Hi there! My name's Northern Ireland but my Papa calls me Niles. I am only a young nation so Papa watches over me and my siblings carefully. These are troubling times in our house. My older brother Scotland is growing rowdy, my younger sister Wales is getting way to smart and my twin brother Southern Ireland is starting to get restless and trying to rebel. He is currently running down the lavish halls, yelling out a flurry of no's as Papa stumbled after him with a worried look on his aging face.

"Come on Sire!" Called Papa as my twin slammed the door to his room in Papa's face. "I didn't mean it that way love! I understand chess is a hard game but you've played it so many times. You should know by now! I understand-"

"You don't understand anything England!" Sneered my brother from the other side of the door. Recently, Sire has been calling Papa England and that's a sure sign of defiance. "Just leave me alone!" With a heartbreaking sigh, Papa joined me, Scotty, and Wales as we nibbled on toast and sipped our steaming tea. Scotty and Wales were playing word games in order to learn who was smarter.

"What the hell is a qat?!" Scotty boomed at Wales whose face was composed with no emotion. "It is an evergreen shrub!" She responded snidely, daintily stirring her tea with the ornate spoon that hung limply in her fingers.

"Papa?" I asked innocently as Scotty and Wales bickered over their word choice. Laying my left hand on the table as a form of respect, I watched the emotions that ran across his face. His eyes were overridden with fear and pain but Papa attempted to cover it with a loving smile.

"Yes, my sweet Niles?"

"Is Sire okay?" I questioned him. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Papa sighed again, running his fingers through his hair. It fluttered back around his liquid green eyes, making him look a lot younger then he was. "Your brother's a smidge upset with me. He seems to think I want him gone and he'll be damned if anyone else changes his opinion." Papa laid his left hand on mine and his right hand fluttered lovingly to my face, brushing the strands of red hair from my face. Laying a hand on my cheek, my gut renched to see the pain he was going through.

"I'll never leave you daddy." I said honestly, putting my right hand to place upon his on my cheek. Papa's eyes grew and Wales and Scotty snorted. "I'll keep that against you." Said Papa with a chuckle. He got up slowly like his back was aching and left me alone with my siblings, murmuring under his breath.

"Suck-up!" Crowed Scotty and Wales but I stared amazed after Papa. I must have finally hurt my ears from hearing them fighting. Because, for a second, I thought Papa said the words he never dared to say.

I love you.