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Sunnydale Highway


A red Silverado zoomed past a 'Now leaving Sunnydale' sign and through an endless desert area with nothing but sand and blazing blue skies. The scenery would normally be one of beauty but it was made eerie because the road was empty as far as the eyes could see.
There was no form of life around besides the man and woman in the truck and there was nothing that could be heard except the thrum of the engine.

"We need to stop for gas." the woman said with a Jamaican accent to her companion as she looked down at the gas gauge.
Even through the dirt and grime on her face she was beautiful, with mocha colored skin and shoulder length hair that looked to be recently cut. It wasn't done professionally but it still looked fetching on her.

Taking his eyes off the road for a second he looked at the gauge himself and saw the hand flirting on empty. The boy... no man was haggard, exhausted, and unshaven. And just like his companion he was dirty and had bits of dried up blood caked on his cargo pants.

"If I remember right there's a gas station not far from here."

Driving for another twenty minutes as promised they pulled into Norman's Gas and Snacks. The lot was a mess and had a huge sprawl of abandoned cars that formed a form of a semi-circle around the pumps. It was so bad that the vehicles spilled out into the road and in a parking lot across the street.

Weaving slowly past the cars, he cut the engine to the truck about fifteen feet from the pumps. That was as far as he was going to get to them. Gathering an empty five gallon gas canister from the backseat, he got out and un-holstered his Colt Python .357 Magnum.

Taking a look around as she got out herself, she strapped a battle ax on her back using an improvised sheath, before getting her Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow. Taking a deep breath she reached out with her Slayer senses, before loading a bolt into her bow. Not feeling any immediate danger, she started to relax... just a little bit.

Looking up she let out a sigh, before getting her friends attention. Chancing a glance up, he cursed under his breath as he saw a scrawled sign that read 'No Gas' flapping harmlessly in the wind.

With a roll of his eyes he started to walk away into the eerie silence of the lot, the only sounds being the breeze and the flies. As he started walking he noticed laundry, luggage, and old camp fires all around in the lot. He idly wondered if everybody made it out of this mess at all but upon further inspection he saw bodies slumped over in their vehicles. Most died, heads banged against their dash boards and others were laying out on the ground.

"I don't understand." his beautiful companion started as she walked up behind him. "Why did dese people stay here?"

"They probably didn't know how bad it was, Ken." Jesse said after a moment of thinking. "They were probably waiting for a gas truck that obviously never came and they probably didn't have enough gas to get far."

"So what do we do now?"

"First we siphon gas from these abandoned cars. Hopefully there's enough to fill us up. Then we search for anything useful, and check the gas station for what little food or water that might be left."

"Dat sounds..."

"What's wrong?" Jesse asked as he followed her line of vision. Seeing about five Walkers shambling from behind a dumpster, he pulled the hammer back on his gun, only for Kendra to lightly touch his arm.

"Start getting de gas." she said as she raised up her bow and started to move forward. "I'll take care of dese geeks."

Holstering his gun he watched her start to slaughter the zombies before gathering a hose and collecting gas.

Seeing a sweet mocha meal striding towards it, the zombie opened his mouth to let loose a moan of hunger, only for it to close as an ax was embedded in it's head. Not loosing momentum, Kendra did a spin and kicked her next would be attacker in the knee, shattering it. As the sickening crunch of bone resonated in the air, she chopped off her head with one flawless swoop.

Dropping the ax, she brought up her crossbow and let a bolt fly. Finding it's target with pinpoint accuracy, her next victim fell to the ground bonelessly. With only two left, Kendra took off in a slow jog and leapt into the air catching the nearest one to her full in the chest. As it fell to the hard concrete, she stepped on it's head crushing it like a watermelon. Reaching down she gathered her ax, ignoring the squishy flesh sound, she swung it in a upward motion cleaving the ghouls head in two.

With her grisly task done, she was about to turn around and join Jesse. That was until like a sick and twisted ovation the corpses in the cars roused at the sound of the fight. Dead faces reared up, heads swiveling, eyes gleaming with hunger. A hunger that only she could satisfy for the moment. But it was a meal that they would never get.

"Just anodder day." she mumbled to herself as she headed towards some cars. Her ax dripping with blood and gore.

Cue The Walking Dead opening theme music.

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