Ok, so here you go. The last chapter. Hope you'll like it.


Ginny Potter was laying in a hammock, her husband right next to her and their 14 months old daughter Lily on her chest, snuggled comfortably into her mum's neck. She looked at the three boys flying in the garden. James and Al were hovering above the ground on their toy brooms, chasing each other and Teddy was high above them, flying in circles and enjoying the sun, after having given the other two rides on his broom. She smiled and felt Harry shift next to her. He moved his arm so that he was now playing with her hair. He picked up one strand and held it up to the sun, turning it in all directions and watching the light reflect on it and reveal different shades of red. She turned her head and looked at his face. He noticed her move and smiled down at her.

'Having fun?' she murmured lazily, a smile creeping onto her lips.

'Mhmmm. Loads' he said while tucking the lock behind her ear and moving is had to stroke his daughter's head. She squirmed and looked at him.

'And what about you Lils? Enjoying yourself?' he asked smiling and the little girl shifted closer to him and gurgled something in response.

'I think that counts as a 'yes'' Ginny said. Harry glanced at her still smiling and then turned his attention back to the child in her arms.

'Is mummy right Lils? That was a 'yes'?' Lily simply gurgled once again. 'I still don't know. Come on, say 'yes'' he said and tickled her lightly making her squirm and giggle.

Ginny found herself rolling her eyes but then she picked up the girl and sat her on her chest so that she was looking her in the face.

'And how about you say 'mummy' Lily?' she asked. The toddler just smiled at her and gurgled some more and then turned her head to watch the boys flying. Ginny glanced their way too to check if everything was fine and then looked at Harry only to find him smirking at her.

'What?' she asked.

'Oh, nothing' he said offhandedly. 'So what, it's your turn now, huh?' he asked, rising an eye-brow at her.

'Why, yes' she responded, catching up to what he meant. 'It's only logical it's my turn now, after you've screwed up the two chances you had' she said, giving him a sweet smile.

'You better watch it, she can hear you' he said and she just gave him a glare. He chuckled and turned to watch his two sons and godson.

'But you know' she started again after a while, making him turn his attention back to her. 'It must be either 'mummy' or 'daddy' this time' and upon seeing his questioning look she elaborated. 'I mean, really, that's what normal kids usually say first, right? And we can't possibly have all three kids that aren't normal, right? At least one of them should give me this pleasure of hearing 'mummy'. It's obvious' she concluded. She saw Harry process that and then frown at her.

'And just why not give me the pleasure of hearing 'daddy''? he inquired.

'Because you don't deserve that pleasure, Mr. Idiot' she explained, and then grinned upon seeing him glare at her.

Their banter was interrupted by Lily squirming in Ginny's grip. She looked at the girl and saw her reach out with her arms to something outside of hammock. She moved her glance to where her daughter was looking and saw Teddy flying in their direction. After a second he came to a halt just in front of them. He grinned at the trio and then turned his attention to Lily, who was squirming and trying to get to him.

'Hey there, Lils. Wanna have a ride?' he asked the toddler, smiling, only to receive a response consisting of gurgling accompanied by reaching out of her arms.

'Don't you think she's a bit too little for that?' Ginny heard Harry say to him.

'Oh, come on. You know I won't drop her' Teddy said. 'And besides just look at her, she wants to go' he added while gesturing towards the squirming girl trying to get out of her mum's grip. After seeing that his godfather still wasn't convinced he lowered himself so that he was now on an eye-level with the kid and poked her lightly.

'Come on, Lils' he said to her in a stage whisper. 'Do that puppy eyes trick and we can go' Ginny felt her lips start twitching and tried hard to hide her grin. She looked at Harry only to see him attempt the same but fail miserably. Teddy must have noticed too for he gave the two of them victorious smile.

'Alright, fine' she heard her husband say. 'But slow and not too high' he warned.

'Aye, aye, captain' he laughed and picked Lily up, placing her on his broom in front of himself. She cried in delight and Ginny chuckled at her antics.


The smile slid of her face as quickly as it appeared on it. She looked at the toddler in disbelief.

'Did she just say 'broom'?' Teddy asked, confirming her worst suspicions. She felt Harry start shaking in silent laughter beside her but decided it not worth the effort to hex him just yet.

'No' she said, answering Teddy's question. He just looked at her funnily and then whispered to Lily in that same whisper.

'I think that was the wrong thing to say.'

He then waved at the two of them in the hammock and flew away, Lily's happy giggles and Harry's loud laughter accompanying him. Ginny turned her head and glared at her husband. It took him a long while but finally he managed to calm himself.

'So' he started, a smile still playing on his lips. 'How about one more kid?'