I bust the windows out your car.

And no, it didn't mend my broken heart

Blaine snickered quietly as he sipped on his five thousand dollar champagne.

Trust a mafia masquerade to have a broken Tango based on a song filled with violence and pain. Can't find it anywhere else, he thought, amused, as he took another sip.

Hiram and LeRoy Berry were prominent criminal lawyers with a cliental that was filled with more criminals released then prosecuted.

Blaine, as the head of Westerville family and a member of The Council that governed all underground activities, has been kept busy as family after family tried to smooch him with petty words and empty threats. It seems that the Berry's had decided to go all out for their daughter's birthday and had invited every family they ever represented or hope to in the future, which seems to consist of almost all major criminal families that spanned the globe.

Interest waning as hours passed slowly, he stood stiffly in the corner of the large ballroom as finery surrounded him. Gorgeous women, handsome men, sultry smiles and that hint of danger that evaded the civilians that were also invited, mingled and swirled around him.

As a member of The Council, Blaine was used to the smooching and as a handsome, single man the sultry glances were neither new nor welcomed. He was gay, everyone knew it but business was business. Family always came first, no matter the lifestyle they preferred in their own time and as a single, important member of their organization, he was highly sought after.

Giving himself another hour, he nodded to his fellow council members across the ballroom. Thad and Wes looked bored as he did. The pleasantries had been already exchanged, gifts presented to the shrinking girl and threats implied where they were required in the future.

He was only here because Wes had begged him in private to stay for another hour so they can leave together at the guise of work. Glaring at his long time friend across the room, he stifled another sign and made his way to the terrace above the gardens surrounding the Berry's Mansion.

I need some air, he thought.

Wrote my initials with the crowbar

And then I drove off into the dark

Kurt inwardly groaned as another dance started. He was bored. The last thing he wanted to do today was attend this farce of Rachel Berry's masquerade extravaganza.

For god's sake she was Finn's girlfriend, why was he dragged into coming, he fumed internally.

Because she's also your best friend and this is her birthday party, his mind supplied unhelpfully.

It's not that Rachel wasn't a dear friend but Kurt was very familiar with what Rachel parents did for a living. His father was the son of a prominent family, himself, who had given up this life of glitz and guns for Kurt and his mother.

Burt parents, while not ecstatic, loved their son and respected his decision. It helped that Burt had two other siblings who were more than happy to take his place.

Kurt grew up spoiled by his uncles and father after his mother passed away. The family always took care of their own, no matter if they were still involved with the business or not. He was informed from a tender age about his heritage and what was awaiting him if he ever decided to join the fold. Fortunately Kurt was content with his life and had no dreams of ever joining.

He was a junior in NYADA and about to graduate soon. His father was happily re-married to a wonderful woman who came with a idiotic yet loveable brother, AKA Finn. Life wasn't perfect but it was certainly good and he had no wish to tar it with any questionable actions or acquaintances. This party or masquerade as Rachel called it was exactly what he didn't need right now. He spotted more than a dozen undesirables already and was ready to return home.

Signing at his situation, he quietly got up from where he had been sitting for the past two hours, making his way toward one of the many small terrace littered above the estate gardens.

But I think that I deserve to smile. Ha Ha Ha

As the music played in the background, Blaine watched the stars quietly. He liked this, liked the solitude of the night. His life was filled with so much violence that sometimes he needed a little bit of peace and quiet.

Blaine had begun to show signs of unrest.

This unrest has already started causing concern in his family. They loved him and worry for his safety. His position was such that any unrest could be a dangerous risk to his life.

After much debate and to Blaine's horror his family had decided that he needed a husband. Once married, he will be more stable, happy and alert. How they got that from feelings of uneasiness, Blaine still couldn't figure out.

His father and mother were now constantly after him to find someone. Even his playful older brother had become serious.

"Trust me, Blaine. That one someone will make this life more bearable and ease the unrest that plagues you so constantly." His brother words were a constant reminder of how much Cooper had changed after he found his wife Maria. His playboy brother was now all serious Mr. Family Man.

It's not that easy, Blaine thought. It wasn't that Blaine didn't want to get married. It was just that he had yet to find someone. He was just not interested. His past flings were just that, flings. They weren't the type to marry, just to bend over and fuck.

Blaine, while relaxed with his friends, was very ruthless and decisive. He had to be to get where he is today. So while his charming demeanor may fool you into thinking he was harmless. In reality Blaine was vicious to his enemies and stubbornly loyal to the family.

His husband will not only reflect him but his whole family, the Anderson Empire. They needed to be strong, witty, loyal and simply put fucking gorgeous to be even consider becoming an Anderson. Blaine was still waiting for that fire, not the ones that barely lasted for a single night but that ever scorching heat that started from your toes and flared to life in your heart. The ever present of hum that radiated between lovers no matter how far apart.

Call him romantic, if you dare, but Blaine had seen that fire in every Anderson couple and he wanted no needed the same thing.

Loosing himself in his thoughts, Blaine was startled when he heard a lone sign and a shuffle of something being removed from the terrace adjacent to his. Cursing inwardly at his lack of attention, briefly wondering if maybe his family had a point, he quickly adjusted his stance and turned to head back inside.

He had barely taken a step when his heart stopped.

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