Spots clouded my vision. Blink. Blink. Nervous words screaming filled my ears. Little tiny specs were dotting my eyes. After a few more blinks, I felt warm breath hitting my cheek and I could see that the loud noise was someone yelling over me. My vision wavered, mystery man shaking me. I wanted to tell whomever to fuck off and let me sleep, but instead I coughed, curling my fists. When I was able to move my hands, they rose to my face to rub at my eyes. I wanted to crawl in a hole at that point because my head was pounding so badly. I groaned, blinking slowly again, this time my eyes spotting a precious angel infront of me. A guy so damn hot he could make lesbians turn their heads. A guy who could melt me with one stare. Maybe not an angel.. More like a wolf. Scott.

"Scott?" I sat up, looking around. We were still in the front of Beacon Hills High, the yard practically vacant; a few kids here and there, but no one paying attention. My head throbbed and my heart beat was rapid. God.. it all came back to me; I remembered what happened: Scott being jealous, chasing after me, saying he loved me.. And then fainting. Wow, wait to go sissy Stiles. I squinted and tried my best to stand, staggering occasionally. I bit my lip, running a hand through my hair. I felt something sticky and ignore it. I probably landed in gum. I'd deal with that later.

"Stiles- I- I-" He began, but I didn't let him finish. My bottom lip curled into a snarl and I walked up to him, smacking him dead in the face. "Don't you ever fucking lie to me like that again," I growled, surprised with my own voice. How did he dare lie? And about something like that. Everyone was obvious about my feelings for Scott, surely he was too. I couldn't believe this more than he could believe I just smacked him. His face said it all. His eyes turned yellow in response, but he stayed calm. He stayed quiet, staring at me. "Just leave me alone." I muttered, walking away.

I didn't know what to do anymore. My only lead was to walk home, watch some Supernatural, ogling Dean Winchester until I fell asleep.

When I got home, plans changed. There Scott was, on my bed, laid back on my pillow. He had his elbow cocked downward, head on his palm. He stared at me like I was Jesus himself, his eyes praising me in every direction. I had imagined him in this position so many times, though in the other scenarios, he was naked, bottom lip curled, biting down on it harshly for me. A wicked smirk would paste on his face as he called for me to come to him so he could fu-

"Stiles?" The gorgeous werewolf shook me out of my thoughts. He stood up, walking over to me. "You've got one helluva smack." He laughed, then his face suddenly turned serious. "I didn't lie.." He said softly, chewing his lip. "I.. I feel bad about your head. Sorry I couldn't catch you. I.. um, how's it? Are you okay?" God, his worrying made my heart clench. He cared so much.

I shrugged, touching my head and showing him it. Still sticky. "See, it's fi—" His eyes widened and I met his gaze. My hand was covered in blood, dark and thick. Shit, no wonder why I thought I felt something dripping on me. Oh jeez.. blood, coming out of my head.. Everything registered. I suddenly felt dizzy. Sissy Stiles point two, here we go. I stumbled but Scott ran to me with immense speed and caught me, brushing my hair back slightly. My whole body was electrified. "Stay with me, Stiles, God, hold on.." He picked me up and brought me to the bathroom down the hall, setting me on the counter. I silently thanked God my dad wasn't home to hear all of the groaning I did from the pain.

I rubbed my eyes again and he frowned, rushing to grab a cold rag. "Take off your shirt," He whispered. I complied without hesitation. His jaw twitched, gaze dropping to my torso. The way he was looking at me lit up my face a bright red colour. He instantly looked away when he saw that I caught his stare. He didn't look embarrassed, though; he looked certain—about what, I wasn't sure. His hand slid up to the back of my head, the rag pressing slightly against it. He squeezed the wet rag, water drizzling over my face. He didn't say a word. Neither did I.

He wiped it very softly, pressing the rag against the wound for a bit before he wet it again, this time sliding down to my neck. I reached up to touch my head. Just a concussion with a bit of a gash, nothing too bad, especially not when his hands were on me. I froze, feeling him doing small slow circles with the rag on my neck. His hand slipped downwards, running along my spine. We both knew that he held it there longer than need be, and that there wasn't even too much blood that fell in that direction. His fingers brushed my skin unintentionally, his face looking pained. I shivered, closing my eyes. Fuck, I could come from him just touching me like this.

The rag finally trailed back upwards and settled around my face. He ran his fingers through my hair to comb them back and I nearly groaned aloud. Jesus Christ, how I loved my hair being played with. He must have seen the pleasure rock through my body because he inched forward, this time stepping closer. He set the rag down gently, pressing his lips to my temple where the blood had trickled before he wiped. I shuddered, clutching his arm. "Scott.." I opened my eyes finally, not being able to look away from him doing this. God damn, why was he doing this? He was lying, that son of a-

"Oooh.." My head fell back against the bathroom mirror as his hand slid to my thigh. "Scott, what are you..?" I couldn't finish my sentence, because his hand cupped my neck and his lips were on mine.


Good gracious, this boy is fine, Scott thought as he leaned back. He couldn't seem to take his hands off of the boy. He finally let go of his struggles and pressed his lips to the other's delicious looking pair. Immediately, his cock stirred. Holy fuck, nothing ever felt so good. His nails ground into Stiles' jeans, cursing the thick material. His lips were on fire. Their mouths moved slowly, greedily savoring each second. Stiles kissed back hard and passionate, his tongue snaking around Scott's lips for approval of entrance. Scott's parted lips were happy to oblige.

The boys kissed rough and fiercly for minutes until finally Stiles surprised Scott by staggering off of the counter and pushing Scott to his room without breaking the kiss. Scott didn't even think Stiles noticed as he pushed Scott against his dresser, kissing down his neck. Scott was pretty sure Stiles forgot about the fight—at least for now. He wasn't lying, nonetheless, he'd always been in love with his best friend, too shy to come out. It was a bit low, but he'd even used Alison for a distraction. Distractions.. he was a bit distracted as Stiles cupped his erection, rubbing the bulge with pressure that could have made him explode.

"Now.." Scott bucked up. He wanted all of him. Foreplay, sweet words, sex. He wanted to make love to Stiles. "I want you naked." He growled, trying to shake off his pants.

"No going back.. after.. Ahhh.." Stiles bucked into his hand as Scott's hand ran along the curve of his taut ass, clenching.

"Want you bad.." Scott murmured into his ear as he nibbled on it, "No going back." At that, Scott tore off his shirt and shorts in seconds.

The boys were feeling, touching, moaning, and kissing for minutes, both left in just their boxers. They were stumbling on the bed when Scott froze.

Another wolf.. another creature.. something. Nearby. Protect. Kill. Guard my Stiles.

Ready for battle, the window shattered.

The Kanima jumped inside of the window, scaring the living shit out of me. "Fucking Jackson!" I squealed, running infront of Scott. I tried not to sway. Damn fainting. "Back off! Don't touch him!" I screamed, but Scott had already shifted, the two in battle.

The two creatures faught, trying their best to rip each other's throats out. The beast attacked Scott, slashing his neck slightly before Scott doubled over and stabbed him. I shreiked. Fuck! What in the heck was going on?! Obviously, they were fighting, but what the hell was Jackson doing here.. and as the Kanima?

The two faught and I tried my best not to intercept, but when Scott fell, the Kanima made a sound much like laughter. He grabbed the standing lamp I own, broke the top and prepared to stab him. "Scott, no!" I lunged, darting infront of him. We tumbled over, but not before I was stabbed in the thigh. Hard. A piercing scream filled the room.

And then the world turned black.


A vision.. another one of these damn things.

I knew it before the seen came into place.

It was Alison's father and Alison, pacing back and forth in their living room. "The boy musn't find out.. He cannot. It's a shame Jackson won't attack him."

Allison laughed, "At least he'll kill Scott. Damn jealous boys."

"Yes, perhaps.. Scott is the only one besides us who could ever figure out what the hell he is. I would kill him myself, but.. meh; too messy." The old fart snorted.

"Then it's decided.. if we can't get Stiles killed, we will have to just end Scott." The evil bitch smirked.

"Creatures like them don't deserve to live," Her dad muttered as he walked away.

"What is he?" Allison dared.

Her dad snarled, a disgusting tone in his voice. "Damn warlock. Damn psychic warlock."

Stiles woke with an ear shattering scream, and it never seemed to end.