Regina raised an eyebrow as she watched the confident warrior stride in her direction. She'd removed her armour, leaving her in tight leather pants and boots, along with a simple white cotton shirt tucked in.

She bit her lip. Mulan was hot... And if the rumours she'd heard about the fighter were true, she was half-and-half. The Queen tilted her head to inspect the crotch of the leather pants, and her eyes widened.

She watched as Mulan stopped at the counter of the diner and leant on it, giving Regina a wonderful side-view of both her ass and the bulge at her crotch.

Ruby recommended a meal and told Mulan to take a seat, that she'd bring it over. Regina smirked. The diner was packed to bursting, and the only empty seat was at her table.

Mulan strode towards it. "May I sit with you, your Majesty?" She asked calmly. Regina just nodded, smiling.

"So, how are you liking Storybrooke and this world?"

"The carriages are very odd, there are some very strange devices, and I've yet to find clothes I like wearing other than these. Not to mention that those who take me to buy clothes have me shopping in the ladies section." She shifted a little as if uncomfortable - she must have been wearing women's underwear.

Regina reached over under the table and placed her hand on Mulan's thigh. "I'm sure we could find something more... Well fitted for you." She smiled that predatory smile that she always used to get those she wanted into her bed. "If you let me see just what size we're working with here."

She stroked a finger in circles on the other woman's inner thigh, and winked.

"I..." Mulan started, not used to this kind of attention. Despite her cluelessness about this world, she knew exactly what the royal was hinting to. "Only if we can find somewhere slightly more private," She finally said, taking in the slightly stunned face of the other woman before smirking.

Regina grinned and took out a pen, drawing on a napkin. "These are directions to my house from here." She pushed the tissue across as a waitress brought food. "Whenever you're ready." She grabbed her purse and strutted out, making sure to sway her hips a little more. Mulan, of course, watched.

Three knocks sounded on the door of 108 Mifflin Street, the door opening just moments later.

Once Mulan was inside, Regina took her hand and led her up to her bedroom.

They wasted no time in getting undressed, and the Queen dropped a hand between the Warrior's legs as they fell onto bed together.

"You'll have to excuse any mistakes," Mulan whispered against Regina's breasts between kisses. "It's been a year or so."

"I'd say the same if I wasn't so confident about my skills." Centre the reply.

Mulan slid off of the bed and onto the floor, pushing Regina's thighs apart and latching her lips onto her clit. She moaned and writhed on the bed, burying her hands in black hair and feeling a skilled tongue explore her.

It was no secret that the land Mulan originated from - Kina - was a land of sexual freedom. Everyone knew that those from Kina were the best and most promising lovers, and Mulan's... condition was a normal thing over there.

Regina pulled her up into a hungry kiss, moaning again at the taste of herself.

She reached down and began to stroke an already-hard cock, moaning at the length and thickness and wondering if she'd even be able to take it.

It wasn't long before both of them were desperate for the other, and Regina finally rolled them over and slipped down onto the appendage. She had to stop when she felt a twinge of pain, but once it passed she continued and sat quite happily in Mulan's lap.

"Oh, good Merlin, that is exceptional..." She sighed, her hips starting to roll gently. "Yes, absolutely exquisite..."

Mulan held onto Regina hips, gritting her teeth in pleasure.

The Mayor, of course, hadn't had sex since Graham had died - since she'd killed him - and had been resorting to fixing her urges all by herself. With the arrival of Mulan, however, perhaps she could start being regularly pleasured again.

The other woman hadn't been with someone since the last time she was in her hometown - not long before meeting Prince Phillip - and she was glad to find that no one in her past could compare to the feel of Regina.

They clung to each other, moaning and thrusting and starting to sweat.

"Harder, faster!" Regina pleaded, her muscles finally relaxing and feeling able to take everything the other had to offer.

Mulan didn't hesitate in fulfilling the order, rolling them over and pinning Regina down as she picked up her pace and taking a nipple in her mouth, biting and sucking gently.

Her hard hands seemed to be everywhere at once, touching every possible weak spot and pressure point in the hopes of getting a reaction - and finding many. The woman she was touching couldn't stop moaning and writhing, having never bedded such an experienced lover, who seemed to already know every inch of Regina's body.

"Oh, Mulan, yes!" She moaned again, digging her nails into well-built shoulders.

The Warrior was the first to climax, managing to pull out before coming inside Regina. Once she'd calmed just enough she thrust again, helping Regina to her orgasm - and holding her as she shook.

A few minutes later, they lay together on the silk sheets, panting.

"That was..." Regina mumbled.



"Oh yes."