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The sun was rising. As the nocturnal denizens of Morganville were finding their sleeping spots, the human citizens were rising, completely unaware of their very precarious situation. The home that most had known their entire lives was no longer the home they had learned to navigate. Bracelets and name dropping wouldn't be enough anymore. Dutifully paying ones blood taxes was no longer an assurance that one would be left in peace (or as close to peace as one ever got in Morganville).

Things had changed. A revolution was underway. Death was in every shadow, hovering over every shoulder, waiting for one mistake, one wrong step, one accident - or even just the right time. And yet, there was no sign. No warning that things weren't as they should be. Nothing except a house that stood empty when it never had before, and the ghost of a girl fading in the sunlight as she stood by the open window, waiting and hoping that someone - anyone - would return home. As she faded away, the girl thought she saw movement at the end of the street and prayed that it was her friends, the only friends she had ever known in a life full of sorrow and sadness, a life cut brutally short, finally returning to the safety of Glass House.

But the figure was not one of Glass House's four companions. It was a young, slim woman, wearing a pair of cheap running shoes. She jogged at a slow pace - slow enough that any veteran jogger would know that she was a novice. It was fortunate that there weren't very many early-morning joggers in Morganville. She wore a brand new matching sweat suit - gray sweatpants and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt. The hood was pulled up over her head, where a plain blue ball cap covered the girl's hair. Huge aviator sunglasses covered most of a makeup-free face.

The jogger paused at the corner of Lot Road, stretching as she looked left and right for oncoming traffic - or maybe for anyone paying too close of attention to her. Satisfied, she stood, rounded the corner, and headed not for the empty Glass House, but the newly built home across the street. No one noticed when the jogger veered off the road and onto the newly landscaped yard of the home. No one saw when she knelt down on the porch behind bushes that had been strategically placed to prevent an easy view of the comings and goings of the home's owner.

No one noticed as she pressed the buzzer beside the door and whispered a few select words into the speaker. And if anyone noticed as she opened the door and slipped into the house, no one mentioned it.