shining cried, climbing out of the carriage and hugging his little sister who ran up to him. "So good to see you again, sis!" Cadence then climbed out to follow her husband, and she and Twilight did their secret hoof-shake:

"Sunshine, sunshine,

Ladybugs awake!

Clap your hooves,

And do a little shake!" The two of them laughed as the skunk then climbed out of his own carriage.

"It's so good to see you, Twilight," the Princess of Love then said, giving his sister-in-law a big hug. She and her husband then turned to see Marvin standing right behind Twilight.

"Oh," the Unicorn then said, turning to her boyfriend to see that they noticed him. "Shining? Cadence? I want you to meet Marvin, my boyfriend." Cadence smiled at him before hugging him.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you, Marvin," she said. "Twilight has told us so much about you, and I hoped to get the chance to meet you." Marvin gave her an invisible smile before turning to Shining and gulped. He then gave the captain a nervous wave.

"He-Hello, Ca-Captain Armor," he stuttered. Cadence turned Twilight with concern.

"Is he okay?"

"Oh, he's alright," Twilight assured her. "He's just nervous because he thinks Shining's going to get to try and fry him or something out of protecting me." Her brother turned to her with a "You're kidding, right?" look.

"Where did he get that idea?"

"Well, Shining," his wife teased, "how many of your soldiers have you seen being protective of their younger sisters when it comes to the younger colts they're dating?" Shining blinked in reply.

"Oh…" Marvin then turned to the skunk when he joined the white stallion.

"Peter!" The skunk smiled when he saw his Martian friend from college.

"Marvin, mon ami," he chuckled, going up and clasping hands with him. "It's been a long time! I heard you're le commandier of the Martian Empire, non?"

"Sure am," the Martian chuckled. "And I've heard you've been knighted into the Royal Guard. Congratulations."

"Merci, mon ami," he replied before turning to Twilight. "Ah, and this must Capitan Armor's jeune soeur I've heard about, non? You certainly can pick them, Marvin."

"Yes, she certainly is an incredible girl," Marvin said, turning to Twilight with loving eyes.

"Well, what did you expect?" Shining chuckled. "She's my baby sister." Peter then took Twilight's front hoof and kissed it.

"It is mon pleasure to finally meet you, Mademoiselle Sparkle," he said to her suavely.

"It's nice to meet you too, Mr. le Pew," she replied with a smile.

"Oh, s'il-vous plait," he chuckled. "Call me 'Peter'. That's what mes amis do." Shining then turned to see Pyrus and Lionwing.

"Oh," he said, turning back to his sister. "Twily, are these your new friends too?" Twilight turned to them with a smile.

"They sure are," she answered. "The gryphon is Lionwing, Rainbow Dash's boyfriend. And the red dragon is Fluttershy's boyfriend Pyrus." She then turned to the two avian creatures. "Guys, this is my older brother Captain Shining Armor and my sister-in-law/foal-sitter Princess Cadence."

"How do you do?" Lionwing said, shaking claw/hoof with the blue-maned Unicorn.

"Please to meet you," said Pyrus. Cadence greeted them with a smile before she noticed something amiss.

"Uh, Twilight," she then asked the violet Unicorn. "Where are your other friends Applejack and Pinkie Pie? I thought they'd be here too."

"Oh, they're taking care of something over at Sweet Apple Acres," Twilight answered. "I guess it must be taking them longer than they had hoped."

"Well, we'd be more than happy to help them out if you like," Shining stated.


"It is le duty of the soldier to help other, non?" Peter answered.

"Yeah, and I'm curious about what it is they're working on," Rainbow Dash concurred. With that agreed, the group then headed over to the Apple Family farm while the Pegasus soldiers returned to Canterlot…not knowing that our heroes are being spied on by Kaa and Sir Hiss, Discord's two serpentine lackeys.