The Patron Saint and Her Daughter

Summary: "Who are you?"

"Who am I? Oof, well that's a long story. Starts with a certain Sarah Jane Smith. Quite a popular name that. Quite a few Sarah Janes all over the universe, but only one Sarah Jane Smith. Well, of course there's only one Sarah Jane Smith. Which is the opposite of what you would expect really, well, being that Smith is the most common last name-"

"Is there a point to this?!"

"-Oh there's a point. Just one you're not gonna like. See, as a UNIT officer I assume you know about the… myths, legends…uh-fairy tales. Of The Patron Saint of Doctors, and her Doctor, The First Doctor, Her only Doctor. The only One that ever mattered. And their family, their children-their powerful children. Their son, Luke. A boy genius with intelligence you can't even dream of. With power. And their two eldest daughters, the younger of which called Sky. Because… one day she just… fell, right out the sky… straight into The Patron Saint's arms. To be held, to be cared for, to be loved like their own-and, oh, she was. She was loved so much. And the power these two children had-oh! It was enough to make even the most powerful dictator scream with envy. But no…no, that was nothing. Not compared to the eldest daughter. Ruby, as the legends say. With red-hot flames for hair and blood stained eyes. Now-now she had power. Real power. Enough to make the sanest man lose his mind."

"They say that… that, this girl held so much power… that it hurt. Agony. And this pain turned to anger, and the anger turned to a bloodlust. That with just the flick of a finger… civilisations would fall, in a heartbeat. Whole planets just… gone. And they had names for her-so many. A child, a daughter, a wife. A protector… a weapon. On Arcadian V, they call her 'The Flaming Red Death'. In the Dextryan Sector she's known as 'The Burning Manifestation of Sorrow'-I like that one, that's my favourite. The Angel of Blood. So many different names. Fear. Sorrow. Heartbreak. The very thing that wakes terrified children in the dead of night. The chill that goes down your back. They say that's why she's red. Because she was stained with the blood of thousands of lives when she born. And she vows to spend the rest of her life seeking revenge on the Universe for the curse thrown on her. "

"But this… weapon, was a daughter. A loved daughter. The Patron Saint adored her, with blissful denial. And this bond… a bond between mother and daughter… stronger than anything the Universe could create. Unbreakable… But people tried. Failed, but tried. Failed because… when someone tried to hurt her mother, when her mother lay dying, She would come… save her. And they say… that this was when She was most deadly. When someone threatened her mother… that's when she unleashed hell. "

"Legends state that her hair would begin to burn in front of your eyes… and her eyes would seep blood… the blood of the innocent. And every myth, every legend… every bedtime story about 'The Daughter Ruby' ends with… if you ever have the misfortune to see the burning cold hatred in her eyes… it was the last thing you ever saw."

"So… in answer of your question: who am I?... My name's Ruby. And I'm sorry-I'm so sorry… "

"…but I'm the last thing you'll ever see."