Captain Joe Carlino turned off the radio in his office at the 23rd Precinct, brushed a hand across his eyes, and made the Sign of the Cross. "Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them..."


Twenty minutes later, Joe was at City Hall with his dear friends, Police Commissioner Gabe McNamara, and Mayor Grant Harrison.

"I've spoken with my brother Ryan," Grant told Gabe, "and, thank God, nobody in either of our families was hurt in the explosions."

Gabe and Joe nodded soberly repeated, "Thank God."

"But we need to pray for those who were injured, and for those who lost their lives," Gabe said.

"And that," said Grant, "is where you come in, Joe. Gabe and I will be flying home to Boston in less than two hours. We feel that that is where we belong at this time."

"I agree, absolutely," Joe said.

"So, since we won't be here, we'd like you, as the police captain, to organize and lead a candlelight vigil at Foster Park," Gabe concluded.

"Of course," Joe said. "It will be my... well, pleasure is definitely not the right word."


Joe looked at the crowd holding their lit candles at Foster Park that night.

"We are here," he said, "to pray for those who lost their lives today in Boston, to pray for the recovery of those injured, and to thank God for the quick response of so many. We are here, all of us, to pray for our family. Because tonight, everyone in Bay City, everyone in the world, has family in Boston."