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This is a story that belongs to my Potterworld universe. I'm going to make it a three-shot, seeing as there are three Potter kids. Hopefully, I will upload the remaining two chapters in the next two days, although with my mathematician being the charming lady she is I can't promise I'll have enough time. Also, I might add a Teddy's-first-word story at some point in the future, but as a new fic. Let me know if you'd like that, there's no thing better for an author than a good motivation.

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'Oh, come on Jamie.'

Ginny rolled her eyes for Merlin knows which time that day. She was sitting in an armchair reading and next to her Harry was laying on a couch with James comfortably seated on his chest. They've been like that for quite a while already, him pleading with the baby and the baby gleefully clapping his chubby little hands and giving the two of them toothy grins.

'Say 'daddy'' she heard her husband say once more.


'No, not 'ga-guu'. 'Da-ddy'.'

'Ga-guu' Ginny looked over at her son and just as she suspected he was bouncing up and down on his daddy's chest, looking as happy and pleased with himself as ever. She smiled.

'How about 'mummy' James?' she asked, putting away the book and leaning over the side of the armchair. She saw him turn his attention to her only to utter some more babbling sounds and then clap his hands yet again and smile in the absolutely cute way only achievable for the babies. Harry sighed.

'Oh, hush' she silenced him. 'He's not even one, you know.'

He turned his head so that he could look at her.

'He's almost one, he could say something. Right James?' he said while turning back to their son. 'For example, you could say 'daddy'. Will you say 'daddy'?' he asked with a hopeful look.


Ginny snorted.

'Serves you right, you've been bugging him long enough already' she said. It was true, the whole thing started few days ago and it seemed to have become some sort of internal competition of his, to get James to say something. Preferably 'daddy'. 'And besides, let's not fool ourselves. He's obviously going to say 'mummy' first' she added nonchalantly.

'Oh, you think so?' Harry turned back to her and was now looking at her with a raised eye-brow.

'But of course' she replied, keeping up the mock-superior manner. 'I'm his favourite, wouldn't you agree Jamie?' she asked the boy who was by now sprawled all the way across Harry's chest and far too busy fiddling with the fabric of his T-shirt to notice anyone talking to him.

'But of course you are' her husband said while adjusting his arm around James' back, smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. The baby responded by snuggling closer into him. Ginny couldn't even manage a faked glare, instead she only grinned at the display and returned to her book.

She kept on reading for a while, with the sound of fire cracking in the background. When she finally looked up at the clock on the mantelpiece she noticed it was nearing eight o'clock already.

'Weren't Teddy supposed to come over?' she asked and looked over at Harry. He must have been dozing off for he yawned and looked at her with bleary eyes. James was sleeping soundly, curled into a ball and snoring softly.

'Hmm?' he muttered.

'Teddy, he was supposed to come today, wasn't he?' she said. The kid would often come over and stay with them for the weekends. It was Friday today and she expected him to show up shortly after six as usual. Up until some time ago Harry would have gone to get him but after his sixth birthday Teddy decided he's big enough to travel by floo by himself. Andromeda was less than convinced at first and it took a fair bit of pleading on his side and a little bit of support from Harry to finally get her to let him have his first try. And still his grandmother nearly had a heart attack when they didn't floo her back the second after he left her house to let her know he had arrived safe and sound. Not that it was their fault, Teddy's body sprawled across the floor pretty much blocked the access to the fireplace. Thankfully, along with his mother's clumsiness he inherited her exceptionally tough skin, not very subject to bruising.

'She was going to take him shopping and said he'll come around...' his words were interrupted by the roar of the fireplace. 'Now' he finished, when the roaring subsided and a turquoise-haired six-year-old stumbled out of the fireplace, barely catching his balance and saving himself from landing on the carpet.

The sudden noise and a flash of green flames must have woken up James for he started squirming and soon was looking up from his comfortable position. He watched his godbrother as he straightened up on his feet and looked at the three of them, grinning.

Ginny saw Harry open his mouth clearly about to say 'hi' but before he could utter a single word he was interrupted by a sudden yell.


She looked in shock at her almost one-year-old son who was now sitting up on his father's chest, looking absolutely delighted upon seeing his apparently favourite person ever. Her glance then shifted to Harry who seemed just as much if not more shocked than her. And then he must have gotten over his shock for he glanced at James first and then at his godson, narrowing his eyes. Ginny felt her lips start twitching.

'Hey Jamie. Nice to see you too' she heard Teddy say, while he moved to pick the little child up. James must have realised his intent for he stuck out his arms and started bouncing, calling 'Teddy!' one more time.

'Little traitor' muttered Harry while passing on his elated son to the older boy, a perfect pout firmly etched on his face.

Ginny couldn't keep it in any longer. She burst out laughing, only stopping when she fell off her armchair.