Kurt was giving himself a pep talk in the back seat as Elliot looked on from the front with a concerned face. Elliot had been in the service for the Hummels ever since Kurt was born. He had shadowed the boy discreetly in his younger years and was now head bodyguard in all matters related to the young master.

While Elliot was happy for Kurt, he was also concerned. Blaine Anderson was a name not taken lightly in there circle. The idea of him being interested (and he was interested, call me Blaine) in Kurt was making Elliot slightly weary. The Andersons were notorious for being monogamous, dismissing the older one youth adventures, Blaine Anderson himself had not dated anyone since his father's passing. So while saving them had made political sense, the idea of a man like him asking for a date was confusing.

What really surprised Elliot was Jack's reassurance for this "outing". The man, while stern about Kurt's safety, was actually smiling in briefing today. If Jack Hummel was happy with this occasion then who was Elliot to argue. If he looked upon it as a favorable match….an Anderson and a Hummel….

Elliot whistled quietly under his breath, taking another peak at Kurt in the back seat. Look like your plans for New York are going to change kiddo.


Kurt had been surprised when Blaine had decided to meet at Martini, a modern Italian restaurant in downtown Ohio and one of Kurt's favorite. He was intrigued at the idea of Blaine knowing Kurt's favored restaurant. However dismissed the thought as coincidental after Elliot's backhanded remark about the Anderson's coming from a prestigious Italian background.

Whatever the reason, Kurt could not help but be excited to finally meet Blaine in a more civil setting. After all our last two meeting weren't exactly normal, he mused quietly as the car eased to a stop. Promising himself to make a better impression, Kurt stepped out the car and found himself face to face with one Blaine Anderson.

Kurt startled backwards in shock as a hand shot out to keep him steady. An amused chuckle left Blaine's lips as he eased Kurt back on the curb.

"Sorry", his lips curled into a small smile that charmed Kurt more than leaving him offended.

"It's fine," a red Kurt replied.

"Shall we"? Like a true gentleman, Blaine offered his arm to lead them inside.

A better impression indeed, head shaking wryly at his inability to act normal with all matters related to this Anderson. Kurt took the offered arm and followed him inside.


Martini is known for their variety of wines and handcrafted cocktails. Kurt took a sip of his dark cherry manhattan slowly, enjoying the bourbon as it slipped down his throat. He slanted another glance at his dinner guest and found himself faced with another intense stare. Kurt gulped, he didn't know if he should feel flattered or scared. Blaine had been staring at him for the past ten minutes. He had ordered the house wine and instead of pursuing the menu had been gazing at Kurt instead.

Taking another toss and deciding to take the initiative, Kurt slowly opened his menu while turning his focus to Blaine.

"So, what would you like to eat? The dishes are marvelous here and it's my treat". He smiled prettily causing Blaine to finally move toward his own menu.

Barely sparing the menu a glance, Blaine leaned closer "Why don't you pick something for me? A friend recommended this place and I trust your fine taste."

Kurt found himself pausing momentarily at the implication but quickly opened the menu to the appetizers.

"Of-Course, how about we start with the heirloom beat salad and maybe some clams for the entrée".

"Whatever you like," smiled Blaine leaning backward comfortably in his chair, "So Kurt, I hope you don't mind but I wanted to clear something straight away before we started".

Kurt gave there order to the waiter and turned on Blaine curiously, "What is it Blaine"?

"I like you, Kurt".

Kurt gaped, "Excuse-me".

Blaine kept on smiling and seem to relax further down in his seat. "I like you, Kurt. We are both adults and I refuse to play any games. I'm interested in you and want to know you intimately in every way possible". The last few words were spoken in a huskier tone leaving Kurt stunned in his seat.

"ah..but..", he stammered.

"I don't expect you to feel the same way," replied Blaine calmly, "I just wanted to make my feelings clear so there is no misunderstanding between us about this dinner".

Blaine shifted closer suddenly, his eyes determined and sharp. He took Kurt's hands in his. "I just want you to give us a chance Kurt. I want to become your lover and I want this to be our first date".

"Oh" Kurt couldn't speak, couldn't move. He wasn't sure if his poor heart could take any more surprises. How many times was this man goanna leave him in a tizzy? The words coming out of his mouth were like embers to a burning flame. Kurt never expected such passion from his Wildman. Maybe some light flirting or another dinner but not this, not a commitment.

His head spun in awe and Blaine was still holding his hand and waiting patiently for a reply.

Kurt would later on like to think that if he had known more about Blaine, his answer might have been different. If he had even a small insight about anything related to one Blaine Anderson, he would have said no. However at that time and in that moment with Blaine gazing into his soul with those hazel eyes, the word slipped out before he could even comprehend its repercussion.



"Hey Kiddo, did you have a good time"?

Kurt looked up sharply at his father's voice while closing the front door.

"Yeah, it was alright. I'm tired though, think I'll go to bed a little early tonight," replied Kurt giving his father a small smile as he hugged him goodnight.

Burt Hummel arched his eyebrow and gave Kurt his best I-know-something-is-up look. However Kurt just smiled. "Tomorrow, I'll tell you everything at breakfast. Promise"!

Shaking his head, Burt waved him off to bed and left for his own sweet slumber. Tomorrow, he thought, after all Kurt did looked tired.

Kurt closed the door behind him and leaned against it in relief. His heart pounded loudly and he was afraid that everyone could hear it.

After hearing Kurt consent, Blaine face had broken into a huge smile as if Kurt had promised him the moon. The rest of the night had been perfect. They had many things in common from books to the movies they like to watch. It had been an enchanting night and Blaine made it better by asking Kurt on another date to the new Hugh Jackman movie.

The only sour note he could think of in the entire evening was that Blaine hadn't kissed him. For someone who had no problem in expressing himself, he had clearly seemed to hold back in kissing Kurt goodnight.

Kurt moaned softly at the thought. Maybe it was a good thing that Blaine hadn't kissed him. Kurt would have hated to embarrass himself further by fainting in front of his hot date. Making another whining sound, he threw himself on the bed and buried his head underneath the pillows. A second later, his head came out in a hurry. Mercedes, he had to call Mercedes.


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