"Have you ever been dominated?" Mulan asked through heavy breaths, lying back on rumpled silk sheets with Regina on her chest - who lifted her head curiously. "Willingly," She clarified.

Regina thought for a long moment, toying with the small necklace her lover was wearing. "No, not willingly. Why?" She frowned, leaning in for a quick and soft kiss.

"Would you be? With someone you could trust?"

She thought longer this time, staring down at the pressed metal circle with the shape of a small dagger. "I think... It could be very interesting. With someone I trust."

They were quiet for a few minutes, Mulan's hand stroking up and down Regina's bare back. "Do you trust me?" She asked quietly.

"After the past week we've had together? Of course," Regina grinned down at her. "We've done some things that I would never let be done to me without trust. My ass is still slightly sore..." She laughed softly.

Mulan just smiled back and closed her eyes, plotting in her mind.

~One week later~

There was a loud knock at the door of 108 Mifflin Street and Regina opened it with a raised eyebrow. Mulan stood there, wearing her full leather armour.

"And what's this for, dear?" She smirked before frowning. "Unless the Charming's have got into your head and turned you against me..."

Mulan chuckled and pushed her way inside, closing the door behind her and slipping her arms around Regina's waist. "Living room. Now," She ordered, hoping that her eyes could convey her playful demand.

Regina stared, confused, but soon smirked and did as told, understanding straight away.

Mulan took a seat in the middle of the couch quite comfortably, brushing some dust from her torso. "Strip."

The Mayor moved to close the curtains but her wrist was grabbed. "No. Strip."

"Someone might see..." She hesitated, but brought her free hand up to undo her shirt anyway.

"Good. They can watch as you do as I say."

Regina, of course, refused to give up all of the power - asserting her dominance by swaying to an imaginary beat, very slowly stripping herself naked.

She started by popping open her shirt buttons (rather melodramatically) one by one, before letting the silky cloth slip from her shoulders and pool on the floor. She turned so she faced Mulan side-on, undoing her skirt zipper and letting that fall, too. Her bra followed, hanging on her shoulders a few moments too long, in Mulan's opinion.

Once her panties dropped to the floor and she was bare but for her black heels, she looked to the crotch of Mulan's leather pants and grinned, seeing the thick bulge straining against them after her... performance.

Mulan growled a little, roughly grabbing Regina and pulling her onto her lap. "You said you would be dominated by one you trust," She whispered in her ear, "So submit to me."

"I'm just a little scared," came the quiet reply, "I've gotten used to being in power... last time I wasn't, it was.."

"I promise not to hurt you, my Queen. If I overstep the boundaries, just tell me."

Regina nodded, slipping her arms around Mulan's shoulders and pressed her bare chest against cold leather, her nipples hardening almost painfully.

She whined a little bit, already wet and wanting to feel Mulan's touch where she needed it most.

"Grind on me."

Not one to delay, Regina instantly moved to straddle one thigh and moaned as she pressed herself against more cold leather.

Mulan remained silently passive, just watching. She put on the expression of being unimpressed, causing Regina to frown and grind harder, as if in an effort to please her lover more.

It didn't take long for Regina to reach the edge, but groaned unhappily at her inability to come.

"M-Mulan...?" She asked quietly, whimpering a little. All she got was a raised eyebrow in reply. "I n-need to c-cum..."

"What do you expect me to do about it?" She shrugged.

Another desperate whimper. Regina didn't stop grinding, too desperate and eager to get off. She knew that she was in the mindset of the submissive now - Mulan had asserted her dominance over her, and her body would refuse to climax without permission.

"You want to cum?" Mulan asked, the situation having a stronger effect on her than she'd expected. Regina nodded, whining again. "Say please," she growled, slipping her hands to soft buttocks and groping roughly.

The Queen hesitated, biting her lip and still grinding onto leather pants. 'Please' wasn't a word she'd said in a long time, perhaps not since she was a teenager. Could she really trust Mulan?

Yes. Yes, she could, she decided, muttering a desperate 'please' against Mulan's lips, staring into her eyes.

"Please, Master, let me cum..." She said, louder, and sighed in relief at the smile she was given as a hand slipped between her thighs to help her along.

It was only a second before Regina arched and threw her head back, rolling her hips to draw the orgasm out as long as she could, moaning loudly and grasping Mulan's shoulders. As soon as the climax subsided she began to slump backwards, but was easily caught and held against a leathered chest.

Mulan turned and lay Regina back on the sofa, kneeling up between her legs to remove her armour, getting down to the shirt and leather pants again, then leaning down and drawing Regina into a slow and sensual kiss.

"I need you inside me," Regina pleaded, mumbling, against her lips. "Please, I need you to fill me, please..."

The air of domination was gone, and Mulan stripped completely, wrapping her arms around the Queen's waist and pulling them flush against each other.

Their movements now were more caring, if anything, and as they easily moved together on the sofa, their hearts seemed to beat as one.

The two spent the next hour moving slowly together, ending up on the floor between the sofa and coffee table.

They lay side by side when neither could go any longer, and Regina gulped as she stared up at the ceiling. Her heart had never felt this way after sex before - and she found she just couldn't call what she'd partaken in 'sex'. It was lovemaking. Yes... she'd made love with Mulan.

She smirked, doubting many others could say that.