"I will fucking kill you," Jackson ground his teeth, growling at Scott. "You always have to ruin everything. Every fucking thing. You always have to take what I want!"

Scott didn't do as much as wince. "You can have everything else, Jackson. But, this- this is something you can never have. He is something you can never take." Scott nodded to Stiles, the wolf's expression as hard as ice. "Can't lose something you never had." The two boys eyes met with such looks so loving that it could melt iron.

Stiles woke up in a cold sweat, panting. He looked over at his alarm clock. Three am. Another good couple of hours until hell started. Did he think hell? Well, an understatement, really. School.. a couples of hours until the shit hole of Beacon Hills rang it's bells. Stiles didn't feel like sleeping; not really. He had too much shit on his mind and too little to do with it. He was worthless, to himself, at least. Everyone in this God forsaken town had powers, abilities, fuck, half of them weren't even human. Not that Stiles wanted to be like them- no, he just felt left out. Everyone seemed to have a special connection with someone because of this stupid shit. What did he have? A best friend who even he could be confusing at times. Even Scott couldn't talk to him about everything. He had his dad, yeah, but, there was only so much 'friend' talk one could have with his dad.

Stiles shook away these thoughts. He should be grateful, right? A sigh escaped his parted lips. He was under a lot of stress, to add on top of the cluster fuck happening around here; he had been having nightmares, things that made no sense to him whatsoever. Funny thing was, they were always small things, small things that happened to for some reason.. happen.

But, this dream.. this last nightmare that just occurred… seemed different. Weird. More serious.

Stiles groaned. He didn't need to think about any of this shit, he needed to relax. Shifting in his bed, he went to turn to go back to his sleeping paradise when he felt stiffness between his legs. Great..

One of his infamous early morning boners. Going without sex would do that to a guy, though. Stiles had been getting them more often lately, worse than usual. Ever since Danny and him broke up about a month ago, his love life was off the tracks. Danny dumped him because naturally, Stiles could not tell him the truth about what was going on. Danny didn't tolerate lying; not that Stiles could blame him. Danny was a great guy, but if he was being honest with himself, he never really loved him. No, because no matter how hard he tried, no one could stand to fucking compete with him; the one person who never left, the one he always cared for above all else.. the one that made his damned cock stir. No one else. Of course not, anyone else would be second best. Stiles hated that. Why the hell did he have to love what he couldn't have?

Stiles reached down to touch his waist, his hand sliding underneath his boxer briefs to meet the throbbing bulge that hardened at the touch. Closing his eyes, he imagined that dark hair, dark eyes.. that sweet laughter. After about five minutes of pleasuring himself, he came, hot over the sheets.

With a silent whimper, he grabbed Kleenex and wiped himself down, curling back up unto bed.

He stared at the ceiling, a tear escaping his eyes. He would be the only guy to cry after release.

Stiles clenched his fists, shutting his eyes.

His last thought before hours of sleep was, 'I'm pathetic..'

"I need to talk to you," A deep voice with a snarl at the end rang in his ears. Jackson. He knew before he slammed the locker door.


He turned to meet his speaker.

Jackson. Naturally.

"What do you want, Jackson?" Stiles quirked a brow and sighed. Jackson had been getting on his last nerves. Maybe it was because no matter what, Mr. Fucking Perfect could do no wrong; Stiles came out to the school, he got picked on. Jackson came out, he got one good punch from Lydia and a shrug from the Lacrosse team.

Popularity could be so cruel.

"You," He replied, voice smooth. "Go out with me?" He actually phrased it as a question. What was his angle? He even sounded.. nervous.

Stiles snorted, leaning against his locker. "Years of eye-rolling and looking at me as if I'm some kind of dog your idea of flirting?" He shot back. "Plan on doing some asking me to the prom, and then pouring pigs blood on me? This isn't Carrie, dude. I know you're new to the whole 'Gay Thing' but trust me, we're not stupid."

"Hard to get?" Jackson shrugged.

Sarcastic ass. Stiles turned to walk away. An arm stopped him.

He looked down on Jackson's hold on his wrist, "Let go." He bit down on his tongue.

Jackson exhaled, not breaking his hold, just lightening it, "Look, I'm being serious, I just really never fe—"

An elbow pinned Jackson to the locker. A boy holding Jackson by the collar. His stomach fluttered.



One.. two.. three.


If he so much as touches Stiles again..

"Scott, let him go," Stiles tensed, going by his side. "He's fine.. We were just talking."

"So protective of him, aren't you, wolf?" Jackson grinned, whispering the last word. "I was just asking him out on a date, okay? Chill." His words came out like acid to Scott. He might have had a sweet spot for Stiles, looking at him openly now that he came out, but it did not change the fact he hated Scott. Scott was nowhere near conceited, but he knew Jackson was jealous.

"The hell you are." Scott spat out, clenching Jackson's shirt tail. "You aren't making my best friend just another fuck. I'll kill you first."

Before Jackson could speak, Stiles put his hand on Scott's shoulder. The wolf had to suppress a shiver. "Look, Scott, I can make that decision for myself." Was Scott hearing this right? He grit his teeth, letting Kanima boy go.

"The fuck?" Scott asked. Jackson smirked. Stiles simply rolled his eyes at Jackson and muttered something about not getting too cocky. "Unbelievable." Scott walked away, storming out of the school.

Since when could Stiles tolerate Jackson? His best friend and his enemy possibly dating? No fucking way. It was not his decision, no, but he knew Jackson was too good for him. He deserved better. Someone who cared, like—

"Scott, wait up, man."

He turned around. Stiles.


Ah, fucknuts.

"Look, man, wait up, okay? I know Jackson asking me out seems suspicious—I'm not niave, but coming out was a big step for him, alright? Before one comes out, he can experience a feeling to bully others or take it out on people who are like himself, out of spite," Stiles ran a hand through his hair.

God, he thought Scott looked sexy with his new haircut. So beautiful.. "But, even if I cannot date him, due to suspicions, I won't leave him in the dark. Finding something out so true about one's self can take a toll on him. I won't just bully him or leave his presence. Two wrongs don't make a right."

"He doesn't fucking care about you! He just wants a good fuck." Scott's eyes blazed. This was more than being a friend. What had been up with him lately? He did not even seem to care Alison and him had broken up and she'd gone rogue, her precious little grandpaw dead.

"And so what if he does? Maybe I want him to," Stiles growled.

.. Did Scott.. wince?

"You don't know the fucking first thing about being gay! You don't know the first thing about being gay; how it feels to be alone and different. Why the hell do you care this much? I'm not your boyfriend, Scott. You don't have me on a leesh." Stiles froze. Did he just.. say that?

Scott went stone cold still. His eyes full of hurt. "I'm your best friend," He whispered.

Stiles' gaze dropped. All you'll ever be.. "Best friends don't cock block," He tried to joke. He knew he was failing when Scott stepped closer.

"What if I knew what it was like, yeah? What if every day, I walked around.. knowing I was different? Let's say, I looked at guys the way other guys oogled at girls. I got hard from the thought of another male's warm body latched to mine. It felt wrong.. but, so right?" Stiles' eyes widened. Scott stepped closer. "Sounds about right, Stiles?" He exhaled, stepped so close to Stiles, his warm breath was on his neck, "What if I was gay?"

Stiles met his gaze. His heart was racing. "..What if Beiber could sing?" He tried to joke. But, there was no joking when he was this nervous. No time for joking.

Scott acted like he didn't say a word. "What if I was gay?" He repeated. Oh, god, Stiles' cock was practically doing jump and jacks in his pants. His stomach turned. Heart stopped. Breath quickened. Everything.. fluttered. "I'm gay, Stiles. And I'm.. I don't want him with you because he's going to hurt you.. And because it's going to hurt me. I love you, Stiles. I always have."

An odd sound came from Stiles. Eyes big, heart hammering.. the world went black.