Future fic, A.U.

I don't know much about the Index light novels though I am slowly reading through them now hence the A.U. I am slowing reading the novels right now though. On volume 14 right now.

Mikoto is a Junior in HS, Kuroko a sophomore. and Saten & Uiharu attend A Certain Highschool. Touma is here as well.

Also this is a Mikoto/Kuroko fic. There's a lack of stories for these two princesses and my shipper heart just wouldn't allow me to sit tight without writing somethingat least. Note since this is a future fic Mikoto and co have grown up a little.

(rewrote the chapter a little, hopefully it flows a bit better now)


Part 1

Saturday, August 15th, 10:23a.m.

The form of Shirai Kuroko seemingly disappeared from sight only to reappear more than 80 meters away from the original spot.

"Uiharu, stay on the alert and be prepared to contact Anti-Skill on my signal," Kuroko stated in a clear, authoritative voice as she teleported from building to building in a manner of seconds. Her hair was free of its usual pigtails causing it to occasionally whip across her face, which she found a bit of a nuisance but not enough to distract her from her goal.

She landed on the ledge of a three story high building before turning and flipping backwards. She landed gently her feet a few meters away from the area where the criminals were seen.

Kuroko sighed as she swept her hair back before taking a deep breath and taking off in a sprint.

For the past several days there had been reports of a gang of Skill-Out members robbing convenience stores and looting vending machines. The only reason that they had not been caught is because they've somehow been able to completely disappear without a trace.

Through some unethical practices from Kuroko-who thoroughly "questioned" a supposed friend of the gang-and Uiharu-who had hacked into the surrounding cameras in the area of the last robbery-they were able to figure out where the gang was hiding out.

After a day of surveillance, Kuroko felt that they were prepared to go in.

While normally Kuroko was able to keep a level head when it came to these matters, she couldn't help but feel a bit edgy today. And it had a lot to do with the fact that Onee-sama had been acting strange for the past week.

Though she tried her best to keep her personal and professional life separate, when it came to her Onee-sama she found herself unable to completely block the older girl out, even at times like these.

Kuroko was a little scared that she was letting her feelings get in the way of doing her job properly but she couldn't help feeling a bit worried about her Onee-sama, which was understandable.

Pushing those thoughts away, Kuroko continued on, her expression not once betraying her emotions. She turned the last corner to the alleyway while slipping her armband on, preparing to announce her usual "This is Judgment," only to stop prematurely at the sparks of electricity that flickered in the air.

Kuroko frowned at the familiar scene. Onee-sama was once again surrounded by the unconscious bodies of thugs.

As if sensing her there, Mikoto turned towards her with her usual bored expression in place. However once Mikoto realized it was her, the expression shifted as a spark of warmth went through brown eyes before a smile bloomed on her face, "Kuroko, hey."

If Kuroko were not so irritated she would have been charmed.

"Again, Onee-sama…?" Kuroko couldn't even find it in herself to be completely angry with the older girl. She straightened up from the slump she unceremoniously found herself in and placed her hands on her hips.

"How many times do I have to say that dealing with the criminals of Academy City is Judgment and Anti-Skill's job before you stop doing this," Kuroko sighed as she walked over to Mikoto, who only smiled at her sheepishly.

"It's not like I asked for them to attack me."

Kuroko's expression soured, "That is beyond the point…." she cut herself off when she noticed Mikoto wasn't paying attention and was instead looking at her phone, "Onee-sama!"

"What are you doing today?" Mikoto asked suddenly as she looked up from her phone and grinned at her, "Want to go out?"

Eyes widening, Kuroko found herself momentarily floored at just how nonchalant Mikoto was acting. All the fight drained out of her as she pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed Uiharu.


Kuroko released a long sigh as she and Mikoto walked down the street.

"That's the third time you've sighed in the past five minutes. I said I was sorry, didn't I?" Mikoto's voice was sincere as she kept pace with Kuroko, keeping her eyes steadily trained on the younger girl, "Kuroko-"

"It is fine, Onee-sama," Kuroko stopped so that she could look Mikoto in the eye, "Everything has been taken care of. Please do not concern yourself with it any longer."

Mikoto placed her hand on her hip and slung her bag over her shoulder, "Then why are you still mad at me?"

"I am not upset."

"You definitely are. You haven't even lectured me yet."

Kuroko glowered, "There is no point in lecturing someone who never listens," she pressed her finger into Mikoto's chest, "However, I will say that what you did was reckless. You are powerful, Onee-sama, but those criminals have been able to evade capture for the past week. One of them may have had a hidden ability. "

Mikoto's lips curled into an amused smile, "It kind sounds like you're lecturing me," she stated dryly a she ran a hand through her hair before stepping even closer to Kuroko, "And what about you?" her voice lowered as her eyes narrowed, "Were you planning on taking all those guys on by yourself?"

"Of coursenot!" Kuroko frowned, "I had Anti-Skill on standby."

"And how long would it have taken for them to get there? More importantly, if you had gotten in a bind how would you have called for help?" Mikoto held her chin up as pride sparkled in her eyes, "It was a lot easier for me to just take care of them, right?."

Kuroko gritted her teeth as the feeling of annoyance grew, "What Onee-sama seems to conveniently forget is that I am a Judgment member. Possibly sustaining injuries is part of the job."

"Oh, so you want to get hurt?"

"You are missing the point entirely!"

A familiar ringtone drew their attention away from each other and onto the sound. Kuroko took a deep breath before answering the call with a low, "Hello?"

Kuroko listened for a few seconds before her expression shifted, "Yes, this is Shirai. Tell me the situation…"

Mikoto sighed as Kuroko walked away from her, the girl completely immersed her new conversation. She raised a finger to her temple and lightly scratched, unsure how she could fix this without angering Kuroko further.

Eyes drifting shut in concentration, Mikoto pondered on why she even cared to put forth so much effort considering the amount of times she and Kuroko had had this argument and gotten over it in a matter of days.

It probably had a lot to do with the conversation she had with Touma a week ago -

"Onee-sama, I must head back to the office to take care of an urgent matter," Kuroko stated as she shut her phone while turning towards her, "We shall continue this conversation later."

"Fine," Mikoto muttered as she huffed before looking off to the side. She felt something prick at her heart when Kuroko merely shook her head at her before teleporting away.

Mikoto glared at a random street vendor before sighing and ruffling her hair. She held her hand over her eye as her shoulders drooped.

She stood in the middle of the sidewalk unmoving for a few minutes before dropping her hand and sliding it into her pocket. She pulled out her cell and called the only person she could talk to about her current predicament.

"Hey, Touma? Do you have a second?"


"So what you're saying," Touma's eyes shone of disapproval," is that instead of telling Shirai about your feelings, you decided to butt in her investigation, start a fight with a bunch of guys and then argue with her about it."

"Well, when you say it like that it just sounds bad," Mikoto twirled her straw around her glass of coconut soda slowly, palm resting against her cheek.

Touma released a long sigh, "HonestlyMikoto…"

"I know, I know!" she lowered her head to the table tiredly, "You don't have to tell me."

The two sat across from each other in a small booth at a certain restaurant in the city where they had been meeting infrequently since Mikoto had turned fifteen. Over the past two years they spent some time getting to know each other.

At first it was hard for Mikoto. After all, she had been in love with Touma. However Touma had barely shown any romantic interest in her and when he did it was always offhanded comments that ended up sounding a lot more insulting than the boy probably intended.

Once she realized that her feelings would go nowhere, she was content with simply loving him from afar. However, after spending time with him, she realized just how ill-suited he was for her.

At that acknowledgement, she began treating him like a regular friend, which she noticed he seemed to appreciate a lot more than the way she acted around him before.

Touma rested his cheek against his palm, "Even after all this time, you still refuse to be honest with yourself, Mikoto," he pointed out, not unkindly.

Mikoto's frowned as she fell silent, her eyes drawing shut.

There, in the quiet, dimly lit restaurant with the boy she once loved, she thought back to her realization nearly a week ago.


A Certain Pair of Roommates Apartment Complex

August 7th, 9:42 a.m.

It had been a normal day for Mikoto. She had woken up a half past noon in the spacious apartment that she shared with her kouhai like any other Saturday.

Though their private academy had dorms that were perfectly suitable for any student, Mikoto preferred living in an apartment due to the fact that she was less likely to run into any devoted fangirls-minus the one who was living with her.

Kuroko may have toned down her antics since entering high school but that's probably how Mikoto would always view her, even though it was more in an affectionate manner than an annoyed one.

After all, Kuroko was her best friend. That's why when Kuroko was accepted into her academy, Mikoto suggested she move in, something which Kuroko readily agreed on.

Since the apartment-which was more like a condo-came with two bedrooms it afforded Mikoto with the privacy she needed to feel at ease, though with Kuroko's ability she didn't get to indulge in that privacy as often as she would have liked…

"Kuroko," Mikoto yawned as she walked out of her room and into the living room, rubbing her stomach from under her shirt, "Do we have any-"

Kuroko handed Mikoto a glass of milk before Mikoto had the chance to finish her sentence as she strode by her. Mikoto watched curiously as Kuroko scribbled on her notepad before walking over to the glass table situated in the middle of the room and sitting down.

"Thanks," Mikoto took a sip of her drink, "What are you working on?"

Releasing a small sigh, Kuroko set the pad down and turned to look at her, "Just some notes for this case. The situation is growing a bit out of hand and I am trying to figure out a solution without resorting to unsavory means."

Mikoto hummed as she chugged the rest of her milk before setting it on the kitchen counter and walking over to where Kuroko was. She sat next to her before resting her head on her arms and smiling up Kuroko, "It's fine and all that you're working so hard, but don't stress yourself out too much, okay?" she reached up so that she could press her finger against Kuroko's forehead, "It wouldn't do anyone good if you got sick."

A small blush shaded Kuroko's cheeks at the sudden yet not unexpected concern, "I know…" she murmured, a small smile tugging at her lips, "Thank you for worrying about me, Onee-sama."

For some reason, Mikoto felt her face heat up; she slowly lowered her finger, "A-ah, it's no problem, really," she stuttered before returning the smile.

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment before Mikoto reached forward once more so that she could brush a few strands of auburn hair back, her thumb gently stroking across Kuroko's temple.


Mikoto's eyes widened comically as if she just realized what she did, "Sorry!" she laughed awkwardly as she stood up, palming the back of her neck as she turned away from the table and stretched, "man, I must have slept weird or something, my neck hurts," she quickly changed the subject as she made her way to the dining room table.

Lately things between them had been confusing. There were moments where they would stare at each other for too long or Mikoto would find herself touching Kuroko unnecessarily; even more confusing the times when Mikoto would find herself responding to Kuroko's advances, wanting more. Mikoto sighed, feeling weary all of the sudden.

Why am I acting so weird?

She felt eyes pierce her back but thankfully Kuroko said nothing more than "Right…" before making her way over to where Mikoto was standing.

Neither of them spoke for a moment before Kuroko placed her hand on the small of Mikoto's back and rested her head against her shoulder, "I made breakfast. Make sure to each everything."

Mikoto felt herself lean into the touch, "Hah, don't I always?"

"Hmm," Kuroko eyed her in amusement, "I seem to recall Onee-sama suspiciously depositing what appeared to be the cup of tempura I prepared in the garbage yesterday."

"Geh-" Mikoto could practically feel a sweat drop rolling down her cheek as she blushed in embarrassment and looked up towards the ceiling, "Uh…I don't remember doing that."

Kuroko sighed, "Honestly, Onee-sama is such a child sometimes," she smiled softly as she moved to face her, her palms gently brushing against her sides.

She placed her hand on Mikoto's cloth covered stomach while fixing her with a stern gaze, "It is important to have a fully balanced meal."

"What are you, my mother?" Mikoto felt her face heat up and her stomach tense from the gentle caress. She swallowed thickly before stepping back so that Kuroko's hand would fall.

"Fine," she shakily ran her palm through her hair as she walked over to the dining table, "I'll eat everything on my plate. Promise."

"That is all I am asking Onee-sama," Kuroko pulled her apron off and set it on the counter, "Enjoy your breakfast. I am heading to the office to continue working."

Mikoto looked up from her meal, "Hm? Aren't you eating?" she asked as she picked up her bowl of rice and chopsticks, "There's too much here for just me."

Kuroko smiled, moved by Mikoto's concern, "I am fine, Onee-sama. I already ate before you woke up…" she trailed off before smirking mischievously, making Mikoto immediately suspicious.

"What is-K-kuroko!" Mikoto's cheeks turned pink as Kuroko disappeared from sight only to land on her lap and nuzzle her neck affectionately.

"Of course, I would not mind having Onee-sama as an afternoon snack~"

"Don't get your hopes up, kid," Mikoto stated dryly as she picked up a tempura with her chopstick and popped it in her mouth, seemingly unconcerned by Kuroko's actions. At least that's how it looked to Kuroko. Inside Mikoto felt her stomach clench as her kouhai's legs softly brushed against hers.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to stay calm, What is wrong with me?

"Mou, Onee-sama is so cruel," Kuroko whined as she moved back so that she could pout at her.

"Yeah, yeah," Mikoto blushed a little when she noticed Kuroko smiling at her adoringly. She looked away, "Shouldn't you get going? Konori-senpai will scold you if you're late right?"

Kuroko did as she asked with no argument.


August 7th, 12:15 p.m.

"Ah, having a pretty girl cook you breakfast every morning and dote on you; Misaka-san is living the high life while the rest of us suffer in misfortune."

"I really don't want to hear that from a guy who always seems to have beautiful foreign women hanging around him," Mikoto glared at Touma from the corner of her eye as they walked down the street together.

Touma released a heavy sigh, "Trust me when I say it's nothing to feel fortunate about."

Mikoto rolled her eyes in amusement, "Whatever," she muttered before smiling back at him, "Speaking of which, how is Index-san?"

"Eh, she's in France now with a few of our friends," Touma felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips, "She'll be back in a few days."

"Hmm…" Mikoto smirked as she stared straight ahead, "You must miss her since you usually go with her when she heads out of the country."

"I don't miss the dent she puts in my wallet."

Mikoto laughed as the continued walking down the street, their conversation dissolving into small talk. They were heading to see a movie, something they both enjoyed doing on occasion because it gave them a chance to relax and watch other people having to fight for their lives.

They rounded the corner where the theater was.

"Man, it's so hot," Mikoto raised her arms up and stretched before placing her hands behind her neck, "We should get some ice cream when we're-huh? Touma?" Mikoto frowned as she ran into his back, "What's the big deal-"

"Isn't that Shirai?"

"Huh?" Mikoto turned to where Touma was looking and instantly recognized the familiar twin pigtails of her roommate. Something in her warmed and for some reason she felt embarrassed, suddenly remembering their earlier conversation.

"I thought you said she was working."

Mikoto glanced over in confusion, "She is…" she trailed off when she noticed that Kuroko was standing close and speaking with a pretty brunette girl Mikoto had never seen before.

Her eyes widened as something in her chest clenched.

"If that's work then where do I sign up to be a Judgment member," Touma joked with a grin. They continued watching as Kuroko and the other girl talked for a few minutes before Kuroko leaned up to kiss the brunette on the cheek.

Mikoto's stomach dropped.

"Do you know her, Mikoto-" Touma paused when he noticed her expression, eyes widening in surprise at the irritation he could see painted clearly on her face. He suddenly had a bad feeling.


"It's such a nice day out, let's walk around some more!" Mikoto suddenly said, an annoyed smile on her face as she turned on her heel, an air anger surrounding her as she stomped off.

Touma sweat dropped, "Eh? But the movie…" he pointed across the street.

"Let's go!"

His shoulders drooped, "Fukou da," he sighed as he watched her go with a frown, "Guess we're not seeing that movie today after all."